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Stanislaw self-portrait

They are killing them slowly,
They are killing them en passant,
Does not horrify and not ache
Creepy death under sill.

Around the well, on backyard
Wet face smiling,
Children by staff chases whell
It will be also killed.

On garret, at lunette,
Grey-chin bends the sage
He looks for truths in the space,
And he will be killed also.

Jacek Kaczmarski
Chernobyl, Day of anger II

Yesterday it was very heavy celebrations of the New Year. It has started from wave of suiciders on the morning. Later during the day, when some Shah people was protesting in Paris under banners of the Sun and Lion, two girls dressed up for Islamist has come to give me kebab and the last cigarete. The kebab was cold and with poison, so instead of eating it i had decided to sent it to the director of the cancelary of General Gouvernor Donald Tusk with best wishesh from Sarkozy to Ewa Tusk.

Why i had writen that they have been 'dressed' for Muslim girls? Because poison is strictly forbridden, ḥarām , in Koran. I do not belive in the version that whole intoxication (using of drugs such as alcohol or cannabis) is forbriden, as some Swedish thinkers says, but i strongly belive that it is true when it comes to the poison. When it comes to the psychodelic substances, both wine and hashish was and are used since hundreds of years by the followers of last prophet Mohamet, espeicialy in Persia. This things are just an matter of interpretation of the teachings and the best interpretation is just culture of given nation. But when it comes to the poison it should be made clear it is not a weapon of Muslims...

People of different orgin and religions was sharing their petty cash heartily, what i cannot say about som rich in the United States and the United Kingdom, that has taked for escrow fine arts, gold and money of the families of victims of Nazi invasion on the Eastern Europe. The Berlin Wall has fallen down long time ago and they did nothing to return or compensate at least part of damages done to us, to not mention properties that they 'saved' until fall of Soviet regime. Also colaborants like Tusk or Kaczynski did nothing to help us to execute our rights and are still acting against us, trying to repeat Final Solution on everyone that is brave enough to scream about such injustice.

On the street some jew from Kadima has come and has gave me litteraly everything he had in his pocket, then shared a joint. It was great geasture that has made me more to feel like human, not a hunted animal or prisoner of concentration camp that is going to be closed in Nazi way. At least on the New Year i had filled more like a human, for a moment. What a year has passed. Year full of threats, year full of totalitarian opression. Look U.S. what White House together with some Israeli and European officials is serving to the Eagel, under Sandomir Standar. No, of course, you do not own us anything...

Yesterday in his New Year message pope was saying about face of the Church and the unity of Church and Jesus Chistus. At this same time in internet caffe at Stalinigrad street in Brussels i was listening about our Christ, Witkacy. Listening to one of songs of our enviroment bard Kaczmarski. Well, i must have that i have real problem when people are asking me of the name. Each time they do i realy does not want which one i should us. The 'Radosz' is one of our root one, one of the oldest, as the english word 'joy' or maybe 'happines' but there are others that has been recorded on the cards of history and the culture and are more wiedly know to the public. Grandfather, as his precessors, was not only great sagamore, venerable of the will of the nation, millitary commander but also unbelivable actor, poet, acrobat and comediant that was know under so many names that i cannot count them all. It was such need and nature of polish conspiracy. Such deadly enemies.

He was like a Jesus Christus, crucifixed and resurected not only on the 17 September, as Kaczmarski was singing in his September Ballade: "Assets and churches are blazing. And Christus with a bullet in back of the head". Well, no he has not died while has been in this street theater crucifixed as Jesus Christus. He has also not died on 13 December 66 in United States. Well, when he has come to Poland, he had in his hand our Sandomir standar while has still counted on help and cooperation from Stalin regime. And while he has been betrayed by them, he realy escaped with the help of British embassador in the truck, but his destination was not United States as propaganda was informing. There was some just playing his role and my grandfather under changed identity has fleed but another heaven, old bishop village Poraj, and the Raiload street #66. He has died in so called Free Poland, died this time for real in oblivion. He was not mourned at cementery in Posen but at small family cementery near Beth Khoron or just Choroń, as we say at modern time. Yes, my name is Mikolajczyk. Stanislaw Mikolajczyk. He would laught in your face, right now.

Soviet authorities with all respect and all opression to my grandfather has never allowed him or any member of our familly to leave polish teritory. Why? Because we was to big danger to them. We could return as Jozef did, together with Polish Leagion. And well, we are still signing in one of our patriotic song called riota: "We will never leave a soil from which we are. From the royal line of Piast". I did this, like Adam did, living on exile, on similar pilgrimage, forced by opression of our authorities, but will return. I hope and i pray rather alive that dead. I am asking you, as the Pope is asking to 'stop (thic crusade) and abandon the path of violence'. You should rather 'have courage to strive for pace' with me, on this march. Convert, turn back from your sturm and leave this path called Route 66. Yes, my name is Witkacy. Stanislaw Witkacy. And i have for another time a romance with baronessa, grandfather would add making our famous gesture.

Today in General Gouverment they has announced that WRON members are going to lose part of thier privileges. Of course they was thinking about my grandfather that in some mysthical tank was watching the tragedy of Warsaw uprising. The problem was that this tank was a soviet one while they had beared white eagel and was headed by my grandfather. They was without the crown that has been taked off during Teheran conference. Conference that has opened a gateways for silent Nazi colaborants of Shah of Persia. Soon we has lost two most important figuers, after my grandfather: General Wladyslaw Sikorski and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jozef Beck. Sanacja has started to disapear from the map and instead on the stage of London goverment strange priest Kaczynski has come. Why strange? Because of another one from Lodz that has been 'transfered' through Dahau concentration camp. This same 'transfer place', about which mayor 'Radosz' and some of his friends from NWZ was mentioning as suspected. Hitler was using same mascarade and his concentration camps was used also, as the perfect place to produce beatufiull backgrounds for Nazi collaborants that was first infiltrating resistance in concentration camps to later continue thier mission within Polish Underground.

On this bank of Vistula, polish soldiers in Red Army, could only watch this tragedy with tears in eyes. If they would riot against Jozef Stalin they will give our towarishe from NKWD, a reason for a cleaning similar to Jedwabno or Katyn. In fact it was something on what Nazi forces of Adolf Hitler was counting so much, as it would in consecvenses make a discord inside of Red Army. The situation on the front was not easy and such move could lead us to defeat on East Front and different result of the war. Many experts in Poland and even some of combatants that was fighting in this uprising says that it was without sense. And indeed, from both military and political point of view there was no sense and London goverment on exile should be aware that when Stalin was assuring them about help that uprisers would recive, that he was simply lieing. Maybe it was mistake of my grandfather that he has agreed on Priest Kaczynski idea of uprising. You can say that they has sent people to death, but it was colective decision and without support from the upraisers themself, there would be no Warsaw Uprising, at all. On the other hand, we could simply win. Of course for this Stalin decision it was my grandfather 'tatarak' that through centauries will be by some idiots named 'betrayal'. He had no choice at all and the truth is that it was he that has won II World War, having a dream of free and independent Poland, while he was already betrayed during so called Shah Teheran conference. It was he and his soldiers, not british, not american that was giving their lifes to liberate our soil.

It is very true that in London goverment there was Nazi colaborants from the Shah wing. Maybe they has accted with premeditation, maybe they was just stupid. But it is true they has started this Sanacja extermination very early, just after Teheran conference and things has stayed same through decades. Through decades was losing one after one, just like we lost Wladek Sikorski or Jozef Beck. In this context, I am just lacking a words about what Radziu Sikorski is doing. And what Kaczynski and Tusk does not want to see is that he was member not of WRON (while even there was some patriotic generals that was protecting us even in this difficult timen while most was just pigs), but Provisional Government of National Unity that he has left under similar pressure and defaming campaign of workers of UB, soviet Urzad Bezpieczenstwa. For me it is merly same situation with so called 'free Poland' and it is so because the core of this workers has been moved from PRL to Poland. The methods, targets and opression has stayed merly this same. Same as the faces. It is also true when it comes to Polish Church.

And the name of this tank - Rudy, as the numbers are also not an accident. They are comming from the Mikolaj 'Rudy' Radziwill one of our ancestors on this sword line of the King David. Hetman Rudy that ashes they say they has discovered just months ago. And you, you has just discovered so called Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, lit. "receiving") is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an infinite, eternal and mysterious Creator and the finite and mortal universe of His creation.

Hetman Mikołaj "the Red" Radziwiłł

Mikołaj Radziwiłł, nicknamed The Red (Polish Rudy, Lithuanian: Radvila Rudasis) also known as Mikołaj Radziwiłł the Sixth (1512-1584) was a Lithuanian noble (szlachcic), Palatine of Vilnius, Grand Chancellor of Lithuania and Grand Lithuanian Hetman (from 1576) in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Together with his cousin Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł and the Radziwill family were granted title and position as Reichsfürst Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

More: Wikipedia

Today, they has released another manipulate public opinio pool in which Kontur Tusk and President Katynski are on the front of popularity. What people still think is that both are trying to defend me. It is funny thing with this opinion pool but it was similar thing with my grandfather that has lost ellections, what was just unthinkable having in mind his victorius II World War campaign. Of course they also was faked. Well, people in General Gouverment still need to be shoked to see their true face and they are again treating me. Just moment ago BBN has sent me another SMS, that i will be hanged. Yesterday, you could read Yisrael and Obama New Year wishesh of sanctions. Yes, they want to sent me to prison, so after they will make a wave of terror acts in my name for which they will blame Iran, and to silence it they will just execute me by hands of Western squadron that was behind such acts.It is so called RAPT plan and it will help a lot Socialist party to paint me as Christ of the left, while will do unimaginable damage to some of leaders of Christian Democrats but also personaly to Obama that has did such incredible things to this Eagel in past year. Things that continue. Run, Forest, Run...

What a fools, but on Monday people are returning to offices and they need to act quickly in their desperation. Some, like Barroso will be questioned about his 'vision' of EUROPOL, some like Yisrael Katz will need to face Knesset that is watching his Yoni reconstruction. They need to do something with this Eagel, quickly. Dreaming of silencing this case by some other hands. It is just another move in this war against the cross in which they blame me of murdering 'civilians', 'journalist', 'pilgrims' that are just Nazi crusaders on similar crusade that we was facing in pre war Danzing. Grandfather would half joking, half serious, ask me, so you has killed such small number of Stoorm Troopers? Well, we are just defending in gettho. Something that oh irony, Marek Edelman was doing 66 years ago during Jewish Gettho Uprising. He was saying that 'they are not sowing fools, they are growing ownself'. And I was always wondering, why Hitler has never executed him, while he could in his usual bestiality? Well, i had many other questions about colaboration of Irgun and Nazi regime that has officialy stopped at this year, around Teheran conference. Well, i do not belive that they stoped to cooperate having in mind their Teutonic orgins and anti-polish attitued. I think that just Shah of Persia played a role of laison between them.

Anyway, as now, then in 1943 the Nazi could also tell you that they was comming to gettho to release Edelman, to help him, to excercise democracy or civli rights. Exacly as Goebels propaganda is doing these days with me. And this people that are sturming us every night. Well, they are comming there for various reasons, sometimes for money, sometimes for avans, sometimes because artifical sexual feeling what i call for pants, sometimes just because of scum. What they are doing entering this route is just puting Nazi uniform on themself. Whoever they are white europeans, muslims, asian or jews. It is Nazi crusade and they are enterning Nazi way, serving the people that are just racist one. I hope and i appeal to them to turn back from it and convert...

They say in Poland, what a New Year will be, whole year would become. Well, i had spent it mostly as civilised European. With hope that they will convert and turn back from Route 66. While, Pope having in mind special chapter of first constitution in Europe, chapter on protection of royal childrens is appealing once again to the world. Officialy, there is no more royal children in Poland, they has been all killed but look on the number i have on my arm and on this story. The constituion of 3 may is maybe out there as the old glory is but the Holy Writings are still in power. Listen to bard of our enviroment then just look at my face, when you will meet me at the streets. Do you belive in God?

Pope calls for brotherly love and tolerance

Pope Benedict XVI on Friday called for a world without discrimination that looked on to men as brothers, not rivals or enemies, as he celebrated the start of the new year.

''Peace begins with a look of respect that recognizes in another man's face a person, regardless of the color of his skin, nationality, language or religion,'' he said during a Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.

The pontiff pled for the protection of children from war and violence, adding that tolerance can be taught at a young age, the New York Times reported.

''Their faces are a prophecy of the kind of humanity we are called upon to create: a family of families and peoples. Despite differences, they cry and laugh the same way, have the same needs, communicate spontaneously, play together."

The 82 year-old Roman Catholic Church leader also urged for the protection of the environment noting that the degradation of man leads to the degradation of the planet.

More: PressTV

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