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Plan Gomulka

God never resign

Benedict XVI

Well, they say that for Demoluds of Richard Nixon their defeat in the Massachusetts by-election was a shock. But they does not change from their course toward the historical defeat even by single yota. Our narcissus Hussein still cannot belive that American nation have enough of his narcotic crazines. Well, world does not understand Richard, he have beatifull soul of slave master but it is still hidden in crust. Crust from goat shit. He still want to put V sign, as the Nazi did, on our Pilsudzki square. "I just want to make sure this is off the table", he says about his famous health bill but he at priori thinks about their flag, eagel and contet of the cross. Content that you can find on this blog. Content that scare them so much that they are losing a mind. Forced to hear it and maybe sometimes read...

He maybe does not understand American nation but you having even average IQ can understand what they feel when they come to the election pools and everywhere they see our sandomir flag and the eagel. I know that it is satanic one, and it is If you understand this, you can understand 'shocking' election result. Just look what he did with this Eagel through past year. I know that it is evil one as he is slaver almost all the time, as on this Nazi cartoon from 1928. But why? And yes, he still dream about Triumph and my clones., excusme, experiences and establishing 'new world order'.

Yes, Nazi are preparing to change 'resistance' festival into one under slogan 'Danzing is Deutch' or rather 'Danzing is Nazi', as Germany like in old times is more behaving as Prussia playing their cultural kampf with Whtie House and some of Israeli. The Chines President having a respect to our common path through past 5000 years, since this country has been created is doing everything that is in his power to keep me alive. While, some in Islamic Iran like President Ahmenidad is calling for change in very open words: "The world is now on the verge of big change and it is the responsibility of world people to get ready to establish new world order based on friendship and brotherhood". Well, even if this ungodly Kremlin pawn, that i had also helped to stay in power, will shot himself, together with his nation. As some want to do with Islam and Revolution infecting it with nazi heresy and pseudo innovations, it will not change anything for Nixon. Still, in eyes of his nation, he will be fully responible for such outbreak. As other leaders in their countires. This Maltan development that will lead them straight into abyss, as the power of grandfather Khomeini was, as mine, purly moral and spiritual, does not make any difference to Lady Eugenia Hillary Clinton that together with Barroness with usual courage announced that: 'We will not back down on Iran'. I feel it everyday, as just yesterday Ilse Koch has raped me four times and today has hit fifth rape. Yes, Melanie rape me. Rape me every day and night. Dont look back.

After my yesterday posts, there is one leader that has for first time called me on their backs. Today our exceptional Prime Minister, on the eve of his visit to Auschwitz Birkenauen camp. Concentration camp that was liberated, as many others, by forces leaded by my grandfather, has said openly: Netanyahu: Illegal immigration threat to Israel. Yes, indeed but wait for his solution. I had observed it today beging as usual for a money. In one moment two groups of people has come out. One was some catholic laydies. The other, well it was three of our labour active. One was playing the role of socialism revolution guru, explaining others that they need to take this begger because he is bourgeois. Yes, indeed but from Auschwitz Birkenauen. Soon, ambulance has come, but as usual thanks to Pius XI diplomacy it did not stoped. It was designed to quote our exceptional Prime Minister place behind the fence which will be partly above ground. Or saying in common man language: psychiatric hospital in Lubliniec. Just on the eve of his visit to Auschwitz Birkenauen, celebrating liberation. Again, this evil antypope and satan...

I see our skeleton Yisrael Katz that is laboring so much since Nazi Germany and Soviet Union invasion on Poland. I see his degenrated body and the face full of pain. I see this very sharply as most of the world people. I am very proud when i see the David Star and the final solution that they again was trying to enforce just today. In mean time in Germany Chancelor and their Ministry of Defense has found themself under lemings fire for 'paying me this Holocaust debt in the silver', as the King Darius would say. I understand that maybe it is not correct moment but they must also start to pay in the gold, if i am going to survive. If i would be living as normal European in even cheapest hotel, it will limit thier 'silver' expenses at the morning.

The assasination attempts would be then performed rarly in difference to situation in which i am living on the march field, where anonyone can come. The damage to my people, the land and properties they did has never been compensated. And no, i , while i am most exposed, i am not alone in such claims that has waked up recently. We never had an II World War ending conference. I am writing this words as the grandson of the First Prime Minister of Poland. There was never such conference. On this one that they has prepared there was only servants of Soviet Union, so it cannot be respected in Free Poland. Even if this is Contur Tusk and Lech Katynski, Poland.

Auschwitz locals in land compensation call

Residents near Auschwitz are stepping up a campaign to get compensation for land and property seized by the Nazis to build the infamous death camp.

Thousands of Polish families were evicted from the area in 1940 and have been waiting for compensation ever since.

Marian Barus was seven years old at the time. He remembers the day the Nazis entered his village:

People here were very confused as gradually more and more of them were resettled. The Germans didn’t allow us to take our cattle with us, so all these animals were just left roaming around the village. Even those who weren’t resettled were stunned by what was happening. It was horrific.

The claimants don’t want their land or houses back, but believe the current German government should financially compensate residents who were evicted in sometimes severe circumstances.

Jaroslaw Mensfelt, a spokesman of the Auschwitz museum, describes how harsh some resettlements were:

The conditions under which people were resettled were extremely tough. Some young people were sent as slaves- there’s no other word for it- to forced labour in Germany and other occupied territories.

The post-war communist government in Poland was reluctant to return any land to its previous owners and the residents and their relatives now believe that a 70-year wait is long enough.


* * *

The night was one of hardest i had ever saw. During one of the sturm some police cars has hit my defenders from Hamas. One of them has escaped to my camp. I welcomed him surprised and told him that he can try to escape through neighbourning school. If the Gestapo will come i will direct them in different direction. Thanks God, this police crusiers that has hit my defenders was not in majority and others has respected my site. They did not followed and my brother has escaped luckily. Moreover people from the Getto has mobilized and started to shout at this Gestapo officers. Soon they has come out. In context of this situation it is realy sad to hear words of some of their leaders, full of defetism. When the people on the ground are risking their live, defending me and our common cause. As usual the source of such insanity is at the Kremlin. And what are doing Polish officers when our brothers are taking such risk on the battlefield! Are not this Polish Officers of the Army going together with workers active on the meeting with Towarzysz Lech Gomulka? Preparing for another March 68? Another forefathers eve?

It was not end of the surprise. Houer later i has heard a group of police officers was comming to my place. I was shoked as they through past half year did not made such action. I was asking them is this Nazi Syphilis (lis means in english Fox) comming to take their Millenium Break to the hospital? They was joking something but i was not in mood for jokes. However, just few yards from my Tent of Meetings they has turned back, amrking 'rota'. They said, no it is not Gestapo. Ilse was waiting so much for this...

* * *

Next day i was beging as usual. With hope to gather enough to get on this miraculus thing that my father was missing. Internet and well, coffie to which i am heavily addicted. I was beging and looking into sky. It was for once again General von Fritch that was painting his Black Iron Crosses with blessing of the Prime Minister, as i guesse. He has painted two, one above my camp and another one over the Palace of the King of Belgium. It was suposed to be like a coat of arms of Danzing. A prelude to night execution. I was shouting to the world about our army that was giving their lifes to liberate this city and this country from the horror of the Nazi. What the Belgian army is doing. Many was as upset as i am. Why they was doing this? You could think that the reason is about recent Vich and General Gouverment call for toughter sanctions on Iran but the reason was somwhere else, at the Kremlin.

Because of this voice that i am using. Voice of Truth or rather in this case, Voice of God after the second world war they has started to name this thing 'nuclear'. Well, i hope i will give you more background of nature of it but lets focus now on so called 'nuclear disarment deal'. When diplomats speaks about it they think about the current 'speaker'. Well, this thing from the past 5770 years was belonging to my family and we was using it to speak in the name of the Almighty God. During the Cold War, when my grandfather has been forced to hidde in our ancient land the Soviet Union had a plan to silence his brodcast that in times of Charles de Goulle was called 'Ira dialog'. It was on begining called 'Rapacki II Plan' then has been incorporated in official party line and was named 'The Gomułka plan for a nuclear armaments freeze in Central Europe'. The idea was quite simple, they wanted to exterminate him and silence his broadcast. Then to eradicate us completly from the pages of the history. Something that you can observe now.

They could simply kill him, as he was still in the Poland and already had a son. But maybe the beton in the socialist workers party has still enough minds to not risk such thing, as it was a person that has won II World War and there could be a complications later. Maybe, there was still people in the party and the army that was respecting our crown. We do not know, but before the execution they wanted to be sure that there will be a complete erase. So they has fromed this Rapacki proposal and has asked NATO for the reply. They has simply rejected it and the party has come out of such idea. Just for the moment, when the Polish March 68 has been conducted that has bringed new represions to us, but they has never killed him.

Now, when i live in Free Europe where Christian Democrats is ruling, i am not so sure. People like Contur Tusk and Sarkozy, they does not think about their future, nethier about thier nations, culture, religion and traditions. They does not remeber that after March 68 in Poland, there was Sorbona and May 68 in Paris. Events that has forced Charles de Gaulle, another person that won a war, to resing. Maybe if party would on this wave throw my grandfather from the country, maybe with such legend it would save Charles, but without him, he has drowed. As such 'imitations' can do now, on their own wishesh...

Before going to beg in i was on the Gare du Midi and i had read some Kirillica on the Euronews: Russia hopes for prompt U.S nuclear deal, another Plan Gmulka. No, i was not shoked as i see this same process that has lead Soviet Union to the fall, again. I was shoked when behind my back some three GRU officers has slpaed me on the arm. And has ordered me to silence. Well, it was like saying to Evo Morales to shut up, but i was not so surprised. It is very sad what i observe in Russian Federation. Now i read that 'U.S. says historical differences with Moscow thing of the past'. Well, when i look at both of the Eagels and it is true. Then well, they are no different, but from the III Reich and their eugenic power houses, secret police, concentration camps and the extermination called final solution to the jewish question. But i think that it is more true if it comes to Hussein and Daivid Cameron, both are using same Nazi demagogy and have same objectivs, as well a policies. But well, at this moment i had saw that Russia has realy been traped in Maltan plot, just watch this video to understand what they are expecting from Kremlin. Seems just like Stasi? Quo vadis, Russia. Where are you United States?

When i has come on the internet later, however. I discovered something more positive. For first, morale raising announcment from Hamas: "Hamas to stand firm until the very end, says Meshaal" and the so Nazi in spirit reply of so called Palestinian negotiatior from Malta controled Fatah, that for once again have a problems to the Holy Defence that is not allowing them to slain this Eagel, that not be accident, you can see on Emblem of the Palestine. I had also saw Sergiey Lavrow, somebody that has hidden himself somwhere in Kremlin to survive this Nazi storm they are facing internaly. He is realy woried, but has said that "Russia vows further links with Hamas", that is great but i think Medvedev Malta clown will be trying to fuck up everything positive that will be conducted at the Caucaus. Anyway, this guys you has send here, they can be quite usefull as we have serious infection of syphilis there.

The other positive development was a strong veto from the Duma for Kremlin plans for the clones. I am very happy, that you in Russia still remebers this horrific Nazi experiments with embrions and the serious damage that they are giving to the humanity and the Russia State Duma voted to extend ban on human cloning. They say that advocates of Eutanasy have faced a number of legal, esthetic and religious problems. And i hope that it will still such way. Nice that you has reminded them that before the Moon, that i departing us next year, in a 2005 declaration on human cloning, the United Nations urged its member states "to prohibit all forms of human cloning inasmuch as they are incompatible with human dignity and the protection of human life." Still, some fucked minds realy do such things and during my life i had saw many clones, including my grandgrandfather and Adolf Hitler. Thanks God they are keeped out of the public life but i does not wish this world to have eugenic modifications of me as some was and seems to still dream of. It would be real Armagedon to have dozen of such personalities but without any breaks in their minds. One, Adolf Hitler was enough problem for this world. As Rasputin was before him.

Well, time to go out. Praying for survival and understanding. I will leav our 'nuclear freezing' supporters parts of wonderfull speaches of Towarzysz Gomulka, so they could be used for inspiration. And our officers, before i will (i hope) describe you some mask, Kornel Makuszynski mask i will leave you some puzzle. To think about. Think on which day Adam Mickiewicz has been born? Then answer me on which day Stnislaw Witkacy has been born. I will tell you something to help you understand better Kabbalah and that numbers realy matters (as this 6 000 000 in Holocaust that Germans will be paying in silver even to my grandchildrens). I will give you a tip, i would be born on 24 December, but because of Khomeini return they has choosed April...

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