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Operation Aurora II


I didn’t believe,
Standing on the
bank of a river
Which was wide and swift,
That I would cross that bridge
Plaited from thin, fragile reeds
Fastened with bast.
I walked delicately as a butterfly
And heavily as an elephant,
I walked surely as a dancer
And wavered like a blind man.
I didn’t believe that I would cross that bridge,
And now that I am standing on the other side,
I don’t believe I crossed it.

Leopold Staff

Today was the day of two important visits. One was of Israeli Defense Minister in Turkey. This same that has executed Teutonic operation Cast the Lead. And also visit of Benedict XVI in the Synagouge in Rome. Both has come out with open hand and intention to fix situation. Seems that both has heard this same, a gollum from Malta speakig by both mouths. The Turkey has already entered path of Ottoman Turks and is speaking only about "ending of Israeli opresion'. I guess with execution in the mind. For sure it will help wth their talks with the Commissioner Barroso. But will it be so if it comes to the people and the Member States? With Black Madonna having such Nazi scare? Does Turkey is trying to lead Arab World on the correct path or into the darknes???

I had such though in my mind when i was walking the streets of gettho. Some of Mao activist was very excited. This DDRs traveling in the cars like in the Trabants was not hidding their scorn and was sharing with me their usual insults. I was feeling just like my grandfather in the PRL. I was thinking about their unhiden bile that was comming from their failed lifes. They was spiting with venom on left and right. They are proud members of Socialist Workers Party, proud active members of the labour. I was thinking about how easy this party was betraying them and getting their memberships back, martyring so often. But they was so happy, something great was on the horizon.

I was going to the monastery of Sisters of Mercy where they are serving free diners to the poor. Yesterday, some people of Israel provoked by Benedict act of the beatification was criticising Pius XII. They was not mentioning, nethier priest Popieluszko that has been martyred by Malta Oreder by hands of soviet authorities, nethier of Jean Paul II that has been poisoned by Malta and rattled in the name of euthanasy by our bishop Szepionski. This was uncomfortable for Yad Vashem director and to the local community, that in his specific cynism Benedict has greeted on the New Year with the signs of the police sirens. They was upset on the Pius XII and this false Rabin, similar to this one in Moscow or at the Wawel has said that he is 'sensitive' when he hears Pius XII name, but he is even more sensitive when he hears name of my grandfather. That has liberated them from Nazi concentration camps. Maybe because they has never experienced such opression, living their lifes in luxuries and lies...

I think that Pope has started this debate with full premeditation and his message is quite simple. Look i am also in similar position as the Pius XII was. When i am comming to our Sisters place, almost every time Malta pawns are sending police car there. I am then hidding inside almost with brines in eyes. Feeling since year as they was feeling, hunted by Nazi. Hunted to solve jewish question and enrich III Reich. Thanks to Benedict diplomacy they are usualy not stopping but the orders they has recived are quite clear. Exterminate. If this false Rabins would respect the Word, there would not be such situation. Instead are paying their respect to my grandfather in very specific way, just as Nazi or Soviet aparatus was doing.

I had come insde. This time it was special guest from the Holy See. Kind of visitator that has come to the place. Before entering i had hear some jewish man that was saying to one of sisters, but look what you have inside of the Church. You do nothing with this. Sister was silent, did not knew what to say, as it was true. There is serious error at the Malta Order and nethier Malta, nor Catholic Church did anything to fix it. But it was only half of truth as smiliar errors are also in the Israel. Today he was malting his hands, as everyday. I had come inside, the dinner was better as usual but in the air some female voice from Katynski BBN has said 'i like magpies'. I was thinking about poison but in this place it was unusual. Yes, magpies in polish sounds just like 'stroke'. Somethig was high in the air.

After the dinner i had come to Gare du Midi. On the Euronews i had saw Clinton, another Maltan pawn, comming to the Haiti. She has come there to see effects of their spontaneus play. Oh, masters of the winds. They said that something has interupted her and indeed on the screen we has saw as Clinton stops to speak then in theatral gesture is gulping slaver to say after 'good stuff'. Oh yes indeed, as good as the Leopol Staff was waiting for me just few meters away. To destory everything that polish, everything that is noblish. To knock out the Eagel and the Pope...

Leopold Staff

Leopold Staff (November 14, 1878 in Lwów [now Lviv, Ukraine] – May 31, 1957 in Skarżysko-Kamienna) was a Polish poet and one of the greatest artists of European modernism honored two times by honorary degrees (honoris causa). He was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Representative of classicism and symbolism in the poetry of Young Poland, an author of many philosophical poems strong influenced by the idea of the Übermensch, the ideas of the Franciscan order, and paradoxes of Christianity.

He was born in Lviv (Lemberg), Austria-Hungary and died in Skarżysko-Kamienna. Staff was highly influential in the literary life of Julian Tuwim, one of Poland's most renowned poets.

Staff's writing can be divided into three periods: Young Poland, Interwar period, and postwar Poland.

In the early XX century, Staff became probably the most famuous and influential Polish poet. He called his popularity as a retiring, soft glory. In the 1950s, he faced to blank verse close up to avant-garde. He was also the main guru for Polish group of experimental poets named Skamander.

Some of his poetry includes The Bridge, Foundations, and Three Towns.

More: Wikipedia

I did switched for a moment on the Vichy version. I had readed that Pope Benedict will honour jews. Well, when Jean Paul II was visiting Poland, the Security Office, special department to fight with the Catholic faith - Department IV. Faith that for obvious reasons was the strongest one on our soil, was conducting various operations to discredit him. One of it was called Operation Aurora II. Now, on every steep of the Pope or other promiment official this Maltan pawns are conducting similar moves, so the life has long time ago become impossible and what i am doing is merly struggling just for survival, with great and uhiden hope that this Red See will open one day and i will be able to finish my pilgrimage. Nobody is going to correct that error. Error, as it is unusual as the Malta Order is acting against both the Catholic Church and the Pope. To not count my person. The only son...

The next Maltan chellenge was just straight ahead. Realy good staff in two coups of cappucino. Hot coups waiting for me on the trashcan. Well, it was perfect occassion for them to poison me and later claim Benedict visitators so i had come to with with caution. To not make a transatlantic plum, as i did year ago in the Kingdom of Netherlands. On begining i was waiting, maybe some would appear. Nobody has come. I did not knew what to do, i was suspecting it have a poison inside but i was not sure. I decided to hidde this coup, so nobody will take it by mistake, as i has saw somebody wanted to take it and drink. I hidded it behind the trashcan. When i was doing so, i noticed some STASI lemming apearing on the stage. I was confused, was not sure if it was poison in it and was affraid that if i will make mistake and will throw it out, owners will return, so i taked it from the trashcan. I decided to move for a moment and read our Oracle. The Shoah news. Saying many times that i am suspecting that this coups have a poison in it. Nobody did anything, people was passing, maybe they was beliving, maybe not, nobody did anything...

And yes, i was right as usual. I had readed on the Gordon Brown just published news: Saddam official Tareq Aziz hospitalized - son. You could read it differenty but allow me for my interpretation. "Roch Radziwill, grandson of former prime minister who was the public face of Benedict XVI regime, suffered a blood clot in the brain and was moved from concentration camp to an American military hospice, Furer has said on Sunday." Having this confirmation i wanted to return to throw out this two coups. But it was to late. This DDR man has dirnked it. Two once. He did not belived. It was maybe 5 minutes and The Party has taken his membership. I think that together with his life. When i had meet him on his way back, after reading loudly the article Brown people has published i saw a fear in his eyes.

But wait. London was ready even for such course of events, sacrificing this leming he has announced to the world, just minutes about this happened: "Iraq's "Chemical Ali" gets 4th death sentence" and they sent me short message that i will be arressted because of this thing. Well, but was to late for this proud socialist? I do not think so. Last year i was poisoned in simmilar manner and the stroke was growing in my mind i was saved. Why? Because of two reasons, first they has put some nanotehnology inside. It was litte pain but they has removed it. It was like snap of fingers. What was second reason? Maybe it was just Condoleeza that wanted to see Obama playing with me for bit longer and not wanted to defame herself for such action.

Obama? He would not do anything. Well, some of his soldiers, american cavalry has appeared for a moment, for a rescue. But they will allow for this stroke to have me later with damaged brain only for a sperm. To transfer my children and wash his hands in this soap. Well, in PRL my grandfather had two strokes. I will not comment such moves...

But it was not the end of the story. I think this leming has been found death. I was wondering why some has published a news about Haiti voodo priests and the zombies. But Malta Order has explained this very quickly. Since some time at the Fontain in Brussels they was gathering homeless people and just after this incident on the gare they has started real Zombie offensive. I think some was promising them to give a mountain of gold for me. And they has just produced a reason. Just on the evening i was almost beaten two times by this overdrunk zombies. And well, on the french service you could read proud announcment: Obama mobilises reservists for Haiti. This one from french as previous one now are removed. But he was not only one that called for this zombies. This PRL active.

The other call has come from Victor Yanukovich office in Moscow, from his sopeksperson Patriarch Kirill that called on Kazakh nationals to keep Orthodox faith. The faith that was always our stronghold, whatever during Tzar or Soviet Union. Well, cousin Mickiewicz has belonged to Russian Orthodox Church, as at this time Popes was preffereing to support Central Powers against our polish case. I realy does not know why he has compared proud Kazach nation to this overdrunked people but he has called to be more resolved in fighting sin. Read fighting me. And I do not wonder why...

Nazi from both sides, at Kremlin and at London are continuing to sturm, just like lemings. Under Malta guidance. Day after day. Sieg hail, Kremlin. Sieg hail, Washington...

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