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Not only economy

"The issue is all the more important in that the very future of some nations is at stake, particularly some island States"

Benedict XVI

Today when after Sunday mass i had visited Midi, Barosso news team has proudly reported that the OPEC fence that has been estabilshed long time ago, has been removed and there is no longer 'economical' danger. Well, it was quite powerfull argument that has helped Van Rumpuy to become President of the European Union without slainging me. It is nothing good to hear it but it is just an illustration of a malta infection that is spreading rapidly inside of NAM. It is not only Saudi Kingdom that is making OPEC but also countries like Islamic Repubilc of Iran and Venesuela that many times has show already tendencies of betraying this only son, so i am not surprised. Spasiba, Dimitri.

But this is not only incentive for killing me, beside there are also God and Honor that i hope will still be leading some of European politicans, to not mention military commanders. There are flags and emblems sweeped by the glory or eternal shame. And the respect to it is something that is realy missing in this Unholy Alliance commanded by Malta Order. They are loosing everyday and their only goal is kind of suicide. It is especialy true for the East and quite visible on the example of Kirill homeland where they has just yesteday hold a rally against Putin. It should give them something to think about homicidal tendencies that are strating to dominate them. The brutality that is emanating from the Malta is really terriffic and forces not only leaders but at primo people to think about this horror of Nazism and their leaders. Some of them are making reservation for very special row on my funeral. They does not learn anything and will be sumarized by the people, this way or another.

* * *

When i was going to eat free dinner at Sisters of Mercy on the Gare du Midi i saw only blue screen. It was a way in which Comissioner Barosso with his top aidies Sarkozy and Tusk was celebrating recent breakthrough at Davos. Well, President Nixon with his Muppet Show has already tried sending police car. Thanks God, without success. Malta has hit also but was stoped by local police. But on the sky Belgian army was paiting crosses since the morning. Things are much worse now on my road to Rome, hunting by Maltans and this puppet in White House since past months, since his first day in office...

Our Nazi Security Office gestapo officers was unusualy excited, as they feel that they great day is comming soon. During meal they has threten me as usual with blowing out safety-valves, so the room has faded into darknes. Well, after Hamas has sent here his cofounder to sign so called Palestinian reconcilation deal , things has get on the mind of my enemies and they are just going deeper and deeper into this Nazi path, as Soviet Union did. I do not wonder why they has called him Furer of Hamas but it was not Israel that has shoot him out and what Hamasd says to the public is just fairtale prepared by Henry Kissinger for purpose of Zdradziu Sikorski presidential campaign, based on the version of death of Wladyslaw Sikorski poisoned by the lethal injection. He was comming there to slain me just as many other hogs in their new Nazi uniforms.

I am realy shoked, it is realy this way and moreover they are emanating with scorn and shouting about 'revenge'. Anyway Revenge for what, Maltan clowns? If somebody has taken revenge it was King for his brother. What is quite sad to say but nothing will surprise me on this road. Well, it is just another succes in London strategy that British army chief General David Richards has defined in simple sentence : "it's a matter of timing, not the principle". Paralysing one after another and plunging them in Nazi shit. I will not wonder when this time will come and my dady will get drunk, leaving me alone for this beasts. Even Anders, different Anders has in Teutonic pride announced that he is going to scrap his contingent. From whatever side this Triumph will come many will mark themself in now way mark. I see that some from NAM are still waiting for transports; while on the West there is huge motivated group that want take first places in ss line of our funeral, with all Teutonic Platform, Kaczynski and Miller pseudo left.

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