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Narco nazism and Witkacy

Today for once again i was attacked by Maltan Pawn leaded this time by Hilary Clinton. One of the claims they are often bringing on thier standard is my work on the drug policy reform with recent progress on the rights of most marginalised in Czech Republic and Mexico where simple possesion for personal use has been depenalised, also thanks to support of the Holy Father. They would like to see whole word falling in their swedish american model of represion and the Bush era American/Japanes system called Super BIRD. Often they claim that i as my grandfather are convicing people to drugs, that is a reason why Clinton standing on front of Eagel has for once again attacked me and sended uncounted numbers of police cruisers, forgetting that it is still a Belgium and we Europeans are choosing different way. And what i am doing or rather was doing in past before Polish and European Parliament, Council of Europe or United Nation is just presenting rational and humanistic point of view on this issue and the point of view of both people that do drugs recreationaly or are addicted to it. Sometimes, mentioning also religious aspect...

Well, very often i am underlining that if it comes to people under age of 18 it is simply better for them to not use any of psychodelic substances whatever it will be cannabis, alcohol or tabaco. It is so because their bodies and minds are still growing and any iterference can later have serious consequences. But this people, our leaders are behaving often like small kids, ignoring fact that most of us is aware that they are not only trading drugs but are mostly addicted, very often to cocaine. It is a case of President of United States, it is a case of Hilary Clinton, it is case of Donald Tusk that when was young was famous from best cannabis plantation on his University and it is even in the case of Lech Kaczynski and his famous sport advisor Artur P. And while they do drugs personaly, they are represing and incartanating milions of the people in United States and aboard, for this same they are doing hidden in the corridors of their power houses. Whatever on the West or the East, drugs are at top of political cabinets. While so often this politicans are trying to hide their own drug use behind the hard stance on others, smallers users.

What i am doing is merly same what Stanislaw was doing before the war. This same Stanislaw, this junkie that has won II World War, so left your scorn before you will attack any of us, drug users. Have a respect to us and our rights, human rights to live in dignity. My wrok and contributions to so called 'civil society' that is ofter civil only from name, have the effect on the society that has been show recently on another controversial topic. When i had started my quest for human rights and my preparations to this pilgrimage with the vision of making reconcilation with our late pope i had a romance with Melanie that has changed view on homo sexual relations among general public. Well, this Nazi has choosed different way but this romance had an positive effect on the people, anyway. Recently when Poles has been asked 'do you have anything against homo sexual Prime Minister', 61% has said that they have nothing against. It is something wonderfull, while i must admit i am hetero, this romance with yet another Baronessa has changed people minds for good and it is same when it comes to the durg users.

Well, one of our not so silent 'supporters' was and i hope still is the King Abdulah II of Jordan and this 'support' you could watch even on the Wall of Gaza. So it have also effect in traditional conservative Muslim Word. It is something that reminds them one of my protoplasts prophet Yunus closed in Brussels just like in the great fish. And it is also a reason of recent statement around so called 'Danish cartonist' when many moderate Muslims said it is time to forgive Westergaard for his depictions of the Prophet. Something they did with Yunus, with difference to this cartonist, i am not depicting anything, i am just exisiting and it is just my bloodkin, same as in his vein. Yes, it is 'evil jewish' kaballah.

With all of his money Soros has never been able to increase tolerance so much as i did. Well, i think that his culture of death will never be able to achieve it. However, it is true that he is not interested in doing this in the East. In their doctrine East must be hold in backwardness and the marginalised people are somebody that they will some day liberate using them as the driving force behind 'Velvet revolutions'. And it was same trend with John Paul II and the catholic faith. They has poisoned him because he was realy commited to modernisation of the Church. It is something that this Protestant orginated groups like currently Malta Order under leadership of british FRA and SPPX that have strong connections with Dutch and Swedish links, was trying to stop for every price, as it must be Protestants that are more tolerant that oders. They will be not able to stop this process, even after death of our uncle, as Benedict has already choosed to continue Jean Paul II path towards millenium reconcilation. For human rights and liberty.

But i had saw today that under guidance of new leader of Russian Orthodox Church they are realy thinking about moving back to the Soviet era opression. When i look at the headlines and on how the situation is shaping there i at first think about what will happen to milions of people there. In 2003 when Russian Federation decided to stop prosecute for personal possesion the one of most serious reasons was spreading of HIV in prisons. When few years before this drug reform they has moved forward towards Swedish-American represions, they was sending to prisons thousdand of junkies, to help them. In effect some of their prisons has changed into hatchery of HIV/AIDS. Sometimes with rate of infection so high like 80%. People in prison whatever in America or Russia does not stop to use drugs and in case of heroin the bigest problem are the neddles, so they share it making real catastrophe.

However it was not only such hard reasons that has made such breakthrough. There was somebody in Russian Church that was also following my story and was my protector there. He wanted to have Russia that is not like Soviet Union. He wanted Russian Federation to shine in the sun to bring enlighment to other nations on the other side of NATO border. Now he must upturn in grave observing from the heaven what Kirill and Gollum want to do with his motherland and me. I had seen this already when i was very litte boy, when they has taked my father. And many see this same, returning all over the world. This same sovietization in the nazi, narco nazi, style.

When few days ago my colague that i know since time before he has become President of Bolivia and which coca leaf case i was also advocating has announced that he will never agree on return of american Drug Enforcment Agency i was applauding. This agency has harmed my life so much that it is beyond the imagination. However just yesterday Hugo Chavez has announced their antidrug found that is merly this same idea that american DEA. On beging of 90 i had a friend that has one day come on the computer stockmarket to buy a computer. When he has returned he has come to me as the local computer guru to show his trophy and ask for help. I was watching at it and him and did not knew how to tell him that somebody has fucked him. It was just a keyboard. And it is same with Venesuela.

This super BIRD project, well it is just like troian horse, terminal. Where it will lead them? PRL and STASI has already showed. What americans are doing and they are just monkeying? They are treating peopole like horses. Literaly like a horses. Serving choosed drug users 'correctional program' to 'help them'. While in reality it is just something that i call 'Program Ilan'. Using military broadcast they are just raping them, to later send a police car or ambulance or just shot them. Realy, i enjoy this every day since 3 years, since opening of DEA office on polish soil. Thanks God i am now in Belgium, not United States, General Gouverment, United Kingdom or Soviet Union where such practicies has became day to day normality. What a mockery and joke from the people. They think that are funny? No, they are not...

The work we has did together at the East has realy changed how the people are looking on drug users there. And it was something that i see is going into backwardnes of fear and terror. I am realy woried about this people that now can expect another wave of represions. Represions that will not change anything as American system is showing us every day. These days in Islamic Republic, addicts also was geting more sympathy and understanding from their relatives. As Dr Mehrasa puts it in his report, a couple of decades ago, phrases like “opium-smoker”, “bhang-user”, “heroin-user” and “addict” were purely terms of abuse that would, for example, be traded by urban youth during streetfights. Now, these words have more of a connotation of a victim in need of support rather than opprobrium. And it is again going to turn back...

Gollum has for once again wished my death and the number of Sperm victims has increased, they say they was 'media workers'. No comment. And Putin, well driven by their inner enemy he is doing something what even Jozef Stalin was not trying to achieve. With all his opression, he was rather protecting us from Nazi that was trying to execute my grandfather in this early days of Eagle without crown. Executing and scoring a reveng for Hitler. And when Stanislaw has hidden in Soviet Union, Hitler needed to go on his tanks for his sperm. Now things are oposite and to constant threats from London, i am observing threats from Moscow that also want to triumph. Some says that it was French court that has rejected today verdict, some positive signal from Paris. And polish side has announced that some heads are going to be cut for this act. I am still asking where is heading Russia about which Alex II was dreaming? Where they has lost honor?

Looking at our jahkarta monument i am thinking about my grandfather and his trip to Berlin. In same time in Washington, after discovering him, Chairman Fofana together with his wife has called all his inteligence chiefs to improve 'system'. It is true that he would be told about my true face, true identity but later, after my assasination. But so far nothing changed here, in his Labour camp. Camp that he has created and when i am watching Euronews clip that has been prepared before this assasination attempt i see lots of arrows that are trying to confuse viewer abut who was responsible for their inaction (as atack has been stoped thanks to Europeans and some of not mainstream Israeli). This clip on which you could see so many times an Eagel seems to be just an attack prepared by Clinton on some of his inteligence chiefs. It would be perfect scenario for them: East shooting off the Eagel, then White House removing some sacrifical goat, some undesirebale by Clinton and Israel Emanuel, removing for inaction of american security services. Inaction that has been ordered by White House...

But look then American people, look on his achievments. Look where this Eagle is and how he has treated him. Look at his bestiality. Did something has changed after this security meeting? On the ground nothing. Yet another waves of attacks, yet another poisoning attempt by some spanish 'vegetarians', or just some of safardi, same that forgeting about Military Orders different that Malta that has been created to protect catholic faith, was recently shouting to Vatican to stop 'eat the meat', while they are inside of catholic church not only poisoning but also trying to achieve schizm. White House conitinues this opression when i am just like my grandfathers, sent by his Excelency Chairman Obama on Sibr. Look America on his achievments done through past year. Still continuing this same insane game, leading to my cruficsation, leading to the Final Solution so world will again forget about yidish speakers,. Just like before half of centaury, they almost successed their eradication and falsification of the story. A language that my forefather was not able to teach and that this days are teached by people that does not differate from our opressor. A language that was marking a forbriden knowledge, kaballah. Yes, Isreal, To Ra is your enemy...


Yiddish (ייִדיש yidish or אידיש idish, literally "Jewish") is a non-territorial High German language of Jewish origin, spoken throughout the world. Yiddish is conventionally written in the Hebrew alphabet.

On the eve of World War II, there were 11 to 13 million Yiddish speakers (Jacobs 2005). The Holocaust, however, led to a dramatic, sudden decline in the use of Yiddish, as the extensive Jewish communities, both secular and religious, that used Yiddish in their day-to-day life were largely destroyed.

More: Wikipedia

Look what he has did to me. He and his coleagues from General Gouverment Donald Tusk and Lech Kaczynski. No, they are not going to appology and this deadly game will continue. And if somebody will be blamed, whatever hand he will be, people of America will point their fingers on our Chairman that can end just like Richard Nixon. For all his bestiality and mistreatment of me and his own nation. People wanted change, guided by my voice, change of Bush administration and his policies that has crushed me to the ground. Instead of this they are beign served Mao Tze Tung ideology and opression based on the class war and wrong social orgin. And when in election time i was telling to the people 'Keep your coins i want a change', after year of such insanity i have no other way that beg for money. What is not shamefull, what is shamefull is what this trio has did to me.Look, efects of Mao policies, policies that are still continued instead of beign fixed. Instead of making apology to grandson of some that has won II World War, to somebody that American and other nations owns so much. Look at his perfidion, it is not glory it is just a shame. Look at the Eagel and Sandomir Flag.

Merry Christmas to the East

We have enemies as everybody


But it is worst that in group of friends
Some maniacs will appear
Desiginig life by sick ambition
Besieging by prohibition
Like by enclave, like by pest
Worth not to much ...
It is something sad
For this everything...

Merry Christmas
Roses of Europe

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