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Matter of honor

In the Book of Proverbs, it is stated that "the Lord" specifically regards "six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth."

5. Acedia (Latin, acedia) (from Greek ακηδία) is the neglect to take care of something - and in this case neglect to do whatever one should do in order to be saved. It is translated to apathetic listlessness; depression without joy.

Seven deadly sins

Today you could read invitation of Anders Rassmusen to positive contributions of the Muslim nations to the mission in the Afghanistan. You could read Afghanistan but rather you should think Belgium. Well, if you will go back into the memory you should remeber that on begining on the Wawel Castel they was offering the position of NATO Secretary to Radzislaw Sikorski. But as in case of Van Rompuy they has made condition in which he was expected to silence my broadcast. He has aggreed with unhiden enthusiasm but failed and instead of him they has choosed Rassmusen.

It is quite funny but as usual Radziu did not learn from the past. And if Wladyslaw Sikorski would see such thing he would take his name from him. Anyway, when Anders Rassmusen was making his announcment he had some other Anders in his mind. General Wladyslaw Anders and so called Anders Army that was serving in Middle-East. Anders army mentioned in my recent post that should not be distributed to the RAF in United Kingdom, as it can broke upcoming elections...

NATO chief wants Muslims to serve in Afghanistan

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Friday urged Muslim nations to contribute troops for service in Afghanistan to help avoid the appearance of a religious war.

“Active participation by Muslim nations would underscore that NATO’s effort in Afghanistan is not about religion, but a struggle against extremism and terror,” Rasmussen said in an interview with the Danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

“And so in talks with a number of Muslim nations I have encouraged them to consider positively a contribution to the mission in Afghanistan,” said Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister who took over as NATO’s top official in August 2009.

More: Reuters

What is wrong with Radziu? Well, again it is matter of honor and bad advisors. How to esplain this. When Cartter was making his first international trip, as the President of United States he did not choosed his destignations by the accident. And when he has arrived to my country, that was at this time under soviet ocupation, it has asked for my father. It was a 'Teutonic price' that they was expecting to collect, having in mind their upcoming pro abortional campaign. Thanks God, Gierek that was at this time Prime Minister of PRL, was a man of honor, respecting our nobility, culture and tradition and has replied him that Poland has already paid such price during the II World War. That is something that Teutonic Platform cannot understand. Well, maybe i am just man of old date...

When i was comming on this world in April 1979, comming on "the beauty of the lilies", lillies that you can find on both coat of arms called Poraj and the embelm of Hong Kong, various countries and powers has choosed various way to mark it and celebrate it. Israel has blowed up our crown - Rotunda. Imam Khomeini has started the Revolution and founded Islamic Republic of Iran. Holy See has organized first pilgrimage of Jean Paul II on which he has announced the comming of the Holy Spirit. In China they has started new revolution, revolution that was just opposite to this one that has been performed during Mao Tze Tung rein, revolution that has made them Tiger of the Asia. While, Soviet Union... Well, Soviet Union has made an invasion on Afghanistan...

Of course, none of this events was depending on our will, nethier father, grandfather or I had anything to say. It was their decision to mark it. However, just recently our Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced that we 'have a debt in Afghanistan', as Afghanistan had a terrible harms made in war with the Soviet Union. Well, it is something that i call 'Prague tank syndrome'. How Soviet Union was treating us you can read in my previous posts. How this Teutonic goverment are treating us, you can read everyday. They think they are funny only because of name of Soviet Union that in polish, thanks to the Marshal and old connections sound 'Zwiazek Radziecki' - something like Union of Ra children. In jokes, however, they say Zwaiwek Zdradziecki - Union of Betrayal. Well, fact is that mainly thanks to Russian Orthodox Church they has never exterminated us and in time of Tzar reign we have been alowed to even posses crumbs of our old properties. In New Poland, well, no comment. Well, Radzio some time ago has wroten book 'Decomunized zone' but it is rather 'DeSanacjoned zone'. In his Kissinger world, we have a debt, not others have a debt that should be finaly executed, but we have it. Anyway, the pepople are still standing on our side, side of so called 'enviroment' and the public support has even increased from 66% in time of European Elections to 72%...

Well, but lets go back on the earth. In Rassmusen speech you could read that it is not about religion. It is kind of joke. Just look at my coat of arms. In polish 'lamb' can be litteraly translated 'how not?'. It is, very. But then he tells you about struggle against terrorism and here we are. From some time i see regular scenario. First local security forces are threated by terror acts against my person with a purpose to sent me to the prison. In so called RAPT scheme that will of course induce even more terror acts that i do not support. And today, first time since i am in my second homeland i have been waked up by three kings. No their was not this Biblical Magi that has come to paid their homage. No they did not offered me gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It was three policemens and some in London and Washington had a hope that they will finaly score me. But they did not this also.

They has warned me that i cannot stay at this place and has gave me an address of some homeless shelter. I had replied that i had learend in past that i have some many enemiess that such thing is simply not the option, as soon they will find me death. I am forced to avoid people. It such difficult time. They has told me that they are worried about frost and they are affraid that will find me death on the morning. Hmm, let say that i have Sibir in my blood and it is not a problem. But what they was realy woried was just another wave of crusaders. They was realy affraid that they will not be able to stop it. It is just an example of this terror tactics that we need to face. In the radio, when they was checking orders i had heard 'bu Benedict'. Well, indeed Benedict had also some message to them and this NATO team mentioned in Rassmusen message, team that consist mainly from German and team that i had meet today, again. Thanks God and all the people of good will!

Pope thanks guards for keeping him, Vatican safe

Benedict XVI thanked the Carabinieri's Vatican police corps for their "humble and indispensable" service of patrolling St. Peter's Square and its environs.

The Pope received the Carabinieri today in audience, together with Archbishop Vincenzo Pelvi of the Military Ordinariate of Italy, and the corps' general commander, Leonardo Gallitelli.

The Carabinieri is a uniformed national police force, and a branch of Italy's armed forces (alongside the Army, Navy and Air Force). It was founded in 1814 by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy.

The Roma San Pietro Company is responsible for maintaining security and public order in St. Peter's Square and the surrounding areas.

Benedict XVI highlighted the "vigilant and discreet" work of the Carabinieri.

"Your task contributes to give security and serenity to pilgrims and visitors who come to the center of the Catholic faith and enables them to have the necessary spiritual recollection in the visit to the tomb of the Apostle Peter and to the basilica that houses it," he said.

"As the majestic Bernini colonnade suggests," the Pope continued, "the house of Peter is always open to welcome, in an ideal embrace, believers and all men of good will, who receive light and encouragement to grow in the faith and to become builders of peace and serene civil coexistence."

"Of this peaceful and intense flow of persons of different ages, origin and culture, you are witnesses, tutors and guarantors, silent and diligent, but very necessary and valued," the Holy Father explained to the police officers.

Benedict XVI noted his appreciation for the Carabinieri's "humble, but indispensable work," which makes it possible for "the pilgrimage to Rome to be, for each visitor, a unique occasion to experience the joy of the faith and the values of fraternity, hospitality and mutual respect."

Before giving his apostolic blessing, the Pope called to mind the many men in women who, in various parts of the world, "are engaged in delicate missions of peace."

At present, the Carabinieri Corps has at least 120,000 troops, men and women.


Wonderfull message that i had decided to quote in full and under which i am signing too, sending my greetings to all the people from our informal Sainte Alliance. With special dedication to Franco Fratini, one of few Italians leaders that are truly mans of honor. With a hope to solve our Maltan problem, so my pilgrimage would be able to continue. Wonderfull message that has been made dirty for once again by the photo of Pope kissing some girl, holding a cross with the lamb. We all know about who the author of this insinuation was thinking and i have once again deja vu. I do not want to see her executed, as it will not solve any of problems maybe rather she should be sent to sanatorium in Rabka, as recently she is increasing psychical touturs, more and more painfull, what is not resonable in her situation. It will be also better to her if they will stop to rape me what Kaczynski is doing constantly through 3 past years. There is serious problem with their Final Solution and so called polish concentration camps. I am affraid that if they will continue this Ilse Koch backtrack, she can share fate of her precedors. At some point somebody can come and show them our emblem and Holy Roman Cross. On the other hand Franco Fratini has called for creation of Sainte Alliance, old Holy League and counter weight for Ottoman styled Teutonism, or just Nazism as we say this days...

Italy seeks formation of 'Friends of Yemen'

Italy plans to propose further reinforcement of the Yemeni government by envisioning the formation of a group of countries called "Friends of Yemen.

A spokesman said Friday Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini at an upcoming conference in London plans to suggest the formation of the group, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

Maurizio Massari said Italy believes the issue of Yemen is the first real test of the European Union's effort to have a united foreign policy.

More: PressTV

But there is another adivce that i want to give to somebody in Iran. Today when i was siting and beging for a money i had recived package of chocolates from some old laydy that maybe still remeber day of liberation of Belgium and the polish army that has achieved this. However, at some point two muslim mens has come and they has told me something that has seriously worried me. Moreover i had saw a police car of city of Brussels and every time i see them, it means that situation is for another time serious and some threat from Iran has appeared. Where is the point? Well, today you could read on Iranian media that they are strenghtening the Revolution and some people can by identified and called 'traitors'.

Some time ago i had wroten about Gollum from Malta. Who acctualy is this Gollum, you could ask then. Well, it is nobody in particural. Gollum is sitting in every of our leaders and it is sometimes dominating them, giving disasterous advices. It was such case here. The idea they had was to use some group of martyrs, to execute me. Afterwards, this group would be called 'traitors' and executed, as the satanic hand and my rights would be then transfered to Islamic Revolution. In the ideal word, maybe. Instead, thanks to Benedict XVI intervention, this people has been transfered to safe place in neighbourning kingdom, as they obviously did not enjoyed Belgium. This rights would not be transfered and instead Ahmenijdad would hear 'hura' comming from McChrystal crusaders. It is something that they need to understand. It is mater of honor. It is very easy to make a mistake that will have tragic end not only for me and him personaly but at frist for his nation. They must learn from the past and never made such mistake again. The appology would be also welcomed...

Well, today, i hear that they listen...

In Iran, Leader says law must be implemented

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Saturday the Iranian nation must avoid taking extrajudicial measures so as not to obstruct the path of justice.

Ayatollah Khamenei warned that at a time when sedition prevails, action becomes more difficult and determining the truth becomes harder.

The Leader went on to describe how the enemies of the first Shia Imam, Ali (PBUH) had sowed the seeds of sedition during the seventh century battle of Seffein.

"In those difficult times and unclear conditions, Ammar ibn Yasir, who was one of Imam Ali's closest, purest and most reliable companions, shed light on the situation for those who were hesitant."

"He explained that there was no difference between those who stood against the Prophet of Islam and the enemies of Imam Ali (PBUH), other than the fact that those who opposed Imam Ali (PBUH) claimed to be the guardians of Islam, the Quran and the Prophet."

Ayatollah Khamenei said since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and throughout the life of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, oppressive powers, backward people with links to the global arrogance, and deviant individuals within the country were all members of the same group.

More: PressTV

And Obama? Hmm, John McCain will apear on the stage with the question: 'Did you realy needed to sacrifice this Eagel? Why you allowed for this. Nixon?' It is true for all of them.

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