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Mali Sabbath

“You will be comfortable here, in Ariel, as here you will live, and so will your sons and grandsons” - Prime Minister of jewish state to a settler woman.

Yesterday whole night and day i had decided to spent in furnance. After the London confernece they was realy determined to serve their late dish. They missed their symbolic ocasion that was French American transatlantic dinner. NATO has announced that their has exchanged friendly fire with their Afghan alies. Today was more silent, as in Davos their seems to be more focused on the stability of their financial institutions, notably Wall Street but our Unholy Alliance is preapring for night. Symbolic night in the mood of this one we had in Poland in 1968, when the only just Workers Pary has removed 'Forefather eve' from placecard. In India, moon nazi cousins has scattered Ghandi ashesh to the ocean. If they could they would do this with all of us. If they could do they would do this with not only my ashesh but also Klemens. So there will be no trace of us. In their world full of lies...

Today in Vichy France that is so much collaborating with Buckhingham palace, Sarkozy is grumbleµing on the Moon driven United Nations and the terrorism and kidnapings that are masterminded by this clishe but he is preparing for another sturm. Whatever with his kidnaped frenchmen or without him, he is sturming. Not only me. Jack Chirac still, humbled, instead of shining on the political stage, need to brawling with courts for financialy supporting people like I. Another Sarkozy paranoia victim, his old friend, de Villepin just cleared by the first instance need to face appeal, simply for saying turth about Nicolaus. I also was many times stringed up by him and Chemical Donek, so i know very well with what he is facing.

I was dreaming of mobilising old fiaths to get our kiddnaped frenchmen out of hands of this Maltan affilate that is called Al queda but this did not occured. Sarkozy was only shouting from his palace: 'Burka, burka, burka' and sturming with hope that he will meet a request of this London driven terrorists. But can he success? Even, if will be able to kill me, Mali goverment has already told him that they are not going to relese 4 prisoners, our four armored, from the prison. Even, if he will kill me, he will not free his Frenchmen. Instead, he will have two dead mans on his account. Is he crazy?

I hope i will survive his sturm. And I still dream about the Muslim world to mobilise and recapture Pierre. It would put Sarkozy in difficult situation when i will arrive in Paris. From the other hand it is interesting to see our London duo reaction on such situation. Will Brown and Camerun execute this frenchmen then? Not only Great Britain but whole world is watching them and their Mali adventure. It is their FRA that has put us on such course. What they would do, if Sarkozy will fail?

But there is somebody that is going to 'help him'. Today, Richard Nixon after receiving a letter that "urge Obama to end Israel siege of Gaza" he has announced "Deficit reduction 'critical'". How he want to reduce it in face of my testamneto is quite hard question for him and his demoluds but it shows something more interesting: is not this same rethoric that David Cameron is using? If you will look at the head of staff of White House, you will notice why it is so. Israel Emanuel and his father, with strong links to both ultra-right Israeli fraction of Likud party, you will notice that his cabinet is just a puppet one. Yes, indeed it is just a muppet show and the Democrats these days does not have anything in common with left wing. It is so since at least J.F.K. So called Democrat Party is just serving Republicans as something that is shining by their insanity and bestiality through one cadency, to dissapeear for deaced or so. It is not different with this incartanation of Richard Nixon.

Rahm Israel Emanuel

Rahm Israel Emanuel[1] (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician currently serving as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama. He served previously as Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Illinois's 5th congressional district from 2003 until his resignation in 2009 to take up his current position in the Obama Administration.

Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois to Jewish parents.[4] His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, a Jerusalem-born pediatrician, was a member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group that operated in the British mandate of Palestine between 1931 and 1948.[5][6] His mother, Marsha Smulevitz, was the daughter of a Chicago union organizer.[1]

More: Wikipedia

In this letter, the group of DuPont demoluds has painted Israel as somebody that is like this Turkish father of ex-Saint Barbara that has closed our poor 'Gaza' into the tower and our brave demoluds will release her by killing me. But it is not to the end true that it is Israel that keeps them out of my tent. And it is not 'Gaza', it is just ex Saint Barbara, our favorite of Hitler, no different from Ilse Koch, since long time used in the scheme to bring islamophobia. This woman from National Security Office is just touturing me and raping by sattelite, by radio waves.

Yes, even if you are laic, not yet famillar with this 'military technology', just trust me, such things are possible and was not only in modern days but since long, long time ago. Touturing and beating every day and night with allowance of our Maltan President Kaczynski and top commander of so called polish army, infamous General Franciszek Gagor together with chief of this office, that long ago should make a resignation from their posts, as Ashkenazi in Israel. Some of Muslims are buying this bullshit and while are forgeting about who is opressing who are calling me: Koch. Throught this are fueling fight with another after the cross, religious symbol, islamist burqa, painting this Nazi minded officer, as the Gaza, as the Islamist woman. It is quite similar to thier anti Islam campaign from the Switzerland, that was also driven this way and such Muslim people are just acting against themself...

They say it is Israel that is defending me on the field. Well, they sometimes do this but as often they are just waiting for my crucifxation using all their Mossad agents to achieve it not by their hands. Today when i was on gare first i watched a clip with recent China reaction to Taiwan arms deal. They has called Obama administration in one world STASI. From the loudspeakers one of this lemings has shouted 'to psychiatric hospital'. I will not comment this, belgs has commented some time later when i was siting on the stree beging for money on Internet. Sudently, from two sides two police cars has come. But no, they did not arressted me. They was just like this two lions on front of local stockmarket and Obama should rahter focus on comming out of this crisis instead of crashing the markets. The way he is progressing since year does not help anybody if it comes to the economy.

They are well aware that some want to see me having a son or even grandsons. Some want to see this stalk to grow into a tree, not be cutted out. And has been already warned what my funeral can means for OPEC. They has tried to destabilise this relation many times and also on this friday they did it again, but never successed. The are playing very dangerous game that can bring very serious consequences for the economy. Well, when i had readed the news about "Al Qaeda man captured wearing bomb belt – Yemen". I was looking on my belt that is sometimes source of controversy as it is woman one. The story they was painting is based on this wish of son and the lie. They was trying to say that this situation is nonsense, as with such conditions it will be just 'suicide attack on “economic facilities”'. No, it would not be. I am not homosexual and it realy have a sense. But i wear this belt to tell you story about our Melania romance that has changed minds of many and bringed a more tollerance, not only in my country but all over the world. It is a bit in spirit of my grandfather. It helps to paint more ture face of the Islam that this days is so much under fire and influnece of Maltan blashemy.

And, well, if it comes to the Israel. You can see the attitude of Israel Prime Minister toward me, on the example of his yesterday encounter. Because of this belt and Melanie romance they sometimes in their nazi jokes are painting me as the woman. It was so, on this friday when Netanyahu was saying to a settler woman: “you will be comfortable here, in Ariel, as here you will live, and so will your sons and grandsons”. Israeli was once again seeing my face in her. And it was very bad joke as he was going to make a punchline: but he is homosexuall. The echo of this joke you could hear in today Yemen news. But it is just lie and the truth is that they did nothing to repair what they has destroyed. Nothing in good direction, so they could ease our economic problems. Tehy are continuing their counterproductive march. And some in difference to our Israeli Prime Minister and others from this cliche are quite serious. What you can see on the Wall Street...

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