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Mali Most Wanted

Just ahead of the London conference Kuczera is calling: 'Enough fighting in Afghanistan'. We can supose that Richard Nixon will pay Belgian Goverment huge ammount for my life, but this can be last cheque that Prime Minister of Belgium will take. And i will be just sent for extermination into Citadel. It is realy wonderfull way in which our NATO chief and political leader of socialist party calls for 'political solution'. In echo to his calls, so called Shitte rebels has called Saudi Kingdom for truce. Today, they has sent some ambulances, but the Kingdom has rejected them, thanks God. But who is leading them? I think it should be obviously...

Together with London conference we are comming closer to the deadline that another Maltan pawn, so called Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),has set for Nicolaus Sarkozy. For the lifes of our four armored and the dog they are going to release French hostage, Pierre Camatte. I am of course playing role of dog that is expected to be assasinated in course of this deal. And Nicolas Sarkozy is quite happy, as it gives him another excuse to continue his sturms into the ghetto. He is not only one that has been threated by our London dictator and kidnaper, David Camerun. Yes, David Camerun and his english FRA is behind this organization that says is acting in the name of Almighty God. Kidnaping people and executing them if they request is not meet. Since months i had survived many of such terror plots. Observing hostages released or sometimes executed like in case of Briton captured in Paris Dakar plot, months ago. I would not surprise if Brown would take his 'revenge' on Sarkozy, not allowing him to meet terrorist demands.

But i wonder, why Malta Order is deshaming themself by adopting such Teutonic ways, that are so much against their own traditions. Is not this just blood of Pope Jean Paul II on some of thier top hands that is making them to try behead their own Eagel? Is this Cahtolic Order? Part of Roman catholic church or just servants of Buckhingham palace? Who you has requested, ungodly? Such demands was common to some other saphardi Celestial Order of Our Lady, that is just like contradition to Order of Our Lady of Yasna Mountian. And i wonder if our 'leaders' would also try to execute the Pope or President of European Union, that are also unwanted by some englishmans, if Malta cells would request them to do such thing? I wonder, who they will request after me?

Celestial Order of Our Lady

The Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives also known as Our Lady of Ransom is a Roman Catholic religious order established in 1218 by St. Peter Nolasco in the city of Barcelona, at that time in the Kingdom of Aragon, for the redemption of Christian captives. One of the distinguishing marks of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy is that, since its foundation, its members are required to take a Fourth Vow to exchange themselves for another who is in danger of losing their Faith. The Order exists today in 17 countries.

Starting before the First Crusade, many hospices and hospitals were organized by the chapters of cathedrals or by the monastic orders. Within the communal organizations of towns, local charitable institutions such as almshouses were established by confraternities or guilds, or by successful individual laymen concerned with the welfare of their souls, but often only local historians are aware of them.

Broader-based and aristocratically-funded charitable institutions were more prominent and are more familiar, and the episodes of aristocratic and even royal ransom and its conditions, were the subject of chronicle and Romance. The knights of the original Order of St John— the Knights Hospitaller— and the Templars in their origins are well known, and the impact of their organized charity upon the religious values of the High Middle Ages is more fully estimated in their spheres.

More: Wikipedia

It is not only French goverment that is currently under such threats, but the Sarkozy actions and colaboration with this Maltan paws can be surprising to this one that still belive that he is good leader. When this cell has kidnaped two italians, Franco Fratini has visited Mali and requested their leader to do what is in their power to retake them. Simillary acted German Foreign Minister, when he also visited both Saudi Arabia and Mali requesting for assistance. Only Spanish leader has agreed to pay their tribute, so called big 5. Sarkozy even not tried, nobody from his admisitration visited Mali, netheir they did not had prepared any action. Still, sturming the ghetto and counting, as Brown in past was counting, that they will meet Malta request. Killing Burka (as since PRL, we are used to call our dogs) while it is Sharik from Pilsudzki breeding..

What he should do? Maybe best would be call this London dictator that is orchiesterating this kidnapings and shout him directly truth into the face. Maybe it would help. If not maybe he should arrest members of this terror network at his territory and speak to them from such position. He can find hundreds of them in Vichy France, as he was tolerating them for so long time. If this would not help, he should ask all the major players in the region: Saudi Arabia and Iran, to help. If this would not help, instead of losing troops in his sturms to the gettho, maybe he should just sent them to Mali and finish them. Once for all. As majority of Muslim citizens does not welcom such terror. Going to the Mali or somwhere in region is for white tourist of buissnessman, just a suicide. It is problem for us all. It is problem that source of it you will find not in Africa but in London and Tel Aviv...

Today, when Beniamin Nethanyahu was at Yad Vashem institute, for once again he has attacked Iranian goverment, calling it evil. But what was doing Mahmud Ahmenidad? At this time he was holding meeting with Mauritania President. They and they links with Yemen Maltan Shites ReBells could be very usefull in solving this international problem, that not only i face, but whole world with me. I recall all of friends of Yemen to help in solving this dilema and bounce this French man and others Europeans that are in hands of Maltan terrorists.

I call especially Saudi Arabia, as this group claims to be Suni Salafi one and should be well know to them. I call you to end thier terror and release hostages. Something that Sarkozy does not do, because he does not want to do. It would be great thing to release this Frenchman without falling to Maltan demands, even if it will need real military operation. This s way we can grind a nose of both buffons, Sarkozy and Cameron. It is wonderfull occassion for unusual cooperation. In the name of Almighty God. We need some offensive action against this ungodly terrorists that are deshaming Muslim people, saying lies that they are acting on the God side and spreading Nazi terror on our continents! For english FRA nad his masters in London they are just like Afrika Korps, having nothing in common with Islam, that they are using just for decoration. Acting aginst God and his will...

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