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Hunchback and Kazimerz BREAK Tetmajer

Adam Bernard Mickiewicz de Poraj,A né le 24 décembre 1798 à Nowogrodek, en région historique de l'Union de Pologne-Lituanie et mort à Istanbul le 26 novembre 1855.

Our Yad Vashem commando was yesterday balling very loudly in the God palace. So loudly that the echos, some will say of the Moscow, we has heard even here. Especially on the usual morning. Some at Kremlin was very upset as Iran denied Russian fighter airspace access. Well, maybe they has noticed that it was Messerhmit. I am very thankfull for Mr. Hu that is 'rioting' them and i hope they will not give Islamic Revolution under pressure of some malfunctioning Hunchback at Kremlin and will not change their Ressistance Festival into this one we has observed in Danzing. In my eyes Mr. Hu is just like Chiness George Washington while in United States they are observing flowering of Maoism. What a strange times...

Well, our commando has returned to the Holy Land but they are not loosing time. Today when i was beging on the street i had noticed some jewish man, from some Belgium community mentioned recently by me and Pope. I had greated him honestly: "Shalom. My brother. I want to ask you. What a year we have?" Be he did not wanted to spoke with me. On first he ignored me, as it is maybe something insulting for this Isreali to talk with such under jew as i am. I had repeated question. Again he did not answered. But after the moment he has looked at me and in the air he has wroten 6. I know what he wanted to say. In some sense it is what my grandfather has told me by enumerating my home by sign 66. Beign the only son on the King David line i would be tereated by this Teutonic jews as the Antichrist, the Satan. Well, ther thruth is bit different, i am just szatyn (eng. abourn haired person), szatyn from seventh class or as french would say Satan depuis la 7e classe. Enigma seventh class. And yes, for this Jean Paul II based community i am just satan. It is obviousl as you can see. As obviousl, as that Jean Paul II, our Uncle, was an Anti Pope.

Well, in Anno Domini or Our Age as we say in Polsh it is 2010 but jews are counting time without any brak, as we are walking on this planet. They are counting the time since we has comme from the shelter at real Beth Khoron near the mountain of Yasna. Now i had checked it. It is exacly 5770 since we has come out after the freezing of this planet. Why i wanted to know this? Well, every yew and the belivers should remeber this year as the start of new era. The intentions of Prime Minister of Israel and Chancellor Merkel are very clear and we should start to count this new era as the Nethanyahu one. They has left me on the field for the execution and are using their influence in both Kremlin and White House to achieve it. Similary to Obama that put himself in Nixon position, same is doing Nethanyahu in so called jewish state. Of course they can try to denny this history, but if you are familiar with Kabalah and this story, it is as clear as the sun on the sky. Yes, it is David line that they are going to break. And they will be asking about this break at 5770 year, as about our gestures. What you did with people that remeber their meaning...

Kazimierz Break-Tetmajer

Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer (February 12, 1865 – January 18, 1940) was a Polish poet, novelist, playwright, journalist and writer. He was a member of the Young Poland movement.

Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer was born in Ludźmierz in Podhale near the Tatra Mountains, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire now in Poland, and died in Warsaw. His older half-brother was the painter Włodzimierz Tetmajer. Przerwa-Tetmajer studied classics and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in 1884-1889. He then became a journalist at Kurier Polski, and lived both in the Tatras and in Kraków (Cracow). After World War I he moved to Warsaw to serve as president of the Society of Writers and Journalists. In 1934 he was made honorary member of the Polish Academy of Literature.

Przerwa-Tetmajer suffered from a mental illness in the latter years of his life, which prevented him from writing. He was living in a hospice in 1940 when the Nazis evicted all the occupants. He was left homeless and died shortly afterwards in a Warsaw hospital.

Przerwa Tetmajer wrote seven collections of poetry before World War I. He is particularly well known for his works about the Tatra mountains. At least one of his poems, Kriváň, High Kriváň! (Krywaniu, Krywaniu wysoki!)[1] is now often taken for an authentic folk song.[2] According to Barry Keane from the Warsaw Voice:

Przerwa Tetmajer was primarily a lyrical poet who articulated the birth pangs of modernism at the turn of the century, but he will be best remembered for his erotic verse and for poems evoking his beloved Tatra mountains. He broke with age-old subtleties and niceties common to amorous poetry and wrote on love in frank and provocative terms. The poet simultaneously attracted huge praise from legions of readers and loud accusations of depravity from other quarters... at the close of the 19th century.

More: Wikipedia

Today, in Iran they has litte a bit changed an official date of Iranian Revolution and it is not 30 years and 1979 as they used to say to us but now it is 31 and 1978 that is marking it. Hunchback yesterday has been stoped by them but today he has announced new head of North Caucaus. It was suposed by this Nazi team to be his avanse. He is posing on me but the truth is that after Kirill he is just another top Malta operatives at the Kremlin and we will observe strange events at the Kaukaus that will have two top prorities: first undermine Russian Federation close links with some of Islam states and the other one was to eliminate independent Muslim leaders to strenghten Maltan infiltrators position in the region.

Well, say him that the Polish Crown in Exile is congratulating him his Nazi way to make such nomination and we are suposing to observe fall of Russian Federation in comming years. Thanks to his wisdom and openess. Their new Nazi way will be couragous for the Malta not only in Russia but in whole block. Today they has announced that Iran has gave free way for their Messershmit. They still are dreaming about my sperm and i promise them, observing their efforts, that when Israeli commando will rape me i will sent them bottle of it to the Kremlin to futher boost their not so innovative and not so new measures to boost birth rate. For free. I see that Nethanyahu has spent a lot of time to clean the passage for this Messershmit but i had meet Mr. Hu on my way, that is also wondering how our Hunchback is drowing his country in see of cocaine and vodka and i still hope i will see tomorrow. Beside this cretins efforts.

I see also that Patriarch Kirill is improving Russian Orthodox Church with new rites and traditions that smells so much of the Malta Order. After giving his innovative last solemnity to the Patriach Alexy II, he also introduced new way of celebrating so called Epihany bathing. This strange rite i had also observed past year in Amsterdam when somebody has crashed a bootle on head of some other and has droped a body into channel, just on front of boat on which i was sleaping. To this day i does not know if this was Melanie or maybe my friend that was acomplishing me in my pilgrimage or maybe somebody else.

I know that NATO still have an conclusion documents that has been shared with some, as the so called Estonia leak, and i would not recommend you to claim revenge. Well, today we see that Kirill is introducing similar measure in Russian Orthodox Church. I must say, that in difference to my cousin Adam i will stay with Catholic faith and for sure will not want to join Russian Orthodox Church in Kirill way. Such baptizing is disgusting. And the alarming development in Russian Federation are so much in the platonic love of Tzar Peter Great to the Malta Order. Because of their pseudo chilvary tradition and honor. He also has though that they have good ideas and intentions and also belived in their honor. Something that soon has bringed war, famine and diseases to Russia and poisoned death to Tzar himself.

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