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Camer Moon inauguration

Louder that in talks, God is speaking in silence. And who will silence himself in the hearts, will hear him immidietly.
Adam Mickiewicz

Today is lauch day of David Cameroon Torries election campaign. After showing him my hand in previous post and the Holocaust era properties claims, today he has announced that Conservatives put deficit cuts at heart of election campaign. While the Eastern Europe has draw out this God hand, what he want is to cut if off. As he is sure it will end this claims. No it will not. There is still my testamento left and if they will betrayal the revolution and will preffer to put a knife into holy books then this rights in worst case will be simply transfered to some of Holocaust foundation, that will be shouting about his nazism and rasism two times louder that I am. What a wise solution to jewish question and the polish case. I wonder what his allies and the people in Eastern Europe will say now. David is the Kingdom, Kingdom is the David, world is saluting, as on the inauguration of new Nazi anthem.

And indeed in so called Islamic Republic of Iran, they did not taked any lesson from recent crisis and instead of throwing out Malta Order they are going forward with religious cleaning, making huge homage to Queen Elisabeth and the poodels of Malta Order. Ayatollah Sanei no longer qualified: Clerical body you can read while i read: Son of the Almighty, no longer qualified to speak the Voice of God, the Voice of Truth - crucifix. Same in Bolivia : Demands Ex Prefect Extradition. They say that it is effect of recent Saudi and Iran deal. But truth is that is beign enforced by the Malta Order and this people are just fools that will pay they price. As East did in case of my father and many before me. Bravo, fools. What a barbarians. What a betrayal, go, go to the people, speek to them Chavez, go go to people, speak to them Ahmenidad, Putin. Happy hajj, what a inovation on the horizon of events...

Saudi FM: Israel spoilt child of intl. lenience

Saudi Arabia has denounced the easygoing international attitude, which has emboldened Israel into destroying the prospects of Middle East peace.

"In the international community, Israel has become like a spoiled child," said Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal following talks with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, AFP reported.

"We can't reach a solution with the preferential treatment that Israel gets," al-Faisal added.

More: PressTV

Today at the Sabath world has exploded with scorn, again. In Poland Gestapo has told that people should not trust strangers because they are dealers. Yes, they are dealers of Mickiewicz, dealer of Pilsudzki, dealer of Witkacy, dealers of the God, Truth and Honor. Bible basher of the truth about Teutonic Platform and Malta Order. Kontur Tusk has announced that priests in General Gouverment will be convicing nation to the power plants. And they just again wanted to treat me as my father, sending to one of such power plants to have a bank of sperm for futher generations of Hitler hordes. I do not need to say that if they will come on this world they will be cursed and will have no rights. Just as Adolf Hitler or Rasputin was in the past.

Kaczynski BBN or rather just the Security Office (UB) is continuing their daily opression, molestation, rapes and touturs, as they was doing each day and night through past three years. They does not see anything wrong in their horrible behavior. Threats are continuing. In meantime some in media of General Gouverment has started to sugest high cost of their security operation. Well, the claims i am representing has been already counted just on the eve of my birthday. For the nation, only during II World War "our nation paid the price-of more than 6 million human lives, of the loss of over 40 percent of the national wealth". To quote Gierek. While it comes to my personal claim, well i do not expect that they will rebuild our castles, let just said that in Commonwealth of Both People we was richest family in Europe, if not on this world. What should not wonder, as we are walking on this planet, in the grace of the God, since at least 6000 years. Since mankind has again come out from our shelter...

I still have a dream but if they will found me death or will terminate me chemicaly as this inhuman beast did with my father i will have serious problem, as this line of the sword will be terminated without return. I had a dream that i will recreate Templar Order that was one of arms of our old glory, together with sister order of Blessed Virign Mary (not confuse with this of so called Garman Hause that was just perfid fake). If they will execute me and if they will betrayal the Revolution then after my execution the rights i hold will be transfered to the Catholic Church that is obliged to recreate souvereign Templar Order in the shape in which it was before the ages and reward all the people that was and i hope will continue to protect me in the gettho to the end. However whoever it be, before they will gain full of my rights they must execute whole Satanic hand that has killed Jean Paul II. Every person on direct line of this Satanic Hand must be executed starting from the finger that has pushed the triger or the neddle, through the mouths that has gave execution order to the head that has prepared it. And you may be sure that this mouths will be mouths of British FRA while the head will be David Camermoon or Barack Hussein Obama. There is still Henry Kissinger that want deshame himself before the comming of his death and he is bringing all this lemings to the abys...

Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary[1] (Italian: Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Maria; Latin: Ordo Militiae Mariae Gloriosae), also called the Order of Saint Mary of the Tower or the Order of the Knights of the Mother of God, commonly the Knights of Saint Mary, was a military order founded in 1261 when it received its rule from Pope Urban IV, who expressly states the purpose of the organisation and the rights and obligations of its members:

[The members of the order] are to be allowed to bear arms for the defence of the catholic faith and ecclesiastical freedom, when specifically required to do so by the Roman church. For subduing civil discords they may carry only defensive weapons, provided they have the permission of the diocesan.

More: Wikipedia

It is nothing new, it is called God Ire and whatever it was Roman Empire, Bysantium, Kingdom of Denmark or III Reich they had been all punished for such act against the God. Even the wife of Pilsudzki that has poisoned him and that thanks to her Swedish-Shah connection has hidden in Texas has been executed for her act that has stoped our planed intervention in Berlin. Intervention thanks to which world could avoind II World War. Well, i did not mentioned the case of Denmark by accident, they King too in thier pride before the ages has commited such crime and provoked God Ire,.The people of Slavs and Muslims under leadership of King Islamil has gathered and they has crushed ungodly King.

As the result of our divine intervention the Kingdom of Netherlands and Belgium has been created. And the daughters of King of Denmark has been captured and bringed to Jura where we has crossed our blood. It is quite paradox now as in my vein there flow also blood of Danish King Jameryk. And what i am expecting in worse case, is also something that, my longtime opponent and opressor, Sin Moon in 1984 has promised for everybody that has put his hand to murdering of his son. This Holy Roman Cross, realy means something different from the Teutonic crucifixation, it was and i hope will continue to be fence for us but can be also used offensivly for a perfect crusade, you idiots. Whatever it will come from the East or West. What i hope and pray to avoid, as it is not my intention to be sacrificed. It is better for everybody if our tree will be planted and this pilgrimage will be finished in peacfull manner. The Holy Defense must continue to the end. And i am waring you that if it will happen, the people that will murder me can come out first to blame others for such act. Trying to start crusade in wrong direction, claiming that they are acting in the name of God. Just like Nazi was claiming in 30ths, further exterminating members of our ancient logue of the truth. It is such nature of Nazism...

Well, i still have a hope that i will somehow survive this Teutonic or rather Nazi opression but with people like Kontur Donek, Camermoon and Fofana it would be quite difficult. The Malta Order is constantly threating my through UB and i am just realistic. This teutonic idiots, betrayals of the nation and God, will not stop in their efforts. Hitler is just continuing to take revenge, from behind the grave. To the last one of the God tribe...

President Fofana can be proud of himself. Effect of his insanity and bestiality, throwing me to this Labour Camp, will be memorized by the people and he will pay for this, this way or another. Yesterday together with Brown they has announced so called Yemeni conference with intention to set a bribe for Belgian authorities, for paralizing the resistance. Asking how much for this slave? How much for this horse? Well, today you can see that there are fools that can do this for free, but see bestiality of this President of United States. He even does not think to return any piece of legacy of this terrible experiment called the Final Solution, moreover he intends to repeat it in Mao Tze Tung style. Clinton has announced their support to ongoing Teutonic crusade of the House of Romanov, at the occassion of Pakistan condolences. She said the U.S. supports Pakistan in its efforts to chart a "future free from fear and intimidation." The fear she mention is just a fear of the God, fear of the Truth. What a sabath, lets sign our battle anthem again when Japanes people are comming to their temples to pray at the figure of Buddha that is often presented there as litte crying children. Soon the year of Tiger will start and many are wishing me litte tiger in this year, but you see this opression and injustice...

China faces up to the horrible truth about its Mao-made economic disaster

The Criticize Lin (Biao), Criticize Confucius Campaign (simplified Chinese: 批林批孔运动; traditional Chinese: 批林批孔運動; pinyin: pī Lín pī Kǒng yùndòng) was a political campaign started by Mao Zedong's third wife Jiang Qing, which lasted from 1973 to 1974. It was an extension of the then-current anti-Lin Biao campaign, and was used to indirectly attack the then-Premier Zhou Enlai.

WU JIHUAI turned 46 this year and has lived his life in a poor village called La Pa in China’s poorest province, Guizhou. Those facts are enough for a thoughtful Chinese person to deduce that he comes from a privileged family and is lucky to be alive.

Wu’s uncle, Liao Zhengxue, 59, remembers that one in three of La Pa’s 300 residents starved to death in 1960 and 1961. First were the elderly, followed by young girls, young boys, men and finally women.

“Anyone over 50 just vanished,” says Liao. Survivors still laugh about how strange they looked, with their emaciated limbs and stomachs distended from eating dirt.

Much remains airbrushed from public discussion, but Chinese scholars are slowly burrowing into the truth of the Chinese Communist Party’s darkest moment.

Historian Yang Xianhui has published two harrowing accounts from his home province of Gansu. One details how 3000 political prisoners – “Rightists” – starved to death in a labour camp. The other describes the dying in Gansu’s orphanages. Both books are available in Chinese bookstores.

“It is important for children to know this history so we never repeat this past,” he says.

More: China View

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