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Benedict squares son

"O Israel, put your hope in the LORD
both now and forevermore.

A song of ascents.
O LORD, remember David
and all the hardships he endured.

He swore an oath to the LORD and
made a vow to the Mighty One of Jacob:

"I will not enter my house or go to my bed --
I will allow no sleep to my eyes,
no slumber to my eyelids,
till I find a place for the LORD,
a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob."

Psalm 131:3

Well, today they has hold a session on Ilan in the New York, they was expecting that Ahmenidjad will kill me and they will now sturm for a crusade. The Vichy Commissioner has even announced creation of new block that includes Germany, Vichy, General Gouverment and the Greece. The China hovever has joked by sending 'low level' representative, so they was not able to make any new sanctions. Some are joking he was a Buddah, some are more serious. But yes, they has tried to both kill me, put in prison or in the hospital. It was mainly French initiative. But Belgium has resisted, as usual. Thanks God!

They say that Iran has already recognized the plot and now it will take months to build up similar plot based on scorn and the lies but well it is open card. They say that they are looking for new political methods but our Gestpo officer, Commissioner Barrosso says that they will also seek for sanctions. He is just a pawn of Malta FRA, so we should not be surprised by his Nazi terror that the team in Warsaw is executing on me since at least three years, if not whole life. Three years of touturs and constant rapes. Yes, and they are also paid for this. And Barrosso says that he is Christian Democrat, while he continue his mad hunt for Europol head. I had wroten to German and Belgian members of European Parliament but nobody from his Christian Democrat block has did anything to stop him. THEY THINK IT IS OK. WHAT A SHAME!!!

On the other hand, yesterday when it was a sun partial eclipse somebody has appeared on the Euronews with another flag on his back. Yet another symbol of our spiritual influence. In this context, you can say that it was Eagel that has eclipsed part of the Sun. Who has appeared? Well, President of distant Kazahstan. His message is quite simple: Economy first, then politics. I was listening to his wise words with applause, we are lacking such politicans not only in Eastern Europe but also at the West. I realy like this one that paints me quite well, with difference to this brave people, that i do not keep a gun but just a feather. But it is like on war, war that for us has never ended. Since Hitler has invaded our land. “The most important thing – above all – is to take decisions in order to restore the economy. People have been fighting there since 1979 – for 30 years already. A man born 30 years ago never held anything but a rifle in his hands. The whole economy is completely ruined. Until we rebuild the economy, until we give work to the people, the only source of their livelihood will be drug trafficking. That is a global concern.”

But about what the leaders are talking? After their dremed assasination has been foiled, they are in quite hard position. On Monday Israeli will meet Chancelor Merkel, that everyday is losing popularity because of her double game. Just to refresh your memory it is Germany that has ruined my country. But why the assasination has been foilde. No it is not thanks to Merkel, nethier thanks to Nethanjahu that has scrificed me. It is because of Mehr of this city that so much reminds libre ville Danzing and the 'evil' Pope Benedict XVI that has sent some carabiniero to stop Ahmenidad insanity. He was for another time trying to shot himself into head. I hope that they has understood where they will be throwed, this way. Yesterday somebody from Hamas has made litte appology offering me a piece of hasish, so hope so.

Tomorrow, he is going to visit some Synagouge. A place that can be translated from polish a place to 'square son'. And his visit has made some, so called Rabin, to flee from the stage. He says something about Pius but the truth is that he is simply affraid of the cross and his meaning and I must say that it would be better for jews if this pseudo rabin would never return to the Home of the Lord. It was also a move to cast the shadow of suspiction toward Benedict XVI. Suspiction of 'outcasting' me, what has not happened. Thanks God and you, people of good will. Benedict, at this occassion has just made a comment on ending of Nazism. Well, i hope i will also comment about this, as well about David Star, tommorrow. If this Nazi junta would not kill me on the way...

Pope: End of Nazism made me happy

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI, on the eve of his controversy-generating visit to a Rome synagogue, said Saturday that the end of Nazi tyranny in his German homeland made him happy and allowed him to resume studies for the priesthood.

His visit to Rome's main synagogue scheduled for Sunday has divided Jewish groups because of Benedict's praise of wartime pontiff Pius XII.

Some Jewish leaders were angered by Benedict's recent move to advance Pius down the path toward possible sainthood. Critics contend that Pius didn't speak out enough to save Jews during the Holocaust, but the Vatican insists that he used quiet diplomacy to save lives.

On Saturday, Benedict reminisced about his youth in Germany with a group of Germans from Freising, the city where he was ordained in 1951 and where he had studied in a seminary a few years earlier after the institution reopened in February 1946, a few months after the war ended.

"We were able to resume (studies) and it was a significant moment in our lives," Benedict said, recalling how he and fellow seminarians felt about returning to the seminary.

In those immediate postwar days, seminary furnishings were "spartan," he recalled in off-the-cuff remarks to a delegation of Freising citizens who conferred honorary citizenship. "But we were happy, not only because we had escaped the war's misery and dangers and Nazi dominion, but because were free" and preparing once more for the priesthood, Benedict said.

The seminarians knew that Christ was "stronger than tyranny, than the strength of its ideology and of its mechanisms of oppression," the pope said.

More: Washington Post

For Benedict XVI it was maybe beatuifull thing that many survivors will remeber to end of their days and about what will be talking to their grandsons. But this Christ victory over the Nazi heresy was just begining to the even bigger tyranny in which he has been captured. Betrayed already during the Teheran conference, grandfather has just been given an ilussion that he can rebuild the country. The Crown from the Eagel was already putted off and instead of chance to stand up we was facing Kamaz team, as we do these days. With similar defamation campaign leaded by the workers of UB, Public Security Office, maybe less brutall that this one.

For us this opression has never been ended, whatever it was Stalin, Chrushow, Bush, Tusk or Kaczynski.

For us this Crown that we see on our emblem is just fake one made from the pyrite, a gold of the fools. With every day after so called 'Velvet revolution' it was going harder and harder. I have been marked to the crucifixation, as you can see on my wirst. It is stigm made by the Nazi and Sin Moon. Now in my thirtie, beatifull age in which Christ has been baptized to discover true meaning of God and his own meaning to the world. Crushed to the ground thanks to Israeli opetation Cast the Lead or rather Cause the Leak. I am struggling in dangerous time, living like animal thanks to my opressors, headed by the Fra of Malta. In a time when both the Nazi but also thier DDR mutation and so called 'demoluds' are marking the true comebak. From both sides. Siting on the other bank of the river, but this time on the Oder, just on the peron of Frankfurt Porajów border crossing point. Looking at my soil and the General Gouverment with faces of our happy leaders. But siting in the furnance, opressed every day. At nights filling no diferent of this that we has liberated, from prisoners of concentration camps.

I had survived that night, thanks God and the local resistance, so called polish HI E.T. rescue team under the shooting has retracted to another sector. The Orange revolutionares has been defeted not only here on the grounds but alos in Ukraine. People have enough of this people that was beliving that when they act together against me and the fiathfull people, they can make jokes from everybody. Ukrainians has showed them that it is in different way and they will not allow to be fooled by this Nazi minded people that are treating them just like animals. Yes, FRA of Malta has scored yet another signifant victory and the people has been disillusioned about their methods and intentions. Dissilusioned about the Orange Revolution as they se me, it promise in such misery, hunted by insane people. And i am sure that in their disdain of the nation they will show that are not able to learn, nethier correct what they has destroyed...

Tomorrow, Prime Minister of Israel is going to visit Radziwill Palace in Berlin. Well, i do not know if they still hold Cancelary in same place but if so, he should also take swastika banners from Yad Vashem institute to put in during the show. They should sign the Psalm that i had quoted and think what he has did to change the situation for the better. Through their Cast the Lead operation they did several damages to my life. It is true that they are defending me but it is true also that sometimes they are not only forgeting about God but also are acting against myself.

They should put all the hope in the Lord and never forget nethier betrayal him. It is thier obligation not only before the people of Israel but before the God himself. As the King David before the ages, he should swore to the Lord, he should 'allow no sleep to his eyes' till he will find "a place for the LORD, a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob.". He can visit this place, on front of it there should be some monument, it is our old place in Berlin. No, nethier prison, nor cementery, nor the psychiatric hospital is the place for the Lord.

And do not put swastika banners on this place, as Adolf did. Nethier do not wait for Fofana, he is just a toy in hands of FRA, he will not change, he is not able to do such thing. Paralyzed and corrupted will end, as Richard Nixon did. He will be martyring this Eagel and allowing others to do same. Waiting for other Malta paws, mainly on the Kirill to slain it. But fingers of American people will turn on him as the main cause of this insane opression. As the leading force that has smashed this God tribe and the only son. And it will be truth, indeed. And Benedict? Well, he will try to the end to square this son but the people that are responsile has in panic already left the stage. Just to prepare another wave of scorn, black propganda and attacks. Also, Israeli rabins gathered around Yad Vashem institute. Institute of Nazism...

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