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Ball at the Chancelery

"If not now, when?", asked Nethanyahu
"Never", the Lord replied.

Today SS commando from Yad Vashem has arrived at the Chanceleryin Berlin. Together with German Chancellor they has called for immediate sanctions on Iran. Continuing to call the David son an Iran. It was not only a call. Through more that hour, their agent that i just call Ilse Koch was on their order raping me from the sattelite, but this Israeli team is allowed for everything and they has been already promised that after Maltan Kaczynski will leave office they will just strenghten ranks of Teutonic Platform. They has sent two or three ambulances and police cruisers. Thanks God and Pius XII diplomacy they all has turned back...

Iran sanctions top the agenda

The joint cabinet session touched on a broad range of issues ranging from security to development and environmental projects, yet it was the growing concern over Iran's nuclear programme that dominated the talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for immediate "crippling sanctions" to be imposed on Tehran.

"If not now, when?" Netanyahu asked at the press conference after the talks. "A regime that oppresses its people cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

"We have repeatedly made the offer to Iran of transparent cooperation. Unfortunately it has not been taken up," the German chancellor added.

"We have made it clear that if the reaction of Iran does not change, we will cooperate in the preparation of wide-ranging sanctions … preferably within the framework of a UN Security Council resolution," Merkel said.

The joint cabinet meeting also discussed the stalled peace efforts in the Middle East. Angela Merkel called for greater commitment from Tel Aviv to halt the building of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

Monday's session in Berlin was the second German-Israeli cabinet meeting. The first such meeting was held in Jerusalem in 2008, 43 years after the two nations established diplomatic ties.

Before paying honors to the liberators and the victims of the concentration camps Netanyahu visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe next to Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. "It is a very moving moment for me, not merely because of what we experienced in the chancellery but also what we experienced (....) in the heart of Berlin, where we attended the Holocaust memorial in the center of the capital of Germany," Netanyahu said. Leaving the press and going on great banquiet.

In their ususal propaganda they was trying to paint people that has joined Maltan Crusade as the victims similar to this one that has been murdered by Nazi Germany. But the point and the difference is that this people slained during Hitler reign has been victims of similar Teutonic play that regim of Israel is continuing on me every day. They was not agressors, but just unwanted. And the game they are exxecuting there is same as Nazi Germany was making in libre ville Danzing. Under the slogan 'Danizng is Deutch!' what we has just heard from the mouths of German Chancellor. That has ignored both damages Nazi Germany has did to my nation and my family in particural. And this time the role of Danzing is played by free city Bruxells. While Teutonic crusaders that has been killed in my defence, people that was sturming our gettho in their insane play are no different from the members of Nazi SS Waffen. What Beniamin has suggested is just an insult to the memory of the Shoah victims, some of them murdered in identic way, as i am suposed...

You could be misguided by Beniamin, as he has said about 'Israel that must surivie'. For him, this grandson of some that has liberated them from their ordered lifes in concentration camps. In a places where they was trying to change during their Nazi courses, for him he is the enemy that maybe has fucked up thier correctional ways by leading their liberation from this programes and concentration camps. He is the Enemy, what is obviousl if you dare to look at their flag. But when he says about Israel survival, he does not think about ancient King David line, but about famous I&I, Israel & Israel duo. Israel Katz & Emanuel. His objective in Berlin was simple: cut off this tree and trasnsport it so he will have wood for his fireplace. But if you will look at their flag, you can notice tear. Where is King David star then? It is just on my arm, on place where it was always. It is there as the stigma they did on my wirst, marking for execution in future.

He has asked "If not now, when?". The correct answer sound never, but they will not rest before they would not success, whatever using Malta Order or Israel Emanuel and Mao Tze Tung wife. When then? I think that my grandfather would say that at the 27 January when they will celebrate liveration from Auschwitz Birkenau. When they will gather in the camp. While other group will gather in London to talk about checks for Belgium Prime Minister and the Afghan aid. But I would be even more progressive that my grandfather was and i will say that maybe it would be beter on 30. It is so special age for us, marked for Negro genocide. It will be yet another saabath and another importan jewish celebration of our Forefathers banned by the Party on January 30, 1968. A move that has sparked students protest and the Party response of March 68. This time hovever it would be not only Forefathers, that are maybe better know just to the Poles but also Star Wars, that was also marking our journey through the neverending story. Just think about me as about son of Luck Skywalker. It is my identity, lost identity...

I am just looking and experiencing their constant opression, rapes and touturs. In silence togther with Yoni we are going again to our birthday place, to our stove. They? They are going on ball. No comment, just look at David star at thier flag. Look at my destroyed life, destroyed by them, as Warsaw in 40ths... Hear their propaganda and scorn that they are tyring to feed the polish and others nations, day after day from leading Western propaganda tools. Nethanyahu? He does not hear the Voice of Truth or Voice of God as they was calling it before the ages. He have cocaine and MTV...

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