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Auschwitz Disch


In the year of the people freedom
by the Incarnated God vindicated

Today, after returning from Auschwitz Birkenau, for second time Contur Tusk has announced that he will be not a candidate of Teutonic Platform in next election. He would preffer to keep Prime Minister post and it is going to be Jerzy Buzek from famous CIA school that is going to head General Gouverment. The Presidential Palace has commented that President Katynski can win then in first tour of next year elections. Our Maltan Cavaler thinks that if Tusk and Sarkozy duo will finaly deliver thier exceptional funeral, he will gain in eyes of public opinion. Well, in New Poland i even does not dream about funeral that they did to my forefathers. It will be rather such one of Stanislaw, hidden somwhere after returnig from China emigration, not on this cementery they should...

No, he will not, as it is his team that is performing this touturs on my person through past years. And people will at first ask him what he has did to avoid such tragic end, such a break of jewish calendar. Tragic not only for the nation but also for the faithfulls all over the world. I still think that, maybe not Kaczynski personaly, but some of 'patriots' have such a chance to overcome Teutonic Platform, but there is fundamental thing that marks past. The problem is that they are overloyal to the Malta Order. The problem is that they are not polish but british patriots. And over the polish crown they put the crown of Queen Elisabeth. Still, both camps can repair the damages they did to the crown and return from the path of Nazi terror...

Some blind can still have a question why Chemical Donek has resigned. Well, our jihadist did this after making not so secret deal with Dimitri Medviedev at the occassion of celebration of the Holocaust in Auschwitz Birkenauen. We does not know if Prime Minister of Israel has been involved in it or it was just another deadly plot of his rivals from Likud and some rabins gathered around Wawel cathedral. After their Berlin announcment we can expect worst. The object of this deal should be clear, it was some 'millitary satelite' that was going to be sent into the space. They has tried, but this time thanks to Julia Tymoshenko intervnetion they has failed. It was for a moment just like from Star Wars (similarites in this cold war era propaganda are not accidential, as it is part of Kabalah) but i am expecting that after elections in Ukraine she we return to old course. Contur Donek just wanted to score me, by hands of Medvedv that with every day is more and more sick on Kirillica.

Netanyahu sees Israel image boost in Haiti relief

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday an Israeli army field hospital that treated earthquake victims in Haiti had given Israel an image boost, after allegations of war crimes in the Gaza conflict.

"Especially at a time when there are those plotting against us, distorting facts and slandering us, you showed the real face of the Israel Defence Forces," Netanyahu said at an airport ceremony welcoming home the military medical team.

Netanyahu has lashed out at a U.N. panel's report in September that cited evidence Israel unlawfully targeted Palestinian civilians in the war it launched in Gaza a year ago with the declared aim of halting cross-border rocket attacks.

Israel has boycotted the panel, headed by South African jurist Richard Goldstone, and brushed off its findings, calling them biased in favour of Gaza's Hamas Islamist rulers.

Israeli military medical personnel arrived in Haiti three days after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Jan. 12. More than 1,100 patients were treated at the Israeli tent hospital and 16 children were born there.

"You have raised human spirits and elevated the name of the State of Israel and the Israel Defence Forces," Netanyahu told the returning doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Source: Reuters

The Prime Minister of Israel, so called jewish state, has made this announcment to the Israeli public and members of IDF. About what face they was thinking and about what field hospital they was talking behind the scene? It should be rethoric question. I also want to thank all this brave people that was and i hope will be defending me while they leaders was making secret deals to crucifix me. I do not know if it is the jewish state or the teutonic one. I do not see Ceasar forces that are forcing rabins to crucifx somebody what has been explictly forbriden by religion and by this what makes us different from barbarians. But what they did in Auschwitz Birkenauen is just a crucifxation and i am sure that Prime Minister was very aware about this deal. Just before his infamous visit we could read: that Washington has gave Israel green light for a war. Now this article appears to be removed to hide this infamous act that had a place. But look, is not this preprogramed start of the Cast the Lead like operation, that was suposed, as this one from last year to be revenge for my life? Did not you mistaked you flags and traditions???

Israeli tanks target Gaza homes, farmlands

Israeli army Tanks have opened fire on houses and farmlands in the eastern parts of the Gaza Strip, according to a report by the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC).

A number of Israeli Tanks invaded lands located near al-Shojayia district and fired at Palestinian farmers near the northern Gaza-Israeli borders on Thursday afternoon, reported IMEMC.

The farmers said that a number of homes and lands were damage but reported no injuries.

Meanwhile, Palestinian armed factions reported that they had fired two home-made shells at Israeli areas near Gaza. Israeli sources said that the shells landed in open areas, causing damage but no injuries.

The Israeli army launched a massive military offensive, known as 'Operation Cast Lead' against the coastal Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009. More than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed during the three-week offensive, which imposed $1.6 billion in damages to the Gaza economy.

More: PressTV

When i hear today words of IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi that has announced that their world saving mission was a "source of pride for any Israeli and Jew" i, as the David son and jew from the East, somhow i feel like underjew, or rather underIsraeli. And i wonder 'if not now, when Askenazi will handle his resignation'? I realy does not know why i feel like a perfectly cooked jew, served for the purpose of IDF operation. I realy does not know why i feel like Yonathan Netanyahu that has just been sent by his firends and brother on last mission to Ughanda or rather just into the space. Just on the margin i would like to ask Israeli cabinet and the Knesset; would you progress more with your operation aginst Hamas?

Well, i was going to write this post just as the warning to the world leaders and especially Prime Minister of Belgium, as in the Switzerland they are gathering to solve world problems, but this Israeli operation has just surprised me, totaly. Well, i just want to remind you to no accept any cheque that some will be offering you, as it can be just nail to the coffin, not only my but at priori to Christian Democrats. Such bestiality would only shater you good image and will lead to similar protest that some has experienced in Paris in 1968. And, yes, beware on your colagues...

And to the President of United States. Just look at this photo and think what american nation is thinking about you and your stimulus. Do not think that anybody will help you by shooting me off, they will ask you, as other leaders, what you has did with this Eagel. No, prison is wrong answer. Please stop sending here such orders. Ahh, and do not ask me why Gombrowicz, another famous Pole that has been forced to flee from II Commonwealth of Poland, would never get Nobel prize. Let say that he was also distributing phornography, but no, not child one, very similar to this one. Yes, you will cut it off, as this flag and the Eagel. I see upcoming vote in the European Parliament that has been suspended before elections but we have enough of white stains in our history and the people will not give it up. It is better to you to repair damages you did that hope that you will be ever able to cenzorship this globe. What a thinking...

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