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Anders tales

Somehow my face is just like a catalyst. Catalyst that makes black a white. And white a black. Especialy if it comes to the crosses.

Artur R.

The orphant from village Poraj is for once again shoking the world, as he has for another day survived Nazi extermination. Please do not ask him about the name, ask beter Poles who was giving names to them. But do not ask President or Prime Minister about this, they does not remeber anything, they count only money. Well, Poland is too rich country. Our Battle of Great Britain continues, but this time Messershimts are comming from United Kingdom. From both Brown and Camermoon. And I just wonder what the polish soldiers that has died giving their lifes, defending Great Britain from Hitler invasion would say, observing such things they did and are doing with this orphant.

The Camermoon has inaugurated his campaign from shooting this orphant. And on the next day repeating same. On Brown press services at the ocasion of announcing draft manifesto, you could see the picture of him and his wife smiling and pointing finger on this orphant. At the night, some other pair in Kaczynski Security Office (UB) has explained me what it has mean. They called me and some male voice has told to her, play him so video. And they did, some phornograhy, raping me at same time. They was 100% sure that later some assasiner will come. He has failed on the way. Thanks God. But every day since the inauguration of Cameron campaign they are sturming. While Brown is merly doing same or in best case just trying to execute their RAPT plan, send me to Citadel that will end same, by execution or poisoning. Forgeting that it is not United Kingdom but Belgium, that we was cofounding. I wonder what this polish soldiers that has lost their life during fight against Nazi , on Eastern and Western fronts, would say now.

Anders Army

Shortly after the attack on the Soviet Union by Germany on 22 June 1941, Anders was released by the Soviets with the aim of forming a Polish Army to fight alongside the Red Army. Continued friction with the Soviets over political issues as well as shortages of weapons, food and clothing, led to the eventual exodus of Anders' men – known as the Anders Army – together with a sizeable contingent of Polish civilians via the Persian Corridor into Iran, Iraq and Palestine. Here, Anders formed and led the 2nd Polish Corps, fighting alongside the Western Allies, while agitating for the release of Polish nationals still in the Soviet Union.

Anders was the commander of the 2nd Polish Corps in Italy 1943–1946, capturing Monte Cassino in the Battle of Monte Cassino.

After the war the Soviet-installed communist government in Poland in 1946 deprived him of Polish citizenship and of his military rank. Anders had, however, always been unwilling to return to a Soviet-dominated Poland where he probably would have been jailed and possibly executed, and remained in exile in Britain. He was prominent in the Polish Government in Exile in London and inspector-general of the Polish forces-in-exile. He died in London on 12 May 1970, where his body lay in state at the church of Andrzej Bobola, where many of his former soldiers and families came to pay their last respects. He was buried, in accordance with his wishes, amongst his fallen soldiers from the 2nd Polish Corps at the Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino in Italy.

More: Wikipedia

The behavior of this british couple and reply of Witkacy 'Weeding', thanks God failed one, has once again send strong signal to both polish people and the people of Great Britain. Strong signal about Camermoon Nazi style and racial ideology. Strong signal that we should never trust Malta Order whatever they are comming in Soviet Russia, Poland or Great Britain. Strong signal that so called Katynski british patriots should be bringed barrow to the Pilsudzki square and there droped at the footage of Jean Paul II cross.

This couple has also reminded me a stroy of Rotmistrz Pilecki. Somebody that this Maltan paws wanted to make a hero of Europe by hands of so called Cardinal Dziwisz: Alliance of Polish Combatants in Krakow. It suposed to be a patron of 2 April, day of death of Jean Paul II and European Day of Heroes of Fight with Totalitarism. Totalitarism that is emanating from Backghingham Palace and the Malta Order itself. Pilecki, was somebody that in truth was in past collaborating with Adolf Hitler regime. Somebody that was just acting as the Nazi capo in Auschwitz Birkenauen, selling jews to the opressors. They say that he has escaped this concentration camp, but nobody seems to notice that he did it on Rudolf Hess birthday. He was just released by Nazi to futher infiltrate polish underground, just like Priest Kaczynski has produced wonderfull story for same purpose. He has been shooted out in early PRL by security aparatus, as the others should be that was trying to cut off this tree, in whatever times. Has been shoot death after failed assasination attmept on my grandfather. Something that this days is again overvisible. If somebody want to make him a hero and is comparing me to him, he should first consult psychiarist. Never trust Malta, at least under British Teutonic commandment.

Witold Pilecki

Witold Pilecki (May 13, 1901 – May 25, 1948;]; codenames Roman Jezierski, Tomasz Serafiński, Druh, Witold) was a soldier of the Second Polish Republic, the founder of the Secret Polish Army (Tajna Armia Polska) Polish resistance group and a member of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa). Author of first report about the Holocaust.

During World War II, he became the only known person to volunteer to be imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp. While there, he organized the resistance movement in the camp, and as early as 1940, informed the Western Allies of Nazi Germany's Auschwitz atrocities. He escaped from the camp in 1943 (at Rudolf Hess birthday) and took part in the Warsaw Uprising. He remained loyal to the Polish government in exile and was eventually executed in 1948 by the communist secret police Urząd Bezpieczeństwa. Until 1989, information on his exploits and fate was suppressed by the Polish communist regime.[1][2]

More: Wikipedia

However, this same is true for Contur Tusk goverment. Today with ususal scorn you can read that 'Minister is appologing polish nation'. Where, this minister so deadly treated by Tusk Teutonic Platform, is maybe minister from Auschwitz Birkenauen and he says if someone should appology polish nation it should be Tusk and Kaczynski, prefferable at the Poniatowski bridge. Yesterday some other that has dreame about Europol has heared from the sky 'haram'. He was one of most unpopular Vichy politicans, just after Sarkozy. Nobody is crying after him. He was acomplimished with somebody else this time Nazi Crusader from the Kremlin. He also has heard 'haram' on his way. Why he was sturming, we do not know. Probably just for fun.

PS. The battle of Monte Cassino mentioned on begining of this clip, hardest in Italian campaign is so similar to the campaign of Malta Order that i will not comment. As i will not comment what are doing so called polish forces under current leadership. Praying for a soul of British FRA that acts just like Adolf Hitler was acting.

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