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33 bln and soap


[The skeptic swore:] "There is no God! No God!
I'm more [like] a dumb animal than a human being.
I don't [even] have human understanding.
I haven't learned wisdom. I don't have knowledge of the Holy One.
"Who has gone up to heaven and come down?
Who has gathered the wind in the palm of his hand?
Who has wrapped water in a garment?
Who has set up the earth from one end to the other?
What is his name or the name of his son?
Certainly, you must know!

[The beliver replied:] "Every word of God has proven to be true.
He is a shield to those who come to him for protection.
Do not add to his words, or he will reprimand you,
and you will be found to be a liar."

Proverbs 30:1

I can give you his name and names of his sons. And i can reply who has gathered the wind in the palm of his hand? But it is not the Almighty God these days, it is just a Baal. And the wind? Well, let start for begining of the day. Yesterday when Nixon has waked up he has put his gestapo glaves and on good morning has raped the eagel that you see on top of Sandomir flag. He is doing this constantly since taking the office and I must say i am just counting the months before congress will change and they will start the investigation. He was unusaly proud of his great team and the work that they did in Haiti. Why Pentagon has hit this poor country in such way? Well, Biden and Clinton would explain that it is because of this funny name and well, the pictures of this death and wounded are so good serving thier Nazi like propaganda directed at me. What a fun Nixon have, while i am humilitated as we was never before under any of this dictators, counting months to his departure in eternal shame. Smaller, if somebody like our Dictator from London on Commissioner Barosso, will help him with this scare face that is naging him so much. Der judishe Messias Gedanke...

After threating the world and me in particural to not 'tell about haiti, as you will be forsaken, to not mention the artifical orgin of this earthquake, he has announced his preparations to another Vietnam. To celebrate liberation of Auschwitz Birkenau camp he is going to ask the Congress for 33 billions of dolars. But no, even single penny will not come from this pool to the forgotten in the Eastern Europe. Victims and families of still unsolved in the region, Holocaust. People that has been ravished by Hitler, to later see their legacies landing in hands of British and American 'liberators' that has taked this fortunes for preservation until the time of Berlin Wall fall. No, this money that he is stoling from the poor is going to land in hands of Stanley 'Kuczera' McChrystal and the manfucators of weapons. It will finance his crusade, yet another Vietnam. Der judishe Messias Gedanke...

Obama to ask for $33 billion for Afghan troop buildup

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for $33 billion in emergency war funding for a major U.S. troop buildup in Afghanistan this year, defense officials said on Wednesday.

The money, mainly for the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and other war costs in the current 2010 fiscal year, would come on top of Obama's expected request to increase the Pentagon's overall budget in fiscal 2011 to a record $708 billion, the officials said on condition of anonymity.

More: Reuters

Clinton during their Japanes talks has painted my camp like their military base that they as the 'owners' want to close. Well, there is another one in Belgium that is making real problems there what we see every Saabath. My, well some will say that it is just like Malaysian Church and some heretics are 'protesting' the name of Allah used by catholics. They do not have a right to claim so, as there is only one God, whatever name you will use. And well, he was also jew. what for some that has been feeded up by all this Nazi like antisemitic propaganda can be shoking. Moreover, as Benedict XVI recently underlined 'God was also a father'.

Well, i remeber that during recent Saabath in Kuczera occupied Afghanistan, they has mounted kind of coup de etat against Karzai, whispering in corridors that he is jew. Well, after discovering some time ago that one of our old palaces has been called by similar to his name, Karzai has been woried, as it is rather hard sugestion that he is cousin to us and in his veins you can find 'jewish' blood. It is true, as true are similarities between Jesus, one of sons of King David, and Imam Ali. Yes, indeed, there is hard reason why Prophet Mahomet has called Prophet Jonah, a brother. Not only spiritual reasons but also bloodkin. They was all members of God Tribe. The Piast line. It is nothing to be woried Karzai, it is very noble blood. And Koran, how they can call it antismetic? And this people from Malaysia that calls themself Muslim, are they true belivers or just vandals, infiltrators as some prince would call them in Saudi Arabia?


The main entrance of the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church in the southern state of Sembilan in Indonesia.

It was found with scorch marks after what was believed to be a dawn attack.

The police say it's fortunate that the fire didn't spread.

But the arson attack is part of a worrying trend here in Indonesia.

It is the ninth such attack on a church in days.

The targeting of churches began after Malaysia's High Court ruled that a Catholic newspaper use the word Allah to describe the Christian God in its Malay language paper.

In response, Malaysian Muslims started a series of protests at mosques and sparked arson attacks on a string of churches and one convent school.

Source: NDTV

Well, it is something that is releated to both Malta Order and the Kirilisation. But before i will serve you quotations of Kirilica that are releated to fast accession path that Islamic Republic of Turkey has choosed, making scare on the Saint Mary of Jasnagora again, i will quote this prince from Saudi Arabia that in rectrilinear way is summarising this crusade and the effects that we see not only in Yemen but also here in Brussels. I would not express this in better words. Respect, brother. Yes, the regime in Iran has completly lost not only honor but also a mind, thinking that Malta Order is their friend and fortyfithing them futher, so they will lead them to the fall, same as Soviet Union has experienced but faster as Stanley 'Kuczera' is just waiting for this 33 billions to welcome them.

What a fall, after just 30 years. This is how Islamic Revolution is degenerating. This Prince however, does not smile, it is realy not funny, as it is sad to observe such mass suicide that will open a gates for Shah of Persia comeback. In difference to Imam Khomeini, his return will open the gates not only to the Iran but in future will serve as base for futher land claims in surrounding countires in the region, as he will for sure return to the Persian name, dreaming about recreating it in old shape. As the Empire...

Iran, Saudi and the Yemen

TEHRAN — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticised Saudi Arabia's military involvement in Yemen's conflict, calling on Riyadh to play a mediator's role rather than to bomb fellow Muslims.

"I tell Saudi Arabian officials that it was expected of them to mediate in the domestic dispute ... and make peace ... not to get themselves involved in the war and use bombs and machine-guns against Muslims," he said.

"If a part of Saudi Arabia's weapons had been used in favour of Gaza people and against the Zionists (Israel) ... today there would no trace of the Zionist regime," Ahmadinejad added in a speech broadcast live on state television.

In Riyadh, Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal swiftly shot back at Ahmadinejad, accusing the Iranians of interfering in Yemen's domestic affairs.

"This accusing Saudi Arabia of making war on the Huthis, I don't know where this comes from," Saud said, calling the charge "dubious."

"This is interfering in the internal affairs of Yemen," he said.

Officials in predominantly Shiite Iran have repeatedly condemned the Saudi involvement in a Yemeni military operation launched on August 11 against the Huthi insurgents, members of the Zaidi Shiite minority, in northern Yemen.

In mid-November, Ali Larijani, Iran's parliament speaker, accused Tehran's arch-foe Washington of masterminding the Saudi bombing of the rebels across the border in Yemen.

The Saudi military undertook its largest mobilisation since the 1991 Kuwait war following a Huthi border incursion in early November, deploying fighter bombers, heavy artillery, special forces and naval vessels against the rebels.

Ahmadinejad's charge came one day after the Saudi military said 82 of its soldiers had been killed and 21 were missing in 11 weeks of fighting Huthi militants along the two countries' border.

The Saudis say they have killed or captured several hundred Huthi fighters.

Prince Saud did not elaborate on his charge of Iranian interference, but Sanaa has accused elements in Tehran of giving military support to the Huthis in the mainly Sunni country, a charge denied by Iran.

More: AFP

Today it was mostly Cameroon day, some was saluting to him, while our 'Platformes' from National Security Beauro with eagels on thier caps was again broadcasting their usual antisemitism and scorn, just like UB was doing against my grandfather. While i was wondering why Americans are sometimes defending me. No it is not about faith, no about debt they own to us, no about honor, tradition and history of similar enslavment. No about standar, no about Eagel, netheir about God. The answer is that they just want to have this soap but not made by France, General Gouverment, Italy or Turkey but just Iran. Why? For propaganda purposes.

Nixon is focused on New Vietnam and want to have 'Ahura' on his backs, even if his only son, survivor of this Nazi hunt or Negro curse, will be sacrificed this way. He thinks that the soap he will produce will be enough to silence critics. And he is quite succefull in his mission, this fools in Iran has realy lost their mind and today again has tried. Yes, it was true when Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal under Lebanes flag has said 'Gaza will be the real killer of Israel', some Iranians was preparing another attack. Who he has called Gaza? Our Ilse Koch in BBN, brainless pawn of some of Israelis. What a idol. Who he has called Israel then? Well, of course this same boy from the Gaza graffiti. What he then called Zionism? The Monotheistic Religions, abrahamic faiths itself, The Kabbalah. See, how they has lost thier minds to the Nazi ideology that thanks to Medvedev is emiting from Russian Church and the Kremlin, just like in days of my father. They does not learn anything from the past. Kirill change your raiment.

Well, the best salut that i had saw today was from Venesuela, that has been given by Hugo Chavez under the painting of my cousin and revolutionary brother Simon Boliviar (sorry, you need then also call him Zionist). Other leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro has come even more further in his Hi E.T. lesson letter he has called me, just like Adolf Hitler was calling this jewish mesiash, the eagle, 'embrassment'. The Hamas leader on the narcotic high has even come futher stating that they 'will erase all the past'. I do not know if he was thinking about eating Koran, Palestinian emblem or Lebanon flag. Or maybe they will come there, will kill Benedict XVI and destroy all monasteries? Somebody, just on the eve of another signifant Saabath when so called Iran sixt will meet in New York. Two days later Israeli cabinet will hold joint session with German Chancelor. I wonder what they will want to do? Some has lost his mind completly.

I am just going away to my camp, signing Bob Marley song: "We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game -Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, lord. We know when we understand: Almighty god is a living man." Yes, indeed and... he is jew. Who he is? Just, the forefathers. And what is Zionism then? Something different that Israeli officials are presenting these days, that is for sure...

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