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2:0 days

"Not only we will not give whole a dress, but we will even not give a button."

Marshal of Poland,
6 August 1939

Yesterday, just in the middle of Croatian presidential vote, General Stanley McChrystal, that i call shortly Kuczera has made interesting sabotage, announcing to the world with bold letters that it is not secret that he will kill me. No secret as U.S. Marines plan for Afghan assault, you could read at the Brown press services and indeed at the night in our Afganistan, americans and their polish-french wing has performed another attack. Thanks God and friends of Yemen, it has been defeted but it shows who is realy leading Democratic Party and what objectivs they has taken. Some other american General, General Petreaus maybe having in mind Sandomir standard and this legend has spoken about alternative plans to 'attack' my ballocks or Iranian nuclear instalations as they call it half-joking. Seems,, that he also would like to see me and my grandsons but today Kuczera is on the track again but this cracers in White House...

Six Nazi troops killed in Afghanistan

KABUL (Reuters) – Six members of the NATO-led military force in Afghanistan were killed on Monday in two battles with insurgents and a roadside bomb attack, making it one of the bloodiest days for foreign troops in months.

Three Americans were killed in a battle in the south of the country, the NATO-led force said. In a separate clash in the east, one soldier was killed and another died later of serious wounds, it said, without identifying their nationality.

The sixth was killed by a roadside bomb in the south of the country, NATO said, also without identifying the nationality.

At least one of the two killed in the east was French. President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said one French soldier was killed in the clash in the Alasay valley northeast of Kabul, and another seriously wounded. The valley saw fighting last year between insurgents and French troops under U.S.-led NATO command.


I think that every attentive readers see that acctualy, it was not the NATO forces and that Alliance is surviving biggest crisis ever. If you follow this story they you has already noticed the polish-french forces that has been created around the NATO and that was suposed to be baptized by my blood. For some in Paris and Warsaw, NATO and legend of General Anders is serious problem in their vision of the world. And today they has been given yet another reason for continuing this sturms. It is so called kidnaping of French national, so much in the spirit of another fabricated one during the raid Paris Dakar. Kidnaping that has been organised by british FRA to give Brown a reason for his sturms. Now in same situation is Mr. Sarkozy. Same situation that can end in same compromitation, as he is willingles falling into same backtrack. With unhidden happines expanding his colaboration with British FRA, through reconstructing regime of Vichy, while in background we hear Sieg Hail from the London and our happy pair in Kaczynski Belvedere dreaming about weeding party. I? Well, i am just a stork.

Al Qaeda sets deadline for French hostage’s life

DUBAI (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s North African wing has threatened to execute a French hostage if four al Qaeda prisoners being held in Mali are not released within 20 days.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) issued its demand on an Islamist website often used by groups linked to al Qaeda and its supporters.

“The mujahideen have decided to inform the French and Malian governments of their only condition and demand for the release of the French hostage Pierre Camatte, which is the release of our four prisoners arrested by Mali several months ago,” the statement, which was issued Sunday, said.

At the end of the 20-day period, which started Sunday, “both governments will be fully responsible for the French hostage’s life,” the group added.


It is not first kidnaping that is aimed at my elimination and i am sure that we will again show French people that Sarkozy is not realy interested in the fate of this terror victim and he is just willinglessly faling to demands of the terrorists, sturming here instead of pushing Maltan FRA and Backginham palace for his immidiatle unconditional release. I am sure we will show French people that we are able to release him without any harm done to me. I had already meet some friend on the Gare du Midi and we are looking for this kidnapers. Enemies of the God or mohareb, as they say in the region. It is true test of will for all the friends of Yemen. And i call everybody to help release this Frenchmen and too punish this that has acted against the God.

Look Muslims, they has just turned to be Maltan African Corps, blindly executing orders of the Crusaders, and are just badly joking from the religion. While, i must admit it was not so before in the past. For instance when two years ago i had undertaked trip to the meeting of UN Commission of Drugs in Viena, in their supportive move they has kidnaped two austrains. It realy helped; while i never had any links to the Malta or any armed organizations. They kidnaped them, not to kill me but just to secure my passage to the hostile Austria and back to my country. Where is the difference and why they has started to act against the will of the God and the Holy Quoran? The answer is at the Malta Order, Order that is truly orchestrating acts and strategies of this groups. Previous FRA was one of my silent supporters, while this one has assasinated him. Claiming that he has poisoned Jean Paul II. The truth is as usual opposite. It is our Briton that have such blood on his hands. Turn back from him, turn back from his satanic way, my brothers and sisters...

Andrew Bertie

Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (May 15, 1929 – February 7, 2008) was the 78th and the first British Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta since 1258, serving for nearly 20 years from 1988 until his death in 2008.

His full title was His Most Eminent Highness Fra Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, Most Humble Guardian of the Poor of Jesus Christ.[1] He never married and had a younger brother. He was the fourth cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II.[2]

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This sabbath was also difficult, not only because Kuczera planed assasination but also thanks to Kirill leaded Maltan troopers from the East. Also in Israel, Lieberman with Katz was preparing my transport to the General Gouverment but seems that after my recent intervention this plans has been foiled. Nethanyahu is realy upset on some. On Sabbath, office of the Prime Minister of Israel has issued short but strong comment. Beniamin Nethanyahu is sheduled to hold a meeting with German Chancelor Angela Merkel on 18 January.

While Isreali President Simon Perski will address Bundestag with 45 minutes speech. Given on the day of liberation of Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp, libertation by the Red Army. It is something that i would love to hear, together with my grandfather and whole of our enviroment. Some time ago, one of Israeli Generals has commented that their last year operation 'Cast the lead' was a success. Yes, they has successfully crushed me to the ground and blamed for something that i did not. Through this succesffully blocking my election to the European Parliament. I dream that they will appology for their past mistakes but at the moment have Malta knife on throttle, again. Beign under constant attack and the fire in this Labour camp so long that psychicaly i does not differate from the prisoners of Auschwitz, just like on video from Britanica ...

It is effect of 2 years of Tusk governance, President Katynski contrybutions and our Emperor Hussein active crucifxation policy. And maybe a reason why Contur Tusk has not been invited to the Davos. When i look at his french counterpart i am stoping myself from vomiting. I have in my memory somebody else Chrles de Gaulle that has visited my country in Autum 1967. Officialy people has been told that my grandfather has already died, year before in the United States. But somehow when they was looking at the Marshal of France they had my grandfather behind their eyes. You can hear this at the records from his visit where often, especialy during Silesia visit people are shouting 'hrabia'. Interesting to note is also Gdansk visit when some military officers says 'po melani'. Well, it is not first time we has meet since burning of her family Zalin, called also Mogilno in Lublin vivody. Also by the people from Irgun that at this time was serving in ranks of antipolish UPA. Or maybe even since the Swedish Deluge.

While grandfather was still alive, waiting in hidden, this visit has released some unbelivable wave. A Wave that has ended very tragicaly, leading us to the antisemitic events of March 68 and explusion of more that 45 000 polish jews. Sometimes i think, that de Gaulle was counting that this string of events will also 'kick off' my grandfather and he will be throwed out by the soviet regime. So he will be able to recreate kind of polish legion on the french soil and will return to liberate my country. Something that did not occured, as the communist leaders was to smart to allow this to happen. They was very aware about the power of Holy Spirit and this never realised polish dream about old glory. Dream that for once again has heated polish souls during de Gaulle visit.

Just after this unique visit of the Marshal of France, the nation has been rocked again, by another epsiod. In the National Theater Gustaw Holubek has made a premiere of 'Forefathers eve', famous play wroten by our cousin Adam. My grandfather has returned again on the mouth of the masses and some more privy was wishpering that our hrabia Stanislaw is alive, living in hideout on our grandfathers soil and have a son called Janek (in west in some of musical records from that time, you can still hear a phrase 'vietnam janek', it was he, my father). The party has denounced this dangerous spectacle calling it 'anti russian and anti soviet' and removing it from the stage. In a move that has provoked wave of the student protest and party recontre - polish March 68...

Forefathers aftermach

The most renowned production, directed in 1967 by Kazimierz Dejmek at the National Theatre in Warsaw, seemed to bear out the Party's previous anxieties about Forefathers as theatre. The poster from this historic play, designed by Roman Cieslewicz, an émigré working at that time in France, was hardly seen on the streets, but it proved prescient. Featuring a stone man about to crumble into pieces, with a hole where his heart should be, the poster brilliantly dramatizes the predicament of a society on the brink of collapse.

Because of the undesirable audience reaction - the loudest cheers being reserved for the anti-imperialist passages in the play - the authorities decided to curtail performances after several weeks. The closure of the play on 30 January 1968, officially due to the illness of its central actor, Gustaw Holoubek, resulted in a march by students of Warsaw University, protesting against what was widely seen as Soviet interference. Members of the Warsaw branch of the Writers' Union supported the protest, drafting a motion criticizing the authorities' decision. The First Secretary, Wladyslaw Gomulka, termed Forefathers' Eve "a knife in the back". The subsequent Party repression of writers, students and lecturers - in effect, a cultural "clearance" of the intelligentsia, with some choosing to emigrate - came to be known as the "March events".

Performances of Forefathers Eve under the Communist regime were therefore often indicators of the political temperature in Polish society as a whole. If, as the critic Maria Janion maintains, the Romantic-Symbolic tradition in Polish literature gave rise to Solidarity (which embodied the "religious and moral character" of which Mickiewicz wrote) and thus ultimately to the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Mickiewicz's dramatic cycle can be said to have played a key role in that outcome.

More: Glasgow University

I am looking on the French Republic that even in most difficult times was our supporter. A power that under leadershihp of Nicolas Sarkozy is throwed on their knees before the Buckhingham palace. A power that in times of Charles de Gaulle would rather strike this terrorists instead of giving to their pressure and threats. Threats that for once more are comming from London and our 'litte dictator' David Camerun and this idiot Gordon Brown that still thinks that Malta FRA is his friend. Sarkozy is with disdant smile is hunting me since month, now he is happy that he have a reason given by the Malta. He calls me a victim and is shooting to me. But French people see that he is not realy interested in releasing this hostage, if he would be he would call Camermun and they will release him in minutes. For him it is just excuse, as it was for Brown. But he and his friend Tusk will fail, as Brown has failed in similar game ordered by the Malta FRA. And Charles? Well, he is sitting with my grandfather and Konrad Adenauer , together with others Radosz forefathers and is looking at the palm at his rondo in Warsaw. Looking at this palm that has repulsed in van of Sarkozy Tusk duo and our Maltan Cavalery headed by our London dictator. Looking at both Nazi like David Cammerun and his STASI counterpart Gordon Brown, that did not learned after recent coup de etat, that FRA is and will not be his friend. Dreaming of removing this error, Englishman at the Malta Order, so Buckhingham Palace will lose their dominant position. Dreaming about new FRA...

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