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Not only economy

"The issue is all the more important in that the very future of some nations is at stake, particularly some island States"

Benedict XVI

Today when after Sunday mass i had visited Midi, Barosso news team has proudly reported that the OPEC fence that has been estabilshed long time ago, has been removed and there is no longer 'economical' danger. Well, it was quite powerfull argument that has helped Van Rumpuy to become President of the European Union without slainging me. It is nothing good to hear it but it is just an illustration of a malta infection that is spreading rapidly inside of NAM. It is not only Saudi Kingdom that is making OPEC but also countries like Islamic Repubilc of Iran and Venesuela that many times has show already tendencies of betraying this only son, so i am not surprised. Spasiba, Dimitri.

But this is not only incentive for killing me, beside there are also God and Honor that i hope will still be leading some of European politicans, to not mention military commanders. There are flags and emblems sweeped by the glory or eternal shame. And the respect to it is something that is realy missing in this Unholy Alliance commanded by Malta Order. They are loosing everyday and their only goal is kind of suicide. It is especialy true for the East and quite visible on the example of Kirill homeland where they has just yesteday hold a rally against Putin. It should give them something to think about homicidal tendencies that are strating to dominate them. The brutality that is emanating from the Malta is really terriffic and forces not only leaders but at primo people to think about this horror of Nazism and their leaders. Some of them are making reservation for very special row on my funeral. They does not learn anything and will be sumarized by the people, this way or another.

* * *

When i was going to eat free dinner at Sisters of Mercy on the Gare du Midi i saw only blue screen. It was a way in which Comissioner Barosso with his top aidies Sarkozy and Tusk was celebrating recent breakthrough at Davos. Well, President Nixon with his Muppet Show has already tried sending police car. Thanks God, without success. Malta has hit also but was stoped by local police. But on the sky Belgian army was paiting crosses since the morning. Things are much worse now on my road to Rome, hunting by Maltans and this puppet in White House since past months, since his first day in office...

Our Nazi Security Office gestapo officers was unusualy excited, as they feel that they great day is comming soon. During meal they has threten me as usual with blowing out safety-valves, so the room has faded into darknes. Well, after Hamas has sent here his cofounder to sign so called Palestinian reconcilation deal , things has get on the mind of my enemies and they are just going deeper and deeper into this Nazi path, as Soviet Union did. I do not wonder why they has called him Furer of Hamas but it was not Israel that has shoot him out and what Hamasd says to the public is just fairtale prepared by Henry Kissinger for purpose of Zdradziu Sikorski presidential campaign, based on the version of death of Wladyslaw Sikorski poisoned by the lethal injection. He was comming there to slain me just as many other hogs in their new Nazi uniforms.

I am realy shoked, it is realy this way and moreover they are emanating with scorn and shouting about 'revenge'. Anyway Revenge for what, Maltan clowns? If somebody has taken revenge it was King for his brother. What is quite sad to say but nothing will surprise me on this road. Well, it is just another succes in London strategy that British army chief General David Richards has defined in simple sentence : "it's a matter of timing, not the principle". Paralysing one after another and plunging them in Nazi shit. I will not wonder when this time will come and my dady will get drunk, leaving me alone for this beasts. Even Anders, different Anders has in Teutonic pride announced that he is going to scrap his contingent. From whatever side this Triumph will come many will mark themself in now way mark. I see that some from NAM are still waiting for transports; while on the West there is huge motivated group that want take first places in ss line of our funeral, with all Teutonic Platform, Kaczynski and Miller pseudo left.


Mali Sabbath

“You will be comfortable here, in Ariel, as here you will live, and so will your sons and grandsons” - Prime Minister of jewish state to a settler woman.

Yesterday whole night and day i had decided to spent in furnance. After the London confernece they was realy determined to serve their late dish. They missed their symbolic ocasion that was French American transatlantic dinner. NATO has announced that their has exchanged friendly fire with their Afghan alies. Today was more silent, as in Davos their seems to be more focused on the stability of their financial institutions, notably Wall Street but our Unholy Alliance is preapring for night. Symbolic night in the mood of this one we had in Poland in 1968, when the only just Workers Pary has removed 'Forefather eve' from placecard. In India, moon nazi cousins has scattered Ghandi ashesh to the ocean. If they could they would do this with all of us. If they could do they would do this with not only my ashesh but also Klemens. So there will be no trace of us. In their world full of lies...

Today in Vichy France that is so much collaborating with Buckhingham palace, Sarkozy is grumbleµing on the Moon driven United Nations and the terrorism and kidnapings that are masterminded by this clishe but he is preparing for another sturm. Whatever with his kidnaped frenchmen or without him, he is sturming. Not only me. Jack Chirac still, humbled, instead of shining on the political stage, need to brawling with courts for financialy supporting people like I. Another Sarkozy paranoia victim, his old friend, de Villepin just cleared by the first instance need to face appeal, simply for saying turth about Nicolaus. I also was many times stringed up by him and Chemical Donek, so i know very well with what he is facing.

I was dreaming of mobilising old fiaths to get our kiddnaped frenchmen out of hands of this Maltan affilate that is called Al queda but this did not occured. Sarkozy was only shouting from his palace: 'Burka, burka, burka' and sturming with hope that he will meet a request of this London driven terrorists. But can he success? Even, if will be able to kill me, Mali goverment has already told him that they are not going to relese 4 prisoners, our four armored, from the prison. Even, if he will kill me, he will not free his Frenchmen. Instead, he will have two dead mans on his account. Is he crazy?

I hope i will survive his sturm. And I still dream about the Muslim world to mobilise and recapture Pierre. It would put Sarkozy in difficult situation when i will arrive in Paris. From the other hand it is interesting to see our London duo reaction on such situation. Will Brown and Camerun execute this frenchmen then? Not only Great Britain but whole world is watching them and their Mali adventure. It is their FRA that has put us on such course. What they would do, if Sarkozy will fail?

But there is somebody that is going to 'help him'. Today, Richard Nixon after receiving a letter that "urge Obama to end Israel siege of Gaza" he has announced "Deficit reduction 'critical'". How he want to reduce it in face of my testamneto is quite hard question for him and his demoluds but it shows something more interesting: is not this same rethoric that David Cameron is using? If you will look at the head of staff of White House, you will notice why it is so. Israel Emanuel and his father, with strong links to both ultra-right Israeli fraction of Likud party, you will notice that his cabinet is just a puppet one. Yes, indeed it is just a muppet show and the Democrats these days does not have anything in common with left wing. It is so since at least J.F.K. So called Democrat Party is just serving Republicans as something that is shining by their insanity and bestiality through one cadency, to dissapeear for deaced or so. It is not different with this incartanation of Richard Nixon.

Rahm Israel Emanuel

Rahm Israel Emanuel[1] (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician currently serving as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama. He served previously as Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Illinois's 5th congressional district from 2003 until his resignation in 2009 to take up his current position in the Obama Administration.

Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois to Jewish parents.[4] His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, a Jerusalem-born pediatrician, was a member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group that operated in the British mandate of Palestine between 1931 and 1948.[5][6] His mother, Marsha Smulevitz, was the daughter of a Chicago union organizer.[1]

More: Wikipedia

In this letter, the group of DuPont demoluds has painted Israel as somebody that is like this Turkish father of ex-Saint Barbara that has closed our poor 'Gaza' into the tower and our brave demoluds will release her by killing me. But it is not to the end true that it is Israel that keeps them out of my tent. And it is not 'Gaza', it is just ex Saint Barbara, our favorite of Hitler, no different from Ilse Koch, since long time used in the scheme to bring islamophobia. This woman from National Security Office is just touturing me and raping by sattelite, by radio waves.

Yes, even if you are laic, not yet famillar with this 'military technology', just trust me, such things are possible and was not only in modern days but since long, long time ago. Touturing and beating every day and night with allowance of our Maltan President Kaczynski and top commander of so called polish army, infamous General Franciszek Gagor together with chief of this office, that long ago should make a resignation from their posts, as Ashkenazi in Israel. Some of Muslims are buying this bullshit and while are forgeting about who is opressing who are calling me: Koch. Throught this are fueling fight with another after the cross, religious symbol, islamist burqa, painting this Nazi minded officer, as the Gaza, as the Islamist woman. It is quite similar to thier anti Islam campaign from the Switzerland, that was also driven this way and such Muslim people are just acting against themself...

They say it is Israel that is defending me on the field. Well, they sometimes do this but as often they are just waiting for my crucifxation using all their Mossad agents to achieve it not by their hands. Today when i was on gare first i watched a clip with recent China reaction to Taiwan arms deal. They has called Obama administration in one world STASI. From the loudspeakers one of this lemings has shouted 'to psychiatric hospital'. I will not comment this, belgs has commented some time later when i was siting on the stree beging for money on Internet. Sudently, from two sides two police cars has come. But no, they did not arressted me. They was just like this two lions on front of local stockmarket and Obama should rahter focus on comming out of this crisis instead of crashing the markets. The way he is progressing since year does not help anybody if it comes to the economy.

They are well aware that some want to see me having a son or even grandsons. Some want to see this stalk to grow into a tree, not be cutted out. And has been already warned what my funeral can means for OPEC. They has tried to destabilise this relation many times and also on this friday they did it again, but never successed. The are playing very dangerous game that can bring very serious consequences for the economy. Well, when i had readed the news about "Al Qaeda man captured wearing bomb belt – Yemen". I was looking on my belt that is sometimes source of controversy as it is woman one. The story they was painting is based on this wish of son and the lie. They was trying to say that this situation is nonsense, as with such conditions it will be just 'suicide attack on “economic facilities”'. No, it would not be. I am not homosexual and it realy have a sense. But i wear this belt to tell you story about our Melania romance that has changed minds of many and bringed a more tollerance, not only in my country but all over the world. It is a bit in spirit of my grandfather. It helps to paint more ture face of the Islam that this days is so much under fire and influnece of Maltan blashemy.

And, well, if it comes to the Israel. You can see the attitude of Israel Prime Minister toward me, on the example of his yesterday encounter. Because of this belt and Melanie romance they sometimes in their nazi jokes are painting me as the woman. It was so, on this friday when Netanyahu was saying to a settler woman: “you will be comfortable here, in Ariel, as here you will live, and so will your sons and grandsons”. Israeli was once again seeing my face in her. And it was very bad joke as he was going to make a punchline: but he is homosexuall. The echo of this joke you could hear in today Yemen news. But it is just lie and the truth is that they did nothing to repair what they has destroyed. Nothing in good direction, so they could ease our economic problems. Tehy are continuing their counterproductive march. And some in difference to our Israeli Prime Minister and others from this cliche are quite serious. What you can see on the Wall Street...

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Auschwitz Disch


In the year of the people freedom
by the Incarnated God vindicated

Today, after returning from Auschwitz Birkenau, for second time Contur Tusk has announced that he will be not a candidate of Teutonic Platform in next election. He would preffer to keep Prime Minister post and it is going to be Jerzy Buzek from famous CIA school that is going to head General Gouverment. The Presidential Palace has commented that President Katynski can win then in first tour of next year elections. Our Maltan Cavaler thinks that if Tusk and Sarkozy duo will finaly deliver thier exceptional funeral, he will gain in eyes of public opinion. Well, in New Poland i even does not dream about funeral that they did to my forefathers. It will be rather such one of Stanislaw, hidden somwhere after returnig from China emigration, not on this cementery they should...

No, he will not, as it is his team that is performing this touturs on my person through past years. And people will at first ask him what he has did to avoid such tragic end, such a break of jewish calendar. Tragic not only for the nation but also for the faithfulls all over the world. I still think that, maybe not Kaczynski personaly, but some of 'patriots' have such a chance to overcome Teutonic Platform, but there is fundamental thing that marks past. The problem is that they are overloyal to the Malta Order. The problem is that they are not polish but british patriots. And over the polish crown they put the crown of Queen Elisabeth. Still, both camps can repair the damages they did to the crown and return from the path of Nazi terror...

Some blind can still have a question why Chemical Donek has resigned. Well, our jihadist did this after making not so secret deal with Dimitri Medviedev at the occassion of celebration of the Holocaust in Auschwitz Birkenauen. We does not know if Prime Minister of Israel has been involved in it or it was just another deadly plot of his rivals from Likud and some rabins gathered around Wawel cathedral. After their Berlin announcment we can expect worst. The object of this deal should be clear, it was some 'millitary satelite' that was going to be sent into the space. They has tried, but this time thanks to Julia Tymoshenko intervnetion they has failed. It was for a moment just like from Star Wars (similarites in this cold war era propaganda are not accidential, as it is part of Kabalah) but i am expecting that after elections in Ukraine she we return to old course. Contur Donek just wanted to score me, by hands of Medvedv that with every day is more and more sick on Kirillica.

Netanyahu sees Israel image boost in Haiti relief

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday an Israeli army field hospital that treated earthquake victims in Haiti had given Israel an image boost, after allegations of war crimes in the Gaza conflict.

"Especially at a time when there are those plotting against us, distorting facts and slandering us, you showed the real face of the Israel Defence Forces," Netanyahu said at an airport ceremony welcoming home the military medical team.

Netanyahu has lashed out at a U.N. panel's report in September that cited evidence Israel unlawfully targeted Palestinian civilians in the war it launched in Gaza a year ago with the declared aim of halting cross-border rocket attacks.

Israel has boycotted the panel, headed by South African jurist Richard Goldstone, and brushed off its findings, calling them biased in favour of Gaza's Hamas Islamist rulers.

Israeli military medical personnel arrived in Haiti three days after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Jan. 12. More than 1,100 patients were treated at the Israeli tent hospital and 16 children were born there.

"You have raised human spirits and elevated the name of the State of Israel and the Israel Defence Forces," Netanyahu told the returning doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Source: Reuters

The Prime Minister of Israel, so called jewish state, has made this announcment to the Israeli public and members of IDF. About what face they was thinking and about what field hospital they was talking behind the scene? It should be rethoric question. I also want to thank all this brave people that was and i hope will be defending me while they leaders was making secret deals to crucifix me. I do not know if it is the jewish state or the teutonic one. I do not see Ceasar forces that are forcing rabins to crucifx somebody what has been explictly forbriden by religion and by this what makes us different from barbarians. But what they did in Auschwitz Birkenauen is just a crucifxation and i am sure that Prime Minister was very aware about this deal. Just before his infamous visit we could read: that Washington has gave Israel green light for a war. Now this article appears to be removed to hide this infamous act that had a place. But look, is not this preprogramed start of the Cast the Lead like operation, that was suposed, as this one from last year to be revenge for my life? Did not you mistaked you flags and traditions???

Israeli tanks target Gaza homes, farmlands

Israeli army Tanks have opened fire on houses and farmlands in the eastern parts of the Gaza Strip, according to a report by the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC).

A number of Israeli Tanks invaded lands located near al-Shojayia district and fired at Palestinian farmers near the northern Gaza-Israeli borders on Thursday afternoon, reported IMEMC.

The farmers said that a number of homes and lands were damage but reported no injuries.

Meanwhile, Palestinian armed factions reported that they had fired two home-made shells at Israeli areas near Gaza. Israeli sources said that the shells landed in open areas, causing damage but no injuries.

The Israeli army launched a massive military offensive, known as 'Operation Cast Lead' against the coastal Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009. More than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed during the three-week offensive, which imposed $1.6 billion in damages to the Gaza economy.

More: PressTV

When i hear today words of IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi that has announced that their world saving mission was a "source of pride for any Israeli and Jew" i, as the David son and jew from the East, somhow i feel like underjew, or rather underIsraeli. And i wonder 'if not now, when Askenazi will handle his resignation'? I realy does not know why i feel like a perfectly cooked jew, served for the purpose of IDF operation. I realy does not know why i feel like Yonathan Netanyahu that has just been sent by his firends and brother on last mission to Ughanda or rather just into the space. Just on the margin i would like to ask Israeli cabinet and the Knesset; would you progress more with your operation aginst Hamas?

Well, i was going to write this post just as the warning to the world leaders and especially Prime Minister of Belgium, as in the Switzerland they are gathering to solve world problems, but this Israeli operation has just surprised me, totaly. Well, i just want to remind you to no accept any cheque that some will be offering you, as it can be just nail to the coffin, not only my but at priori to Christian Democrats. Such bestiality would only shater you good image and will lead to similar protest that some has experienced in Paris in 1968. And, yes, beware on your colagues...

And to the President of United States. Just look at this photo and think what american nation is thinking about you and your stimulus. Do not think that anybody will help you by shooting me off, they will ask you, as other leaders, what you has did with this Eagel. No, prison is wrong answer. Please stop sending here such orders. Ahh, and do not ask me why Gombrowicz, another famous Pole that has been forced to flee from II Commonwealth of Poland, would never get Nobel prize. Let say that he was also distributing phornography, but no, not child one, very similar to this one. Yes, you will cut it off, as this flag and the Eagel. I see upcoming vote in the European Parliament that has been suspended before elections but we have enough of white stains in our history and the people will not give it up. It is better to you to repair damages you did that hope that you will be ever able to cenzorship this globe. What a thinking...


Celebrating Holocaust

Our great triumphirat that consist of Fra of Malta - Matthew Festing, director of Yad Vasem Institute - Ishai Amrami and Bishop Bernard Fellay current head of SPPX (Ecône) is celebrating today great agreement between Soviet Federation and General Gouverment that has been signed in Moscow. Their gaz agreement is meance to try to eradicate polish case and end this line of King David, forever. To silence us. In same time in Auschwitz Birkenauen our pigs from 'lower congleration' mainly President Katynski, PM Donek and exceptional Israeli Premier Beniamin Nethanyahu has gathered once again to mark liberation of this concentration camp.

Last time when they has come to this place to insult memory of victims, survivors and liberators of this infamous place of nazi terror, director of Yad Vashem through some so called jewish community founded by Jean Paul II has set here a car bomb that needed to be transpored of my place by the security forces of Kingdom of Belgium. Well, I had crossed this gate 'Arbait macht frei', together with other unwanted, mostly my readers, more three years ago. Just after they has hit the Holy Hearth. Of course my good, for correctional purpose. Beign through this three years toutured by this British commando, raped every day as jews was in time of Nazi occupation raped by Ilse Koch. Beign target of their insanse nazi crusade, crusade in which also jews had and are taking active part. I can call them jsut a pigs.

They are no different from Nazi officers that was toutring our people in this concetration camp. They are no different from officers of SS Wafen sturming jewish ghetto. Ordering it liquidation. And the only thing they can say is that they are jews, jews that has been victims of Holocaust, they are jews of state of Israel. But look at them? Do they have anything in common with this opression or rather they are doing it to some that has experienced it every generation, since past 300 years? And for what they are calling today? Is not this just Hitler Final Solution? To solve polish, so jewish, case? To silence us and practicies of state of Israel and their special forces? They are quite aware about silent deal that has been sealed in Moscow at this same time. Look at their perfidion, perfidion in such place...

Israel slams Iran as world recalls Holocaust

OSWIECIM, Poland (Reuters) – Israel’s leaders, with Iran on their minds, vowed never again to allow the “hand of evil” to kill Jews as the world marked International Holocaust Memorial Day Wednesday.

Speaking at the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, liberated by Soviet Red Army troops 65 years ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a strong Israeli state was the only guarantee for the security of his people.

In Berlin, Israeli President Shimon Peres told the German parliament Iran posed a threat to the whole world and lashed out at its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who denies the Holocaust and has called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

“From this site, I vow as the leader of the Jewish state that we will never again allow the hand of evil to destroy the life of our people and the life of our state. Never again,” Netanyahu said at the Auschwitz ceremony.


Two days ago, similar trio has gathered in London to draw great plan for Afghanistan aid. They have a great war in thier minds and want to prepare world and in particural European Union for it. Calling for great wave of transports of unwanted. This trio consist of British army chief General Sir David Richards, General David Petraeus and our dear Kuczera: Stanley McChrystal. They has shaped 'a dictate' for the NATO and the European Union. Maltan dictate supported also by our Grave-digger of Christian Democrats and the Gouvernor of Afghanistan, Herr Karzai. Some are joking with the nation, some are joking from the nation. Listen to Karzai announcment, i will translate it for you:

The reconciliation with Taliban on the cards

There are further signs of Afghanistan reaching out to the Taliban.

The Afghan President Hamid karzai says he has the backing of the US and Europe in his renewed efforts for reconciliation.

The comments come after a meeting in Istanbul with the Pakistani President, in talks hosted by Turkey’s leader.

Karzai said: “Taliban who are not part of al-Qaida or other terrorist networks are welcome to come back to their country, lay down arms and resume life under the constitution of Afghanistan, as the citizens of Afghanistan, enjoy the privileges and the rights and the guarantees given by the Afghan constitution.”

What Karzai is saying is quite simple. He is joking from Afghans, as Nazi was joking from Belgian jews in 40ths. In this vision, people that was defending me would be sent back to Afghanistan, to settle there and Herr Karzai will even build a homes for them. The al-Qaida will of course been left, as in this vision, there is no place in Europe for anybody outside this Nazi terror platform. It is just like with transports Nazi was preparing with jews, to sent them for sttlements in distant Poland. They was also been drowsing by simmilar sweet propaganda and hormon induced sexual feeling. They was also dreaming about new lifes and new homes. Threated by thier Nazi guards, no different from horses. When they has finaly arived, they has discovered horrific reality. They needed to be 'corrected' and 'resocialised' in concentration camps. It is such offer from Karzai mouths. We can only pray to never again see such deportation center that Nazi has opened. Thay are realy calling for reastablishment of SS-Sammellager-Mecheln, just on International Day of the Holocaust.


In an attempt to wipe out all too traumatizing memories, many buildings related to the atrocities of World War II have been erased. The Dossin barracks in Mechelen are an exception to this rule. In this building, thousands of Jewish people as well as Roma and Sinti were gathered before being transported to the concentration camps.

Next to its historical importance as a prime example of military architecture in Belgium, in the nation’s collective memory the area around the Dossin barracks is inextricably linked with the atrocious events that took place there during the Second World War. From the summer of 1942 onwards, the Dossin Barracks served as a Sammellager, a transit camp where people from Jewish origin were gathered. Most of them were told to bring supplies for two weeks, as they would be sent off to the work camps in Germany. In truth, most were transported to concentration camps and killed almost immediately. The choice for the Dossin barracks as a Sammellager was inspired by pragmatic reasons. The complex itself formed a closed rectangle with only one exit; it was easy to guard and protect from outside views. Further, it was centrally located between Antwerp and Brussels, where the large majority of the Belgian Jews lived. Finally, by means of the train tracks that ran right beside it, the Dossin barracks was connected directly with the Belgian national railroad network, of which Mechelen forms the historical core.

Luggage had to be left in the courtyard, while personal belongings, jewelry and house keys were kept in sealed brown envelopes, carefully labeled and listed with perverse precision. (see Figure 7) Then followed the most humiliating part: all persons arrested had to undress and were inspected for hidden items. After a speech that summarized the modalities of daily life in the barracks, the detainees were brought to their sleeping place – in fact no more than mere bunk beds filled with straw. Apart from the building itself and some very sparse archive material,today, very little evidence remains that allows one to form an idea of the daily life at the transit camp. Nevertheless, two or three secretly taken photographs, a few letters and post cards asking for help and the pictorial works executed in the Maler Stube (‘Painters’ Room’) suffice to imagine the suffering of the detainees in the Dossin barracks. Approximately 25.000 people, mainly Jews and a minority of gypsies, were sent off by train to Auschwitz from here. Packed together in cattle trucks, men, women and children had to remain standing during the entire four-day journey. The last convoy of a series of 28 left the premises on July 13, 1944.

More: Dossin mechelen

In this context, yesterday decision to kill the only son and silence Voice of God, that was ilustrated by Saudi Arabia removal of Al Alam network is merly a insanity. It is sad to observe some in Saudi Kingdom trying to put it on such bloody and ungodly way, preparing for Hajj. It is insanity driven by the Maltan moles, similar to this we are observing in Turkey. What a picture of Islams this moles and fools are tryinh to paint. On thier flag with sword of prophet, only bloody stain can be left, stain of the tribe of God. Congratulations, instead of supporting real action against this Nazi terror, go and fall into this Nazi madness, fall into hands of your enemies. Defame yourself. Suni. How ungodly, how stupid this sabotagours are. Do not follow them, be cautions, as the reason of it is simply fight for throne, fight for succession, beware, as Gull is in Turkey, do not make a homeage to Buckhingham Palace...

In same tune, nazi tune, Dimitri Medvedev after their not so secret deal in Auschwitz Birkeanuen is speaking. He also is speaking about jihad for Eva, but is he right while Chemical Donek is just wiping his ass by her mother. And while he is sending his assasiners at same time is posing on front page of Galla with his daughter. This same that has posioned his mother? Medviediev is no different from this clowns, also critisising Iran, which of course i continue to play (and i am proud of this), stating '"it is impossible to wait forever''. Wiat for what? For my assasination? This words has come just from heart of Auschwitz Birkenauen, helping our exceptional Prime Ministers and calling for end of 'Israeli' blockade. This same Israeli that has first crushed me to the ground, almost killing during thier succesfull 'Cast the Lead' operation, that has and are also participating in this maltan crusade, that are toutring me and raping through years, just as Nazi was doing with prisoners of Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Concentration camps that my grandfather was liberating, one after one. No, after observing ball at chancellery i do not trust Nethanyahu. They say they remeber? But what? Where is grandson of their liberator? In same conditions that the prisoners of this infamous concentration camp. Left to be killed...

When our Huncher was calling for end of blockade, he is just repeating like a monkey same idea: end blockade, so euthanasy can be served, as malta masters has served it by hands of nerbly bishop Stanislaw Szepionski to Jean Paul II. Very wise Medvedev, they are just waiting to start their Final Solution and transport all unwanted to the Afghanistan, as they did decades ago with jews and gypsies from Belgium. Sending them to concentration camps in General Gouverment. You are indeed very wise leader what we and Russians has observed not once. And you bishop Stanislaw of Szepanow, we saw your testimony of his death, we has heard your fairlytales about priest that has almost slained Jean Paul II during the mass. We have so many proffs, hard proofs, hundred of them, proofs of this crime, proofs in our ghetto. Proofs of crime that has been made by your hands, on the order of big trio mentioned on begining of this post. Just to corrupt them futher. It is how Yad Vashem is teaching us Nazism. Emanating from so called jewish state. And, yes. Also trying to anihilate last son of King David line, to the end, very end, just as Hitler has started decades ago...

No, i will not lay my feather down. No i will not left my piano, my keyboard. I will continue to the end amid this corruptional wave and Maltan poodels choir that today i hear not only from London but also from Auschwitz Birkenauen and the Budnestag where Simon Peress standing on front of this Eagel was also attacking me. This is so called jewish state and thier cellebrations of liberation of Auschwitz Birkenauen camp. I and I, Israel and Israel, Katz and Emanuel. And choir of maltan poodels. Anders, do you still see me on the radar? Gift of RA? What you see on your Enigma, Camerun and Hussein? Did you breaked it to the 7th circle, breaked thanks to polish minds about what you so offten forgett? So close to success in solving Kabalah? In your brutal, nazi manner...

PS. I want to thank all wonderfull and brave people of the Free City of Brussels that are defending me on the field, also this one from Israel, mainly Ehud Barack team, for your commitment, sometimes against will of your leaders. I hope i will survive with your help and the help of God, survive this most difficult time in my life and our history...


Mali Most Wanted

Just ahead of the London conference Kuczera is calling: 'Enough fighting in Afghanistan'. We can supose that Richard Nixon will pay Belgian Goverment huge ammount for my life, but this can be last cheque that Prime Minister of Belgium will take. And i will be just sent for extermination into Citadel. It is realy wonderfull way in which our NATO chief and political leader of socialist party calls for 'political solution'. In echo to his calls, so called Shitte rebels has called Saudi Kingdom for truce. Today, they has sent some ambulances, but the Kingdom has rejected them, thanks God. But who is leading them? I think it should be obviously...

Together with London conference we are comming closer to the deadline that another Maltan pawn, so called Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),has set for Nicolaus Sarkozy. For the lifes of our four armored and the dog they are going to release French hostage, Pierre Camatte. I am of course playing role of dog that is expected to be assasinated in course of this deal. And Nicolas Sarkozy is quite happy, as it gives him another excuse to continue his sturms into the ghetto. He is not only one that has been threated by our London dictator and kidnaper, David Camerun. Yes, David Camerun and his english FRA is behind this organization that says is acting in the name of Almighty God. Kidnaping people and executing them if they request is not meet. Since months i had survived many of such terror plots. Observing hostages released or sometimes executed like in case of Briton captured in Paris Dakar plot, months ago. I would not surprise if Brown would take his 'revenge' on Sarkozy, not allowing him to meet terrorist demands.

But i wonder, why Malta Order is deshaming themself by adopting such Teutonic ways, that are so much against their own traditions. Is not this just blood of Pope Jean Paul II on some of thier top hands that is making them to try behead their own Eagel? Is this Cahtolic Order? Part of Roman catholic church or just servants of Buckhingham palace? Who you has requested, ungodly? Such demands was common to some other saphardi Celestial Order of Our Lady, that is just like contradition to Order of Our Lady of Yasna Mountian. And i wonder if our 'leaders' would also try to execute the Pope or President of European Union, that are also unwanted by some englishmans, if Malta cells would request them to do such thing? I wonder, who they will request after me?

Celestial Order of Our Lady

The Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives also known as Our Lady of Ransom is a Roman Catholic religious order established in 1218 by St. Peter Nolasco in the city of Barcelona, at that time in the Kingdom of Aragon, for the redemption of Christian captives. One of the distinguishing marks of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy is that, since its foundation, its members are required to take a Fourth Vow to exchange themselves for another who is in danger of losing their Faith. The Order exists today in 17 countries.

Starting before the First Crusade, many hospices and hospitals were organized by the chapters of cathedrals or by the monastic orders. Within the communal organizations of towns, local charitable institutions such as almshouses were established by confraternities or guilds, or by successful individual laymen concerned with the welfare of their souls, but often only local historians are aware of them.

Broader-based and aristocratically-funded charitable institutions were more prominent and are more familiar, and the episodes of aristocratic and even royal ransom and its conditions, were the subject of chronicle and Romance. The knights of the original Order of St John— the Knights Hospitaller— and the Templars in their origins are well known, and the impact of their organized charity upon the religious values of the High Middle Ages is more fully estimated in their spheres.

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It is not only French goverment that is currently under such threats, but the Sarkozy actions and colaboration with this Maltan paws can be surprising to this one that still belive that he is good leader. When this cell has kidnaped two italians, Franco Fratini has visited Mali and requested their leader to do what is in their power to retake them. Simillary acted German Foreign Minister, when he also visited both Saudi Arabia and Mali requesting for assistance. Only Spanish leader has agreed to pay their tribute, so called big 5. Sarkozy even not tried, nobody from his admisitration visited Mali, netheir they did not had prepared any action. Still, sturming the ghetto and counting, as Brown in past was counting, that they will meet Malta request. Killing Burka (as since PRL, we are used to call our dogs) while it is Sharik from Pilsudzki breeding..

What he should do? Maybe best would be call this London dictator that is orchiesterating this kidnapings and shout him directly truth into the face. Maybe it would help. If not maybe he should arrest members of this terror network at his territory and speak to them from such position. He can find hundreds of them in Vichy France, as he was tolerating them for so long time. If this would not help, he should ask all the major players in the region: Saudi Arabia and Iran, to help. If this would not help, instead of losing troops in his sturms to the gettho, maybe he should just sent them to Mali and finish them. Once for all. As majority of Muslim citizens does not welcom such terror. Going to the Mali or somwhere in region is for white tourist of buissnessman, just a suicide. It is problem for us all. It is problem that source of it you will find not in Africa but in London and Tel Aviv...

Today, when Beniamin Nethanyahu was at Yad Vashem institute, for once again he has attacked Iranian goverment, calling it evil. But what was doing Mahmud Ahmenidad? At this time he was holding meeting with Mauritania President. They and they links with Yemen Maltan Shites ReBells could be very usefull in solving this international problem, that not only i face, but whole world with me. I recall all of friends of Yemen to help in solving this dilema and bounce this French man and others Europeans that are in hands of Maltan terrorists.

I call especially Saudi Arabia, as this group claims to be Suni Salafi one and should be well know to them. I call you to end thier terror and release hostages. Something that Sarkozy does not do, because he does not want to do. It would be great thing to release this Frenchman without falling to Maltan demands, even if it will need real military operation. This s way we can grind a nose of both buffons, Sarkozy and Cameron. It is wonderfull occassion for unusual cooperation. In the name of Almighty God. We need some offensive action against this ungodly terrorists that are deshaming Muslim people, saying lies that they are acting on the God side and spreading Nazi terror on our continents! For english FRA nad his masters in London they are just like Afrika Korps, having nothing in common with Islam, that they are using just for decoration. Acting aginst God and his will...