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PREMIERE: Witkacy Workshop Invitation

Recently i do not post so often, as before. I am handing most of the time in Witkacy Workshop developing it and producing new piecies of internet street art. Here you can find first one. Maybe it is not, as beautiful, as our Israeli artist with thier professional studios and millionares budgets, do. Well they are just my first steeps in this area. But when it comes to the content i think it is hundred time more deepfull. Please, watch it. Please, share it with your friends. Yes, Witkacy is still alive and creates. Let Witkacyify the world, together. Join Witkacy Workshop now...

Witkacy Workshop Invitation

Releae date: 31 December 2010

This short move is specific invitation to Witkacy Workshop. It is mix of old Nazi propaganda confronted with theatrical play made by my grandfather in 20’ties and 30thes of past century. Watching it you will discover that in practice nothing has changed. The criticism of Witkacy works is same, as same is their message. As actual, as was in time of his youngness.

What for Adof Hitler regime on the field of psychology was Sigmun Freud works, that in the more artistic spheres was creations of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. While Freud was doing great study of the psychology of our Übermenschen's , Stanislaw was just perfectly painting it and insolently presenting to the public. That is why for them we was personification of their worst enemy. The Truth. The Knowledge.

While lot of time has passed, this wheel of creation has made yet another round and again we see same faces and ideology. Yes, we are again facing same Eugenic monsters that are heading our nations. Whatever we live in European Union, United States or Russian Federation they are again up on the front. In their mulch’s dance, once again pursuing thier revisionist ideas. Ideas, that so many times in past has taken not hundreds of sinners souls but millions of lives of true believers.

Almost 300 years ago Daniel Webster was appealing: "I do not know what is going to become to us, as the nation. If truth will be not diffused error will be". These days i must do same. I ask you to watch this invitation and join us in promoting polish culture. Something that so many times has proved to be best antidotum on this flood of barbarism, heresy and the enslavement of the man. You just cannot be neutral.

It is also up to you to shape direction in which this world will progress. Whatever it will be New Middle Ages or true Renaissance, the promised Messianic Age, it is also in your hands. Please, watch this Invitation and join us. Whatever skills you have, we need you. Let’s Witkacyfiy the world. Together...


EUrotic: Creative Presidency

"The reason why ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity."



Knesset on Judaism

"I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD."

Today when i was beging for a money our polnishe Colonel has for once again induced pain in my tooth. But i spoted on the street that i am not alone in such artifical pain. Some other passing through the street has also put his hand at mouth, so i suppose that others that has standed up in defense of truth and faith of thier forefathers, feels same touture. By the irony at same day in Knesset our Israeli leaders has made a debate on Judaism. Does they realy know about what they are talking, standing against YHWH and his grandson? The Messiash of jewish nation. Who you are to teach me about works of my hands, YHWH asks you...

Some time ago somebody in Israel newspaper has made bright point that for a unimaginable wave of antisemitism that we are facint, it is the Prime Minister of jewish state that should be blamed. It is true, indeed. At same time, our Uberjew Ashkenazi has told to the public: "The next round (of fighting) will be extensive and it should end in such a way where there is no doubt as to which side triumphed". Indeed it can end this way and with such faces on the standards it will be very clear. Yes, the aim of our twins, Bibi and Gabi is clear.

Crucifix messiash by the hands of some Islamist and make big war, so German arm manufacters will sell more weapons. But what the cost would be for jewish side, then? Will thier be a winners? For first, you will lost something pricelss: namely 'jewishness'. Lost forever. And as my Stryj was warning you long time ago: 'Nation - it becomes only a congregation of people that temporarly are occuping given territory '. But for Lebanes people, damage will be also not less, as it will be fundament of the Muslim Ummha that will be lost and the country so devastated by previous war will be even more devastated by Harriri carpenters. And moreover put in eternal shame, forever. Everything to please German arms manufactures. It has once again provoked my warining message to Knesset. Some, realy should land in my father home....

Warning on next Gaza war

"Thus says the LORD,who gives the sun for light by day
and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night,
who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar
the LORD of hosts is his name:

If this fixed order departs
from before me, declares the LORD,
then shall the offspring of Israel cease
from being a nation before me forever."

Maybe Proffessor Weiss in his recent comment on jewishness of Prime Minister Beniamin Nethanyahu and Gabi Ashkenazi was not clear enough. Observing you recent 'judaism' debate in Knesset, i do not know if i should cry or just laught. How it is that Messiash is opressed by our Ubermenshen. Eugenic clones that are even acting in name of Jewish State.

Moreover are preparing his crucifxation to make yet another war. Do you in Likud has completly lost your minds? When you will end this Eugenic circus. So dangerous to the jewry. We see on your faces which side is going to triumph. You idiots from Likud...

The nation

Yes, they already should be aware from my previous letter to Knesset that Messiash is undeniable. At least if they want to still be a jews. So what acctualy our Uberjews want to achieve, dear Israeli? Is not this highest time to change your leadership and start to fix this shit that thier madness has created? You has already wroten very sad chapter. It will be better for us all to finaly change this suicidal curse of so called Jewish State and kick asses of this 'porks'. They are not jews at all, they are Aryan, products of Hitler Eugenics. Geneticly dehumanised beigns that in difference to homo sapiens does not have any breaks in thier minds. It is very sad but it is reality of Nazi Eugenics...

Well, just after wroting this short letter i had observed that this Dziuwisz leadership is not only problem of Likud. It was again Livin that was trying to make her dream of having my offspring a reality. She has just returned from Red House and with penis of Rasputing in hand was calling jewish nation to elections. In her litte brain i was this time Shah that has 'taken captive of Beniamin Nethanyahu'. Well, if it comes to our Dziuwisz leader it is quite true, as they are just Shah paws but what then say about Red House and such Kadima leadership.

It was thrid time that she has sent ambulance to kindergarden in Treblinka. We could go, all together with 12 millions of Israeli that on next day could wake up, as whatever Homo Sovieticus or 'French Race'. Everything but not a jews. You, dear God choosen people, should be grateful to 'evil' Arabs that they stopped it in Mecca. Thanks God they have bigger respect to religion and traditions, that your 'improved' leaders. No, it is not Shah, my bigest enemy it is God, the Almight One. While you in Israel have realy big problem with Shah and thier eugenic mongrels. People wonder to who you pray in your Synagoges, if you treat YHWH grandson is such a way...


Chineses boycoting clones

"Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here"

If you, like China, think that the Nobel committee is a bunch of "clowns" who are "orchestrating an anti-China fuss" you can add yourself to the growing list of 19 countries who are banning Friday's awards ceremony in Oslo, Norway. The basic reason for this boycot is what are you going to do with the original in time in wich you are going to award yet another clone? What with Witkacy...

Read more: Time

For me this boycot is like a spark of hope. In the darkness period of time that i was facing. The situation that our Israeli Prince's has cooked for my nation is realy worring us all. Thus such understanding that  this centauries old jewish question is also of top importance for the Muslim Ummah. Such understanding that has started to build up is very promising. and helpfull. The hope has not yet been lost, and it is hope for much better world for all of us, for all the people, whatever from East or West. Such noble intiative has made many in officials in European Union, so hostile these days, realy worried. As it has bringed true heat in people hearts and the dream for different, old fashioned EU.

However, at same time, for many of them, it is also, maybe litte bit, hidden hope for revival of true spirit of European Union and our informal Sanation movment. Revival truly in old shape and glory. Yes,  many in this country and continent are more or less loudly supporting this dream. In thier hearts, in thier souls. Same things are also happening on so called New Continent States. As there is only one God. Uniting us all, uniting in our diversity. Whatever nationality we bear, whatever is our color of skin. In this context Serbia servant move and recline from our group, is something worring us all. My grandfather could add it is true and worring sign of progressing sovietization or rather DDRisation. Personaly, I wonder if Serbs are also going change thier standard and anthem?

Beside Serbia retreat such initiatives like this Nobel boycot or recent French verdict are realy wakeing up the people. They are giving them heart and faith that at the end we will overcome this darkness and once again truth will win over the lies distributed by our Israeli prince's. Here in Belgium we all, well, most of us, see and hear same stage everyday with our 'rowdiness' knot kicking Eternal Jude and shouting at same time in his direction: 'Hitler, Hitler', 'Stalin', 'Jaruzelski' and other epitets. From mouths of Ubermenschen it sounds maybe not funny but just doleful. 

It would be better for them to keep thier mouths closed, as they are 'gross' producers in this Limbo or rather Limpo. Overcrowded by PKK and thier sister NOI, both acting under same Scientology umbrella. Limbo that is  ovreused by thier ungodly hands of Illuminati Molloch, with purpose to defame YHWH and true belivers. And he? He wait's for such sinners but in futher circles of Dante Inferno, in the middle of thier crazy route, to tell them one of the stories of 1001 nights.

This did not changed. What has changed are conditions. So far from whatever Mickiewcz Verona or Luther Wittenburg. Something that we did not noted even in hardest time of Nazi and Soviet occupation. It is nothing to be proud of, my dear compatriots from Likud and others. What you already did to Holy Family is just catching breath. Keep junketing in my palaces. While you my dear nationals. Instead of real Solomon Temple, you can marvel a cross on Pilsudzki square. Diged there like poisoned dagger into body of Jean Paul II. Our Holy Uncle...

PS. For high quality full version of this video please click here and use password: Qrosawa


French verdict

“If religious books are not widely circulated among the masses in this country, I do not know what is going to become of us as a nation. If truth be not diffused, error will be; if God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy; if the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will; if the power of the gospel is not felt throughout the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness, will reign without mitigation or end”

After recent Canadian Space Agency (KASA) discovery of real Inferno on Earth, yesterday all Bermuda triangle trailers has been given important tip by French Court. Whatever it was just cold reason, reminiscence of Templar Order, French Revolution or just Paris's culture this verdict is indeed in old french style. And together with German Supreme Court rehabilitation of Marinus van der Lubbe it is revoking old cannon of law and the true meaning of Jesus Christ cross and thorn crown that many of you can spot on the walls of various institiutions. In old France it is Red one, not Teutonic black. And the difference is fundamental, like between YHWH and Baal'zebub...

Before mankind has invented passenger flights, Illuminati and Freemasonry was sometimes making railway accident to inform public about thier wathever God or Devil works. It did not changed at all and will not even in thier World without God, if they will anytime success. In this war theater there will be always put in role of Jesus Christ. For this reason, this verdict is very important not only from point of view of my family but for whole mankind. Both so called modern Templars and "Kultura Paryska" has dissaranged and in course of the story has changed thier nature to Teutonic One. Just like most of Freemasonry has in fact turned into Illuminati of Bavaria. Thanks to verdicts like this one, maybe someday old God Orderal will be finaly restored in full shape...

Court rules Continental ‘criminally responsible’ for Concorde crash

A French court has ruled Continental Airlines are ‘criminally responsible’ for the Paris Concorde crash.

The airline and a mechanic have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

113 people died when the supersonic jet crashed shortly after take-off in 2000.

The court has ruled the tragedy was caused by a metal strip from a Continental plane which was left on the runway at Charles de Gaulle airport.

That burst a tyre and led to the fire on Concorde.

Prosecutors want Continental to face a fine and suspended prison sentences for the mechanic and his boss.

Three French aviation officials were found not guilty.

Source: News Talk

In my eyes this french verdict is very important in our 300 years old polish case, esspecialy if it comes to all this revenge seekers that still does not see where the real error is. They should understand that it is not Jesus Christ that is faulty of anything but that thier relativies has been abused by some military officers. What you do is not only voilence against the God, spliting on national emblems but foremost pure form of antisemitism. There are better persons to make up such Teutonic sum of Cold War age and . A sum for which they themself are loudlestly shouting. However, it is also true that what was booking our passengers was just greed, racial hatred, thier deadly sin or just foolishnes. Nothing to be proud off. Still, it is true that God Orderal has been abused and many should not take such flights. They was lied, tammped into bootle.

And if it comes to this three french officials. The Holy Family. Namely mein yiddishe mame, mein yidishe tater and Uncle Wojtyla. Well, i am very happy that they has been found not guilty, at least by French Court, but for them it is already to late. They all has been executed by same hands that are opressing me now. And no, they are not hands of God. Well, when it comes to Israel regime, it is acctualy five officials, as both Izcak Rabin and Menachem Begin has been executed for same thing: defnding jews from  foolishnes of some of thier leaders. Leaders, that to be honest sometimes are not jews at all. It was not jewish but straight Teutonic. Thus, it is five, pięć or rather pięść, the fist. Fist of the GOD. кулак.My dear mechanics...


Czech Bond: Janek

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."
John 14:1-3

In my country the second turn of local elections are going to be hold tomorrow. While our pupil of General Jaruzelski, our newly avansed Malopolski Colonel and his Civic Militia is continuing to trampling our culture, trying to destroy everything that is jewish,  Aryan Diplomatic services are trying to convice Eastern Leaders to repeat same mistake that in consequences has crashed whole Soviet Union. They have some Scientologic Ubermenshen's installed at Kremlin, North Korea and Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Ministry but i doubt if they will ever success. While this 'Oedipus complex' is encoded in thier souls, as Goebels family song, most of Eastern leaders has learned this Rasputin lesson of the past. It is time for West to draw same lesson...

If you dared to watch Professor Wilczur Scientology Church L'ias video you should notice thier motto: 'Bringing total freedom to the Far East'. It is same Teutonic technic that they has used in the past with my father. It was quite successfull but what kind of freedom it has bringed, you can spot on example of my country. The 'Kingdom of YHWH' about which Kult was signing in Jarocin'89, ahead of fall of Soviet Union, has never came. Instead we are living in the true Dante's Inferno. Hower, as Dante has correctly observed, Hell exist to punish sins. And some are realy paying for it, even if sometimes they was waiting 66 years. So, my dear sinner, if you want to talk about antisemitism, you can always meet whole Family W on bullwark near Rotunda.

In the Holy Books there is huge wisdom and many good reciept to come out from hardest situations that on first look seems to be without any exit. The story of New Testamento itself is best example of effects of the crucifxation of the Son of Man. In fact, history has few times, noted such rare events, still there was always a continuation. The Rome Empire has fallen, the Bizantium Empire has fallen, Tzarist Russia has fallen and finaly powerfull Soviet Union, they are all histry now. All making same mistake. When 1984 Soviet authorities has fallen into such scheme, it was begining of the end of it.

After crucifixing my father, about what local artist Kazi Staszewski was loudly signing in Opole festival in 1986, with all thier military might, fully controled state media they was not able to stop people anger. Even revisionist extermination of true opposition, sick part of Solidarity, as General Jaruzelski would name them, and total militarisation conducted in 1988 did not helped them. Instead of expected 'silence', they has provoked people anger that they was not able to stop. So why you at the West, think they would repeat same error? And what an effect would it have for your political party, to not mention religion, cultural life and world in general? Moreover with such Last Will that i left, you can be sure that you will never be able to perform Revision.

OPOLE 86: Blood of God

Everything seems to be same,
But everything is different,
I still see blood of God
For your deed you will meet cruel punishment

I yet see blood of God
I still see blood of God
I along see blood of God
I still see blood of God

Look on your hands and faces
They are red from blood of God
Think what you did
Did you killed him for real

I yet see blood of God
I still see blood of God
I along see blood of God
I still see blood of God

As you can see Revision  is total and dangerous utopy. Think litte bit, dear leaders, your conterpars in Poland are in fact old servants of Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa. Militants that has changed thier uniforms to suits. They has learned such suicidial pattern, maybe even have it in thier DNA, and are not able to think 'out of the box'. They are people of old age, the Cold War. Following such 'Soviet advisors', such 'Kisczak inheritance' is just like making mass suicide. What is especialy true for world jewry but not only.

Milions of lifes are again on the stake. Yes, Professor Weiss is right, Netanyahu 'not only forgotten what mean to be Jewish, he is not a jew at all'. Not only as the Son of the Man but also, as the representative of top of jewish aristocracy, i can shout into his face straigh: 'Listen, you Aryan mongrel and your zombie slaves, we will not allow for repeat of Shoah".

I can roar it, like Lion of Judha, with hope that in United States somebody like John Adams will add: 'Yes, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securly stand'. Pionting his finger not on Treblinka but on Saski Palace. My dear Hermans, you has harmed us so much, already. Better change your course. Peace not War, Development not Destruction...

PS. To solve this Kult puzzle, i must add something. They did not have blood of my father on thier faces. They did not killed him. They did something even much worse, changed him into plant. Into breeding pig and on his sperm both Shah Party in Israel and Scientology IAS has been funded in 1984. With child of Kim Jong-Ill and many others eugenic clones on the standards. No, they does not have blood of my father on thier faces, they have a sperm. Sperm of God.

And I? While i growed up only with mother and our royal dog, almost did not knew my father. I still have a dream to return to Free Poland, as my Stryj did in 1918. And together with him plant tree trees on Mountain of Reich. Two previous trees, planted by my forefathers has been cutted off, long time ago.  Cutted off together with millions of my people. Citizens of II Commonwealth of Poland and among them 4 millions of Judeans. You do need to send me your 'invitations'. I will return when the time will come, my dear Millitiants...