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Betrayal of the Revolution?

"We have enemies as everybody
It is not a drama to have a few
They are cleaning from the faith
Into blue sky from the faith, us"

Rose of Europe
Merry Christmas

Today in the Brussels we has heard the echos of smashing in Georgia the monument that has commemorated victory that according to last ? message of Wehrmacht, transmited on 9 May 1945, jews from East and West has taken over the Nazi.

It is not first monument that this people, under Malta Hitler guidance, has smashed or damaged and if they could they would also destroy our Eagle of NAM and this one from Lodz (eng. boat) This time they was not able to do this. When i was bageing for money to write this post, some socialist has come and has gave me a package of clods of chocolate (pol. gruda). I had eated it, was very very tasty. But this gesture was much deeper and maybe they has understood this old poem: 'First they came' and what British an American National Socialist are doing....

When in their plan du move Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri has died it was Clinton that has prepared my assasination that has been foiled by King Albert and when i had come on Gare du Midi to watch the clip they has put there an arhival fragments from 1979 when the Islamic Republic of Iran has been born. People in the background was shouting 'huta' and 'haram', it was days when i was coming on this earth. The huta was in Myszków-światowid and this 'haram', as the NAM monumentum, it was like a obligation. Obilgation that under Maltan influence today again some wanted to break. Betraying the Revolution. One of this betrayals has appeared today stating: 'Iran Urges Pakistan to Fulfill Security Undertakings'. His name is Najjar and what he wanted to do is just put my sprem into jar to produce, in eugeninc way, yet another bastard and kill the pure one. Some practice, that Isreali has named 'organ harvesting' and aknowledged just today. And in this same tone Kirill, successor of Alexiey II is speaking, attacking me. I wonder why? When he thinks about Christian heritage, (pol. sposcizna), he just think about my sperm.

Yes, Kirill go to Lubliniec and take as much of it from my father in your mouths and talk to your faithfull. Take as much you can, but it is not Chrisitian legacy even not Soviet one but simply Nazi one. We did not had such times and practicies in Russia, never, ever under Tzar.
MALTA POODLES. And when i today read Medvedev about 'visa' (nl. fish) act, i am asking them to show me a single line with agreement from Duma or any Parliament, that mention me, my name or just this Nazi practice. You has lost your mind to Malta, completly and you will pay for this as Soviet Union did. And listen to this crazines, how you in Iran can speak about Islam if you want to put a knife into Koran? You will then hear our 'Hurra' , some day...

Ahmadinejad: Khomeini bound to fail in ME

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Ayatollah Khomeinin will definitely fail in the Middle East, as the regional nations will not allow it to dominate the region.

Addressing people in the southern city of Shiraz on Tuesday, President Ahmadinejad said Iran strongly opposes Ayatollah Khomeinin plans to spread its dominance in the region.

"The problem is that the Ayatollah Khomeini seeks to dominate the Middle East but the Iranian nation is an obstacle [to it]," President Ahmadinejad said, adding that issues such as Iran's nuclear program and human rights were nothing but mere "pretexts".

"The nuclear game is repetitious, old-fashioned and boring. Say publicly that you are seeking dominance over the Middle East but Iran does not allow [you to do so]. "

More: PressTV

When yesterday i had read President Kaczynski threating Tusk by Tribunal of State if he will reach the gas agreement with Rusian Federation i was wondering wat is going on. Well, it would not change anything as he would do that post factum and is not his camp initiating this crucification? His camp that is so much soaked by people with SB roots, same people from my father? But it was again Putin misleded by his closes Maltan advisors that was going forward with such inhuman act. If he will continue with such advisors he can end just like Paul I. or rather Lenin and Stalin that did same error Gordon Brown has even joked from him that: Putin offers himself for Russia's judo team. He knows very well what is going on, as it is also he who pulls for a strings at Malta to bring schizm everywhere where they can. I has already warned both sides about the consequences, i do not know and i do not care, what they will do with this betrayals but i am just defending myself. It is mistake of our Adolf from Malta that he is again trying at the East...

* * *

While writing this post i had make small break. I am quit addicted to the coffie and while recently i use other psychodelic substances like alkohol or cannabis very sporadicaly i need at least a coup of coffe at day. Today sombody had geve me 10 Euro so i decided to buy a caffe at the bar at Gare du Midi and drink it as civilised European. I have one favorite place that i visit very rarly but i like it very much because of some portrait on the wall. In such moments i dream, as it is a talk with our old companion King Albert I. But today i was shocked, somebody has put sticker (slang. vlepa) on his face. I know that his mustache are jaring to some, as it was irritating to the Adolf Hitler. And when i look at this portrait it is like looking into mirror. I see litte bit of me in Sanacja time and this same struggle and enemies. And i hope, i pray, that his grandson Albert II have a close eye on his Swedish wife...

Today Isreali Prime Minister has been put under fire from Hamas that in their Malta dance once again asked for releasing Palestinian prisoners in exchange for my life. He is then under great pressure from the people that are betraying Revolution on the East and it is also a reason why i had so strongly punching into table. I know that clippers will sound, as it is in polish saying, but they has been warned before to not come out with such claims. I know that some in NATO will have a problems because of this but it is only Malta Fra mistake that he is undecovering his people. For Israeli Prime Minister the problem is double, not only because of religion of his ancestors but also because of similar deal, similar fate of his own brother. This deal must be changed, it is not only betrayal of revolution but primo betrayal of the people...

Today, near Aman in King Abdulah II, another figure that i esteem so much not only for his message of tolerance but also for a true feeling of honor, they has gathered to hold a conference Middle East 2020: Is a Comprehensive Settlement Possible? The main objectiv is my crucifixation and one of driving forces that are playing this Malta idiotic game is President of China, Mr Hu that after making agreement with President of United States is pushing them for crucification. Well, we are walking together with China since the begining since 5000 years and i am quite surprised in this change to the Mao Tze Tung totalitarism.

I had a hope that it is going back on the path of truth and enlightment. Officialy, this message has been transmited in Enigma dialogue to the public under this news, and the official reason for asking for capital punishment of me are drugs, what is quite usual with Swedish-American narco-nazi prohibition on drugs. Well, something that can be moderinsed with years but about what i am talking? Just about basic thing, respect of drug users, whatever they are addicted or just recreational users, respect of their human rights and stoping to treat them as the animals. By sticking to his Chopenhagen silent promise, Mr. Hu is just strongholding Maltan operatives, some that are not his friends at all. Even if you will tell them that it is Teutonic salvation and this laws will be changed, I am asking are not other way for changes in this area?

If there should be a salvation it should be from the hatred and if ther should be my saving it should be but from the scorn - as our bard was singing in his 'Morning prayer'. This 'salvation' is not salvation but Teutonic crucification, Nazi salvation, which also American administration in silence, during the Cold War, was pushing for my father; the difference is that now we have Internet. Anyway, doing such move, Mr. Hu is offering relief and hiddout to our opressors but what is truth? And who is shoting to both Simon Boliviar and Alatoylah Khomeini portraits? To portraits of all saints? Is this wise Mr. Hu? Is this wise Mr. Fofana?

Did you ever though into who you want to put a knife?

What a tree you want to cut off?

Whoever you are, aren't you making suicide?

And to who you have gave your word? To the Almight God or the Satan?

If so, is it binding one?
Is it worth anything?

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Just after leaving internet caffe they wanted to execute their sperm taking operation but local police has refused. China or maybe Germany has commented:

After France floated the idea of tougher sanctions against Iran, China rejects the push, saying more efforts should be made to reach a breakthrough regarding the country's nuclear issue.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Monday that the international community has no other choice than to impose new sanctions on Iran over the country's nuclear program.

Reacting to the stance, Chinese envoy to the UN Security Council said, "The door to diplomatic efforts is not completely slammed yet. Efforts should focus on trying to find a solution to the current impasse."

"We ask for more time to be given and efforts to be made to see if we can reach some sort of breakthrough," Chinese envoy La Yifan said.


also on the russian side former Prime Minister is pointing to the lessons from the past:

Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov said Monday that the consequences of a military solution to Iran's nuclear program are "horrible and unpredictable."