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Sunrise Prayer

"When God is born, no power prevails,
Our Lord in nakedness enwound.
All fire congeals, all luster pales,
Contained is He that knows no bound.
Despised, in glory comes untold,
A mortal king for aye to reign.
The Word of God in flesh behold,
Now born to share our life mundane."

by Franciszek Karpiński (1741–1825)

Today, Pope has made first visit after his Christmass accident. Pope Benedict XVI had lunch with the poor and homeless at a soup kitchen in downtown Rome. While i had saw him on tv screen at Gare du Midi i had in my mind another picture. It was day of the ex St. Barabar or as i am saying day of Simon Boliviar. The teutonic celebrations has started when i was beging for money. Started by visit made by three young girls that has bringed me a coup of coffe. Well, it was ex st. Barbara day so coffe was of course poisoned. I did not drinked it but i had noticed that National Security Bearuo did not warned me of this poison. Well, they has but when i already resigned from drinking this coup.

Then crowd from so called Hub = Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel appeared. Giving litte money or last cigarete. But when they was doing this they was always acomplished by sneer. I do not know if they are teached such things during their course or it is just MTV. At the end somebody has appeared on the stage that was playing a role of Nicolaus Sarkozy. The very energetic discusion has started. The problem was that while he was blustering he did not listened at all, just waiting at the effect of this coup and provoking emotions. The heartattack did not occured but i must say ii enjoyed this talk. His main point was that i am beging on the street. Please belive me i would not do this, if i would not be forced by enemies. Traped in Brussels and struggling just for survival. Waiting for Red See to open, for me and my silent supporters. Guarding Angels.

My answer was quite simple. It is nothing wrong to beg, in fact it was a long tradition of various orders including Templar Order that full name was the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. It is same in Islam with Sufism and in Eastern Europe we all knows or we should know another mysthical King of Paupers - Wernyhora and his prophecy. Prophercy that is harassing our leaders in Genral Gouverment so much that they are doing everything to make it reality., as quick as possible When our Sarkozy has asked my why i am there i had replied straight and loudly: 'TO TEACH YOU A RESPECT TO THE POOR'.


Sufism (Arabic: تصوّف‎) taṣawwuf,(Persian: صوفی گری) also spelled as tasavvuf and tasavvof according to the Persian pronunciation, is generally understood to be the inner, mystical dimension of Islam.[1][2][3] A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a ṣūfī (صُوفِيّ), though some adherents of the tradition reserve this term only for those practitioners who have attained the goals of the Sufi tradition. Another name used for the Sufi seeker is Dervish.

Classical Sufi scholars have defined Sufism as "a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God."[4] Alternatively, in the words of the renowned Darqawi Sufi teacher Ahmad ibn Ajiba, "a science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the Divine, purify one’s inner self from filth, and beautify it with a variety of praiseworthy traits."[5]

More: Wikipedia

Yesternight, at Kremlin first page you could notice announcment that some Russian Figure Skauting has won. I do not know then from what Simon Boliviar can be proud looking from back of Hugo Chavez. The fate was again on my backs an this price has recived some else Figure Skater. Gollum seems to still desire my jar with sperm and nothing there has changed we do not see any dimissions just continuation of this farsa. But when i was coming to my camp i has noticed some armored nazi transporter with Iron Black Cross on it. Well, it was some luxury jeep and some SS Muslims was talking with some other poor Islamist militiant, they wanted to have clear way for their 'night pilgrim', he disagreed strongly.

Together with famous Iranian Regim weighlifter Ramazan Ali Teymouri that wanted to trumph so much and bring this holy jar to Gollum, you can see fall of the Islamic Revolution that as with me has turned 30. He was not alone, as Malta is using quite sucessfully, all their paws at west and east to anihilte me and this tribe of God. On the official site of Alathoylah Khomeini news agency you can observe their neglency bolded under headline: Iranians Prepare for Ashoura Mourning. Malta has eated their minds completly and they are beign left by the Almight and the people. Their gestures with reading Koran seems to be merly a joke, if they are not only not defending me but also are attacking, joining this Malta crusade. Gollumn want to have sperm, leave Koran on bookshelf Alatoylahs....

But resistance continues, anyway. Tommorow Beniamin Nethanyahu is going to Egypt to once again hear that our 'Revolutionaries' want me and over thousdand of prisoners for some Israeli soldier. I call this Katz transport of Yoni, as it is something cooked by Malta Order and just executed by this fools, but it is not only obstacle to continuation of this pilgrimage and the story of Egyptan slavery. The Barroso hunt for new head of Europol continues and we can observe another effects of it. Kontur Tusk has sent once again his police officer and he is scored under this news. Also Gordon Brown has lost 'on heart attack' some driving force behind national socialism, just this Saabath. No, of course they are not nazi racists.

National Security Beauro continues their torturs and rapes since at least three years. Almost each beating of heart they are torturing me from thier Radiostation Glwietze. It is so each day and night since so long that i does not remeber when they has started. They are resting on their deck chair somwhere in Warsaw having fun from my opression, threating me constantly. They are resting as once guards in the Auschwitz Birkenauen camp, touturing. Touturing and cooking. What a nature have Lech Kaczynski, if he is doing this while murderors that has damaged our enviromed so much are not only free but are ordering them. I think about both, our glory of America and the Greates Leader of Socialist Movement General Stanley McCrystal and Malta FRA. People in General Gouverment should realy reject both Countur Tusk and Kaczynski, same is true if it comes to America and Obama. I do not who is worst. And beside hunting me, they did nothing good for the country, still acting against our national interes and reason of the state...

I am going out into darkness of the Night, thinking about Egyptan deal and once again signing our prayer.

Sunrise prayer

Every your verdict i will recive hardly
Before your power I will abase oneself.
But protect me Lord from scorn
From hatred guard me God.

Why You are immeasurable good
that none of words can express.
So protect me from hatred
And from scorn save me.

What you will decide, let it happen.
Let your will occur,
but salvate me from hatred
Save me from scorn, Lord.

Jacek Kaczmarskin
N. Tenenbaum

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