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Between God and Truth

With important steep undertaked today by Benedict XVI, maniknd is again rediscoveric the true meaning and importance of religion. It was not a Pope that was crucifixing people but the Emperor and such an act is against both jewish law and christian faith. In the Muslim world it was also undescored very clearly by the title of Mahomet, the Last Prophet. The meaning of this cross has been already summarized some time ago by some unusual person. It is to remeber about such inhuman and barbarian act and never repeat it. And if some would do such thing, it is a priests obligation to keep memory of it alive, while it should be obligation of the rulers to punish for such act. Still, there are some in both religious and secural world that are making very visible insinuations that it is will of Pope to crucifix me. Something that some others are strongly dening here on the streets.

Together with our uncle and my other dear reader, Jean Paul II, Pope has moved forward beatification process of several others figures, including brother George that was so succesfully refreshing memory of soviet administration about crucifixation of my father and other crimes, that has been finaly eliminated. While, his bravery has not been lost and it released such a power that at the end has crushed Soviet Empire. It is important message to the rulers, whatever they are from the West or the East, Christian or Social Democrats, to not fall into such way. And, yes you see our gesture again. As the White Eagle on gown. Just think about it, as about my father. The eagle that some officers of National Security Beauro and the Army should unseam and get new one from Herr Georing...

Pope Benedict Recognizes Heroic Virtues of Jean Paul II and Pius XII

In a series of decrees issued on December 19, the Vatican has approved miracles allowing for the canonization of five people and the beatification of five others. The Vatican also recognized the 1984 murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko by Communist intelligence officers as a martyrdom, preparing the way for his beatification.

The decrees, approved by Pope Benedict XVI during a private audience with Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, also proclaimed that ten other candidates for sainthood had lived lives of heroic virtue. Those decrees make the candidates eligible for beatification if a miracle is attributed to their intercession.

The two decrees commanding the greatest public attention were those recognizing the heroic virtue of Pope Pius XII, who reigned from 1939 to 1958, and Pope John Paul II, who reigned from 1978 to 2005.

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The steep of beatification of another important figure in this story, Pius XII, however has sparked furry inside of Lieberman driven circles. Anybody that would find himself under such opression as the Pius was can understand his situation and while of course he could perfomr much better, still he has save many lifes and such criticism should not be accepted by any normal person. Similar furry has been directed today, against the Israeli Defense Minister. On first look you could agree with them, but as usual the devil is in the details.

I think that if somebody should change the mind or be replaced it is current face of Israel, our dear Minister of Foreign Affairs. Maybe he should take Ministry of Agriculture wher he could develop innovative plantations like cannabis or coca left, a plants that he and his people are realy interested or maybe his corruption case should end by just sending him to the prison. On all his claims that he or his followers including this one from American Department of False God when they will quote Tora i am replying just study the Prophet Yunus, Prophet of Tolerance, my progenitor. All such disputes, looking from my point of view, are just like this one between Georing (that also squeeze Tora in his hands) and our 'grandfather', Marshal Pilsudzki. Who was rightfull and who was just overusing the words of God to opress people and treat them as slaves? I think it is rethoric question. But lets go back to Iranian takover of disputed oilfield and my suposed assasination, they has expected a pro war demonstration. And i must admit that it was just provokation for fools from West and Lieberman himself. On the ground at the night Iranian forces has also come to my tent to leave bag with some cold drinks and two packages of cookies called Cracers.

Israeli: Corruption of Lieberman and Olmert

JERUSALEM — The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a new attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, a senior criminal lawyer who has represented some of Israel's top politicians in graft cases.

The 65-year-old will replace the current attorney general, Menachem Mazuz, from early February for a six-year term.

Weinstein is considered one of Israel's top criminal attorneys specialising in white collar crime and has in the past represented current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ex-premier Ehud Olmert.

The latter is currently on trial for graft, the first ex-premier to face corruption charges, and is due to enter a plea later in the month.

Israeli media said that in his new post, Weinstein will likely have to withdraw himself from that case.

It is also not clear what Weinstein's role will be if his predecessor Mazuz decides to press corruption charges against Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Lieberman has been repeatedly quizzed by police over graft suspicions and Mazuz is due to decide soon whether to press charges against the controversial ultra-nationalist.

Lieberman, who denies all wrong-doing, is suspected of receiving large sums of money through fictitious companies and various bank accounts from abroad, according to Israeli media.

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And while this Chopenhagen play has been, at least for the moment calmed in the region, they has again noticed this shadow of the Eagle, Israeli during this demonstration needed to direct their anger on somebody, for some purpose. And when it comes to devilish detail that i had mentioned, it is just one word from my last post. It is a word 'will'. A word that today, has provoked a 'God will' sentence on mouths of some of the participants of Chopenhagen. Participants from an group that i call simply 'Green Wermacht'

Rabbis snub Israeli defense minister

Dozens of Israeli rabbis have signed a document expressing their support of Har Bracha Yeshiva Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, snubbing Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The declaration was signed on Thursday by rabbis serving as educators in government-affiliated religious seminaries — known as 'hesder yeshivas' — after Barak, in an unprecedented step, cut ties with hesder yeshiva over what its dean, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, had said.

"Loyalty to God comes above all other loyalties; be it to the military or the government," Rabbi Eliezer Melamed had earlier said, the Ynet news website reported.

The rabbis explain in their document that Tel Aviv has in recent years been using the army "for purposes that are not related to Israel's defense, and contradict God's will, which is expressed in the sacred Torah. This situation puts IDF soldiers in a reality where there is a contraction between God's orders and those of the commanders."

"We educate our students of the hesder yeshivas, to integrate into the army and be excellent and loyal soldiers while staying committed to God's words. We trust that God is the one who instills fear in our enemies, and helps our soldiers prosper and receive the crown of victory," the rabbis write in closing.

One of the signatories, Rabbi Ariel Bareli, told Israel Radio that faith outweighs government policies in the event of a clash. "You must understand, that the desire of the nation isn't meaningful for someone who believes in the creator,'' he commented.

As pressure increases on the government to curtail and eventually remove many West Bank settlements, the dispute highlights the growing political and spiritual dilemma within Israel.

Source: PressTV

I realy appreciate that most has recognized my orgin but the God is more a concept, a creation itself and we was only speaking through this voice in his name, inspired by the wisdom of Thora. While we also was not free from mistakes, as all people are. We was speaking, before centauries, before partitioning. Still, our status is something like in famous polish saying: 'Between God and Truth'. What is wrong with this declaration that most have for good coin is just an interpretation of a sentence from my last post: 'some cleric will wake-up' now i have changed it to 'can' while i am still sure that it will happen, if my extermination will follow. Jsut like with my father. It is not my intention to be sacrificed, no i am not suicider, nethier i am not slave of anybod, especially mad Lieberman. Tell him that for him i am just sufi and he can kiss us in the asses during friday prayers or sunday masses, while with normal jews i am also enjoying Sabbaths, in same time when he is struming just like Nazi or Teutons was doing in the past. Both Lieberman and Olmert are at Holy Land in character of suspect and it will be better if they will not formulate any accusations against me. I must note that such behavior and claims ar a dangerous symptoms that has born some other claim, that Jean Paul II was asking for beign killed in euthanastic manner (what has realy occured thanks to his polish secretary). A claim that has appeared some time ago in the book wroten by one of his doctors. It is just a lie, as he was outstanding critic of such practicies.

But lets go back to the situation we have in Israel. My diagnosis for a problem we have there, with such Lieberman people that claim that Ehud Barack does not allow them to perform 'God will' and slain me is same to this one diagnosed cenatury ago in a wonderfull polish book 'Feeling of the crisis'. Some are just repeating what some circle of german-polish jewery was doing in past and something on which various fashist or rather just a nazis was and are building their political power. It is something that we had observerd also last Saabath, when the world just flared with various anti-semitic words, from almost all the sides. While source of this 'Illumination' was just in hearts and minds of some of rabbins that for every price want to show the world how jewish people are opressed. Some like me realy are, some are just preparing for another war, another racial clash and are just happy from my opression...

And same is true for the White House that just at 10:00 am has once again tried to kill me. Their crusader has fallen and he just before somebody has shouted loudly 'try to order the brother of king'. He has though about brother of both, King of Belgium and King of Saudi Arabia. I hope i will write you more, what he had on the mind for now I will once again advice this sick people in White House, London, our great and only leader of leftwing General Stanley McChrystal (aka Kuczera) and their paws in Paris and Warsaw. I know that this volcano erruption will be monumental but i need to remind you that Benedict will watch it, as he has been miraculously cured from his recent 'sickness', some will say malaria...

You need to remeber that you will be not able to silence this case and just few weeks before the elections to the Congress, you will have great ceremony in Rome where Jean Paul II will be beatificated. People will again think deeply about polish case and they will think about it and me all the time they will see Eagel and Sandomir flag. And after, dear President of United States, you can be prosecuted for all your wrongdoings against me, your own nation and others. Just like Richard Nixon was. Nethier you will gain anything posing as the killer of Jean Paul II and others from our enviroment (while you have people in your administration involved in this). You can think that wind is with you, but it is just understanable perfidion of Republican voters that are hounding you. Run, Obama, run...

Pope: Jesus born in Bethlehem, a city of peace, is not a children's story

Benedict XVI invites us to look to Bethlehem, the city-symbol of peace, where peace has not yet been reached. But the birth of Christ is "the prophecy of peace for every man." Christians must become instruments and messengers of peace "with the sentiments of Jesus."

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, reminds us that Christmas, "is not a children's story, but God's answer to the human drama in search of real peace": this was Benedict XVI’s message to pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square today for the Angelus. Taking inspiration from the liturgy of the day, citing the words of the prophet Micah (Mi 5:1), he asked to "look to Bethlehem, the small town of Judaea witness of the great event." He added that "... there is a divine plan that includes and explains the times and places of the coming of the Son of God in the world."

This plan, he stressed "is a plan of peace, as the prophet announced when speaking of the Messiah." Consequently, he continues, "Bethlehem is .... a city-symbol of peace in the Holy Land and throughout the world". Benedict XVI visited Bethlehem last May, during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And recalling those days in which he also visited a Palestinian refugee camp and witnessed the "sadness" of the Israeli security wall that divides the city from Jerusalem, the pope added: "Unfortunately, nowadays, it [Bethlehem] has not achieved a stable peace, but a peace arduously sought after and desired”.

"But God never resigns himself to this state of things, this is why this year in Bethlehem and throughout the world, the mystery of Christmas will be renewed in the Church, the prophecy of peace for every man that commits Christians to immerse themselves in the closures, the dramas, often unknown and hidden, and conflicts of the context in which we live, with the sentiments of Jesus, to become messengers and instruments of peace everywhere, to bring love where there is hatred, forgiveness where there is offence, joy where there is sadness and truth where there is error, according to the beautiful words of a famous Franciscan prayer”.

"Today, as in the time of Jesus - concluded the pope - Christmas is not a children's story, but God's answer to the human drama in search of real peace. 'He himself will be peace!' - says the prophet, referring to the Messiah. We must open wide our doors to welcome Him. Let us learn from Mary and Joseph: let us faithfully submit ourselves to God's plan even if we do not fully understand it, let us trust in His wisdom and goodness. Let us seek above all else the kingdom of God and Providence will help us. Merry Christmas to you all".

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