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Abrahamic monument

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also"

Jesus Christ
John 14:2-3

In Lodz on the eve of anniversary of Martial Law imposed on Poland during the soviet regime they has inaugurated beatufill monument to commemorate families and the victims of the soviet extermination of polish nation and the nobility in years 1918-1989. Lech Kaczynski that in last time, together with his british partner is signalising will to convert back to Christianity, has announed that it will be 'an important sign of national memory and the warning of totalitarian ideologies and systems.'

I must say that while the meaning of this monumentum is suposed by their creators to be completly different I want to give him a correct one. I have a dream that one day, maybe on Sunday i will take there abandoned and destroyed by the soviet regime my father. I have a dream that it will be possible in truly independent and souverein Poland. Even more I have a dream that once i will plant three trees on the Mountain of Reich and will change official name of my country from the Republic of Poland to III Commonwealth of Poland what was suposed to happen long time ago.

In this same time when i was dreaming, on this Sabbath in the State of Israel they has issued serious warning to the Teutonic crusaders that changes the long avaited cutt of the tree deal. Israeli rabbis have ruled that all Palestinian prisoners should be killed on the spot if captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is killed by the Hamas movement. "If Gilad Shalit, heaven forbid, is executed or not returned in peace, prisoners will be executed immediately," ruled the court of the Rightist reestablished rabbinical body Sandhedrin organization. The warning has changed in the very last moment epressed readines of Islamic Republic of Iran to 'nuclear swap' and Majlis motion against US, UK rights abuse rejected by 'IRGC constitutional watchdog'.

In the mouths i have an litte disguste, as they should rather negotiate it instead of agree with such enthusiasm on this unrealistic and dangerous deal, that in effect would take a lifes of many but on the other hand you had for another time an opportunity to see Nazism on the faces of many political figures that has come out with their usual hatespeeches. It looks that some has been realy deeply infiltrated by the Malta and this Teutonic crusaders. Anyway, thanks to this change in the deal conditions, the change that this time has come purly from Israel, word for another time has come to a halt. It was just like God calling for Abraham to not slain his own son. But some does not listen, failing into Teutonic trap...

Binding of Isaac

Some time after the birth of Isaac, Abraham was commanded by the Lord to offer his son up as a sacrifice in the land of Moriah. The patriarch traveled three days until he came to the mount that God taught him. He commanded the servant to remain while he and Isaac proceeded alone to the mountain, Isaac carrying the wood upon which he would be sacrificed. Along the way, Isaac repeatedly asked Abraham where the animal for the burnt offering was. Abraham then replied that the Lord would provide one.

Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, he was prevented by an angel, and given on that spot a ram which he sacrificed in place of his son. Thus it is said, "On the mountain the Lord provides." As a reward for his obedience he received another promise of a numerous seed and abundant prosperity. After this event, Abraham did not return to Hebron, Sarah's encampment, but instead went to Beersheba, Keturah's encampment, and it is to Beersheba that Abraham's servant brought Rebecca, Isaac's patrilineal parallel cousin who became his wife.[22]

More: Wikipedia

Today, they has been completly shoked almost everywhere but Chief Rabbi of Moscow asked by his Maltan friends is giving them litte bit of optimism trying to change yesterday ruling again to the crucificsation and bringing new gospel: 'We are celebrating Hanukkah today, but are also mourning in our hearts'. Who and why? The crucificsation is against jewish law and tradition but some there seems to no longer care staying Teutonic at the heart. In Dutch Jesus Christ is calle Jesum - that some are translating to It is a sum. From the New Testamento they know only that Jesus was crucifixed and think that it is something that both orthodox jews and christians should do but it is just contradict of all Abrahamic faiths. Yes, i am guilty of still beign alive. It is something that because of our roots we are experiencing in each generation since roundly 300 years. From father to son. With small break for II Commonwealth of Poland and again: conspiracy and opression...

Yesterday when i was leaving internet - a tool that i belived will be able to change my geneticaly encoded destination i learend from Mr. Jerzy Buzek that they need to pay this price because it will grow. Yes, it will be growing if you together with Stanley McChrystal continue to sturm me. I do not understand how Mr. Tusk can hand by hand play with people that are responible for poisoning of his mother and in same time still maundering about revenge? Today i had heard from Prince William that he will relieve grandmother. Prince Roch will not comment, as they are going to exterminate this memory, and strenghten Teutons everywhere, espspecially in the East. Just like during Soviet Union.They need to hide this thing, cut it off, forever. It is so disgusting, it is piast...

Not enough enemies? In his appearance Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, McChrystal called bin Laden an iconic figure whose “survival emboldens al Qaeda as a franchising organization across the world.” When he was telling Senat this words everybody had in the mind not the Osama bin Laden but me. Yes, indeed it is iconic - but it is White Eagle one of very our symbols and symbol of many countires we has cofounded this way or another, not only in America. But this same al Qaeda that some are sugesting i have a links - has yesterday offered a condolences, read: me. They has said that they are fighting with Crusaders while what they are realy doing is just crucifixation - it is essence of Teutonic crusade. Jesum, it is Malta or rather Teutonic Order and dening me is just dening polish history, culture, tradition and christian roots and faith...

Al-Qaeda: 'Condolences' to Our Innocent Victims

(Newser) – Al-Qaeda shows its kinder, gentler side in a new video offering condolences to innocent victims of its own attacks. In the 17-minute video, the man known as Azzam the American makes the unusual move of offering the group's "condolences" to "the unintended Muslim victims of the mujahedeen's operations against the crusaders and their allies and puppets," reports CNN.

More: newser

Today i was suposed to be 300% death and today in our family 'i ra dialoug' as Charles de Goulle was calling it during his speech: Discourse a la Diete polonaise the jihadists has come on the stage to take a revenge. The 'New I ra' has been announced in Ireland and in Poland some new political party has been enacted that of course will kick the asses of both President Kaczynski and Donald Tusk for their past wrongdoings and will replace them by another Maltans. A more direct act of begining of revenge you can see on Silvio Berlusconi face. The bigest problem for this people is that i am still alive and they cannot claim revenge for me. And of course it was I that masterminded such act not Malta. In Poland we can read a headline, new reason for extermination: 'He has received red card, he has beaten supporter. Is he crazy?'.

People that are defending me on the field does not perform any agressive actions, it is yet another provocation. Anyway, If somebody from Christian-Democrats should get such punch it should be rather Sarkozy or our dear European Commissioner, not Berlusconi. But Malta always hits my supporters, not enemies, often killing them. But we need to forgget about this. Evo. If people like Konrad Adenauer or Charels de Gaulle, that has spent so much efforts simply keeping us alive during the Soviet Occupation would see what they has did to us in so called Free Europe they would lose all of their hairs...

Benedict XVI Shares Secret of True Joy (pol. Radosc)

Saying he shared the “secret joy” of his audience, Pope Benedict dedicated his Angelus address to the blessing of the "Bambinelli," the baby Jesus figurines to be used in family, school and parish Nativity scenes all over Rome.

The central message of the liturgy on the Third Sunday of Advent was the apostle Paul´s invitation to the Philippians: "Rejoice in the Lord always. I say again: rejoice the Lord is near!"

Pope Benedict XVI spoke on a cool, rain-sprinkled afternoon in Rome.

"The Mother Church," he explained before the Angelus, "while she accompanies us towards the holy feast of Christmas, helps us rediscover the meaning and the delight of Christian joy, so different from that of the world."

The Pope noted that so many families, teachers and catechists come to St. Peter's Square to have their baby Jesus figurines blessed. He remarked that he is filled with great joy at their presence and interest in keeping alive the tradition. He also said it is necessary to “try to live in the everyday reality of what Christ's Nativity represents, which is the love of Christ, his humility and his poverty.

More: Catholic News Agency

PS. And Obama, well he is on his mission to kill White Eagle through punching Puma, he thinks Wind is with him but they are mostly Republicans that shout: Run, Forest, Run in the opinion pools. Democrats are crying observing such insanity...

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