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Pope worthy of husk

On rim standing, God tribe is trembling,
We watch in the awe at Red Sea.

Behind us wall of the world from our people
Stands in the silence, awaits miracle


Sudently one men, not fully on his mind
Climbs on the stone and call to the crowd

I am saying to you, who wants, can disbelive
but this see will split befor us!

I am holding power of faith over this see!
I will come first! I will guide you!

Passage of Poles through Red See
Jacek Kaczmarski, 1983

In Poland we see first effect of new wave of evangelisation and today Janusz Kochanowski, ombudsman has announced on his blog that he has caught a virus of H1N1. I wonder if they will also exterminate him or will sent to psychiatric hospital. Well, in General Gouverment everything is possible but various priests over the world, are calling faithfuls to read this blog, that some are comparing to New Tora. Yesterday Christmas mass in la Chapelle was maybe not so dramatic as at the Vatican but everybody there has feel old spirit of Adam Mickiewicz and the partitioning time.

Priest that has come to give his homily realy feel this place and time, speaking in words that you could hear also from Saint Szczesny-Felinski. He was speaking to faithfulls about many things including their obligation to remeber and spread the Lord words everywhere they can. He was speaking about Louis IX of France and his hig spirituality and the place where he was baptized, place to which he was often returning. The spirituality that after his death has made him a saint, thanks what he is know to the French people even these days. Know as Saint Luis.

The French accent, thanks to Nicolaus Sarkozy achievments and strategies, returned many times. He has also with dedication told a story of Napoleon Bonaparte that when was at peak of his power on some hill with unhidden conceit told that all the glory belongs now to him. Then some officer from the second line has answered, no, all the glory belongs to the God. How Napeolon has ended we all knows, but will our kingpins learn from the past? I doubt.

But this post i want to decicate to somebody else that arm to arm with Queen Elisabeth is acting against me and the Catholic Church. Somebody that i still have a bit of symphaty as some Italians and that as we say in Poland, have more luck that brain. It is Silvio Berlusconi that after his artistic nose incident was trying to take revenge on my person. He was very close to do this and afterwards in Italy they started to notice that, while his doctor was claiming he has lost lot of blood during this 'attack' his chemise was completly clean. Some student has even did a video clip in which he claims that this incident was a fake one. What would then Italian say if Berlusconi would be successfull in his 'revenge'? His opponets would be more that happy...

Such faked claims and 'dramatic' incidents are nothing uncommon if it comes to the Malta Cavalers, it was other Malta Cavaler Lech Kaczynski that has claimed that his mother has caught 'mussen' disese when she was healty. It was also Nicolas Sarkozy on the jogging that has 'fallen' and was take to hospital. But yesterday during the Christmas Mass we was observing some real drama. Something that having in mind old age of our Pope could end with his death. And Silvio Berlusconi was quite aware about this Maltan plot, just posing and sending our Holy Father short message: my government has Christian values. In this diplomatic niuanses you can observe his very bad joke, he also knows that in polish 'values' can be translated to: 'worthy of husk'. No, it was not Berlusconi that has prepared this plot, he was just aware of it and made bad joke to later, again suggest that it was I that was behind this incident. He knows very well my respect to Benedict XVI for following the path of Jean Paul II and such insinuation is just riducolous. We both are cumbersome to Malta FRA...

And indeed today, National Security Beauro of Lech Kaczynski together with Tusk was again threating me of taking to hospital. When i was on Gare du Midi watching Euronews in one moment group of police officers has appeared. On the screen they was screening No Comment clip with Queen Elizabeth. Two of higher rank officers was looking at me, they was thinking about making arrest but has received a phone call. I was watching the clip and i could not hold back from spiting. See what this British Malta FRA did to our Pope. Nobody has taked any consequences and instead both our Malta Cavaler Lech Kaczynski and Donald Tusk are just happy from constantly attacking me, even sending polish troops that later are reported to be killed in 'Iraq' or 'Afghanistan', just like on last Saabath with Kołek. They are free to do such thing to polish Pope, now they are free to, for another time, attack Benedict XVI. Police officer has come to me and just said that i should left train station. I told them that i am sorry and pointed my finger to the telebeam. I told them but look at them. Yes, it was our British FRA, again.

Today, the photo of our husk has appeared and everybody was interested who she was? This plot and the recent break up in the ranks of Kadima party, a party that because of Ehud Olmert and their Cast the Lead i does not like, was designed to give you an easy answer, this husk in read was Livin. But well, we are both alive, oba live, and i can correct you this plot was designed by british FRA and this husk was rather Queen Elisabeth. But who did this Kdima breakup? I am interested as Yoni is and the answer is: Yisrael Katz that once was also member of Kdima. He has taked to Likud all this evil that was so far in Kdima nad Benyamin Nethanyahu need realy beware on him. Well, this time we was lucky, who is digging a holes under some, often is falling to them himself, as we was saing in old Commonwealth of Poland.

But when i was at this telebeam, i had a feeling that i am Yoni and Katz has just bought me a ticket to Uganda, just on my 30. While Queen Elisabeth was pointing her finger on me and stating: yes, i want this one to be shouted out. Some time ago, people from PLO has told me on the street that it was exacly such situation with Yoni. Somebody has ordered him during his Uganda mission. This time i had survived. Oba live...

Pope ‘unfazed’ by security scare

The Vatican insisted the Pope’s Christmas schedule would not be changed as a result of the security scare.

He appeared in front of the crowds in St Peter’s Square at midday to deliver his traditional Urbi and Orbi message and blessing.

He told those gathered that while the world was hit by a serious financial crisis, it was affected even more by a moral crisis and the pain of war and conflict. Immigration was also a subject.

The pontiff said: “In the face of the exodus of those forced to migrate from their homelands because of hunger, intolerance or environmental degradation, the church calls for them to be made welcome.”


Well, i told you that i doubt that our Maltan Cavalery will be able to learn from the past. Just look at the face of Victor Yuschenko, somebody at Malta has did such thing to him and he is still alive. While Victor is blindly serving his opressors from Malta Order. Same is true for others Cavalers. But, tell Silvio Berlusconi that he has just received penance from bishop Radzim Gaudenty, one of my progenitors. And the Italians are closly looking, as Poland and other nations. While I. Well, i still want to reach Vatican, what has been forbriden for us through decades of oprssion behind the Berlin Wall. And because of him and his friend Sarkozy, passage through France is just like Passage of lachs through Red See. Very red see. With both deeply infiltrated by Malta Russian and Iranian Ayatholas repeating words of Queen Elisabeth. Just on Christmas...

PS. No, i am not one of Irish bishops but not only Irish ones should resign....

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