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Malta late condolences

“THESE disgusting Jews, I must destroy them all.”
Duce’s lover Carla Petacci

Yesterday Beleurus schizm proposal has provoked a series of suicidal attacks. In such context Medvedev Benedict meeting was perfect occassion for our Maltan paws to in secrecy blame them for my assasination and finaly bring the schizm. Well, they was looking at the drawning of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow palace but had in their mind another one. Since early morning i was siting down in my camp as in trench observing the ambulances bringing condolences from Malta to King Albert. Each half houer they was sending SAWA fighters to the hospital. At 15:00 the last has come. The police thanks to special Gestapo unit of Nicolaus Sarkozy that he has announced just yesterday was not intervening. Sarkozy should rather change his party or appology to Filon for his insane behavior, as he plays just as Camermoon pawn. Morover he should thank him for his cold reason as if they would success it wolud be Sarkozy ass that would be fucked up by Gordon Brown Labour party. It is just like on this poster I and Vienna bastard as the two heads of the Eagle. He has almost cutted one off - during his son and Ala romance - treting me as the storke, now he is trying once again. Of course nobody would notice this beheaded eagle...

Vatican: Greater Ties With Russia

The Holy See and the Russian Federation vowed to establish full diplomatic ties, the Vatican said Thursday, after a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev. The Vatican called the meeting “cordial.” Ties between the Vatican and Russia have historically been strained, because of the cold war and the centuries-old rift between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. In spite of improved ties, Vatican officials said an official visit to Russia was not likely, The Associated Press reported.

Source: New York Times

Sarkozy is losing on the popularity and if he will continue this game in such way French people will thank him for sure. He could forget about the second term but thanks to some in his cabinet i am still alive and he can fix the situation. Obama has today been sumarised by the Unemployment report. I am agonizing in very his Labour camp but his nation is doing same with me thank to his insane policies. What he is doing to this eagle, he is dooing to the nation. And he is quite happy from the situation as you can hear from Bernanke: US jobless rate to remain high. Even with Lieberman knife that is just like a poison for minds of some (as they will freed 980 in Palestine but how many will be exterminated here in Europe?), they will not bring recovery to the economy this way. In the best case they will maybe avoid Wallstreet crash or prolonge it but it will not change OPEC attitude and the world economic situation will in the best case stay same for longer time. Is this way out? Are they crazy?

It is merly insanity what they did in past year. Instead of investing into my second home or maybe rather returning part of the heritage they has stolen just afte the Holocaust, they are just trying to exterminate me and cut this ancient tree off - prefferably by eastern hands. Everybody in the States and not only there knows this Piast legend and see our ancient Freemasonry symbol everyday, as they see what they are trying to do with this Eagle. Sarkozy could just help them over the morning but tonight it will be Brown late condolences that will come. I had meet him on the Gare. Well merger is on the track as you can read in headlines, i was not talking to him as he is just professional assasin sent here to kill me...

* * *

Today you could learn from Sarkozy that he is emrased by the National Identity debate (this article now is deleted). Well, i would love to see such one made by his closes friend Grandfather Tusk in Poland. It will be just crushing for him, but French people have a reason to turn his backs from Sarkozy. I know that i am insult to the nation, Adolf Hitler was saying exacly this same about this disgusting jews also wanting to remove or castrate etheir psychicaly or chemicaly. I know that my close Napoleon and Lotharingie roots are disguasting for them and i need to be removed. They realy does not like our gestures, that is why people are asking on which side in this Marne campaign (Bastar battle) they are. In Republic things are much easier as Sarkozy is just President and most of Cabinet is quite in opposition to his actions but in Poland where Tusk is Prime Minister next to also hostile President Kaczynski (Malta Order) things are much harder. It is no place for rebelion that we have right now in France but the debate of National Identity will trash Tusk minded people for sure...

But just look at this picture above that was made on 27 November 2009 a day on which whole our trio: I, King Albert and his son was going to be slained in a move that will open a new Crusade against Iran. A move that i just call Sarajevo. Look to who Sarkozy is feauding. If he is embrased by national identity debate then he should change his party and nationality and move straight to the United Kingdom because he is just vasal of Buckhigham Palace and people in the French Republic see it very clearly. Yes, this picture is just ilustration of what our female gestapo officer that is broadcasting instead of Ala was counting on. Yes, she is also very close colaborant of Mr. Sarkozy but their backing are just behind the channel... And, yes they too have two headed eagle on thier caps, but who cares...

'Proudest day' for award winner
(UKPA) – Nov 27, 2009

The first woman in the Royal Navy to be awarded the Military Cross said collecting her bravery medal at Buckingham Palace was "the proudest day of my life".

Medical assistant Kate Nesbitt braved Taliban fire to tend to a comrade shot in the neck during a gun battle in Afghanistan in March.

The medic, of Whitleigh in Plymouth, Devon, dressed the wound and kept the soldier from losing blood while bullets and rockets flew overhead in Marjah district in Helmand.

She said: "When it all happened we were in the middle of an operation but I wouldn't in a million years have thought anyone would follow it up. It was the biggest shock when I got the news."


We was extremly lucky as the Sarajevo incident thankst to my warning post has not actually happen. Today you see that General Stanley McChrystal called by me simply Kuczera, because of his involvment in the genocide done on my family, and his Pentagon colagues was asking the NATO for more troops. Thanks God they are not so readily for agression and rather think about defending civilians and sending troops. It is very visible when it comes to Germany. But if this Sarajevo would ocur, today they would score huge success and would take up NATO on the crucade against Iran very, very quickly. How would it end for our continent you can read in this pentagon report: Imagining the unthinkable. Just look at the photo from and previous such conflict, from Abadań from Iran vs Hussein Iraq war that has taken 8 years.

Kuczera is convicing world that it will be a Blitzkrig and just like in Vietnam it will take just two,three weeks. Of course, it is not a true even if they will be able to move 50 000 troops from Afghanistan and 50 000 from Iraq it will take years. The tactict Iran is using is similar that they did in Vietnam and Lebanon. Using network of undergroud tunels they are comming out for a moment and shoting rockets to later hide again. And you must be aware that in Persia they are diging such tunels since at least milenium. Thanks God this time Sarajevo did not successed. Mainly thanks to a visit of Vladimir Putin that hold it with Mr. Francois Fillon. They has saved not only our trio lives but many, many others. Sarkozy, well, he was at this time holding a meeting with another desperado that is departing in two years: U.N. Secretary, Moon and 'backing encouraging targets'.

NATO offers more troops for Afghanistan

NATO has agreed to send an extra 7,000 troops to Afghanistan to support the US surge against the Taliban.

The pledge, however, falls short of the 10,000 soldiers Pentagon officials had called for and may hamper its hopes of accelerating the training of Afghan forces. But the NATO Secretary General warned that the presence of more troops would not bring overnight success. “There is no doubt that the going will be tough. No one should expect instant results. But with the right approach and the right resources we can succeed and we have both,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Nato’s move, along with Barack Obama’s decision to send 30,000 more US troops, will take the total number of foreign forces in Afghanistan to around 140,000. It is a decision welcomed by Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister, Rangin Dadfar. He said: “It is crucial for our success against terrorism because the liberated districts and provinces need force protection.”


PS. Today they will try again as there was a U.S. Russia nuclear disarment meeting. The Russian side has already informed that it want to keep 1 500 warheads, more than enough to destroy the world several times over. In polish this number = poltora = can be just translated to: 'half have RA'. They has already saw my sign that i have like electronic girdle on the sky. But they will try, asking at this same time: What’s at stake for markets in pre-budget report' Just imagin that you are reading this raport now on this blog and ask yourself, are they insane?

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