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LIMusine zero sixties

Today i was thinking that i will wrote more about past events like Taizé mass that was suposed to be my mourning and the point in which they will start to paint Mahmud Ahmenidad just like Adolf Hitler, the royal 'anit invitro' walk that for a moment has changed a course of this story or the 11 November Khol-Mitterrand handshake that i had held during mourning of one of police officers that has died on the mission to assasinate me but today only money is counting, money they are trying to gather 11 billions for my crucificsation during the ChopinHagen conference not looking at the consequences of their inhuman act,just how many lifes are on scale? Is this good deal or better renegotiate it? And i am shocked by Islamic Republic of Iran that is for free promoting nazism and antisemitism by mouths of one of their higest officials = to prepare people for the shock...

'Israel using 'threats' to achieve financial ends' he says, faling to the Malta Order line and in 'defense' calling me a Israel not Piast and futher steering racial hatred. While forgetting that this same blood was in the vein of members of Prophet Mahomet tribe. While i am living completly crushed by English Imperialsm that is also emanating these days from the Whie House making a founding fathers to bald completly , they are just joining this Nazi crowd, this Nazi hand with knife, and using such argumentation they too are dening me right to prosperity and our stolen heritage that includes not only Lamb that is since past 300 years in hands of this satanic powers to which you are just bowing up but also many sacred items like Black Syrian Obelisk that i dream about returning from London to Syria and that have also a drawings from similar 'chomage'. After Sunday words of our Pope it is just terrific, they are just failing willeslessly into Hopenhagen deal and to 'prepare' they people for it they are just 'chicaning' me and 'slandering'. I am waiting for firday prayers, oh Allatoylahu how you will pray to the Allah and what you want to tell? They will pay you doubly for this and the peopole will just call you 'venal Lieberman dogs'...

Where is a source of this revulsion? It is famous two to zero Lieberman deal and the accomplaiment in the form of 10 billion 'ecology' deal to steer the 'climat change' fire-work. The deal that instead negotiate they are just fading with open hands like childrens in the fog. Nazi fog, this same that once has eated Soviet Union. I see this as the people see it in Russian Federation that want to execute famous Putin-Sarkozy warship deal and the General Gubernia with Grandfather Tusk has just announced that 'Tiger is disapearing from shop shaves. They has thanked him.' as the Jean Paul II cross on the Marshall Pilsudzki place. Yes, it is again our Christian Democrats duo: Tusk-Sarkozy in action again, that is going to erase me, as the sun on the sky and bring the Final Solution once again on our soil and the planet...

Deal close on Gilad Shalit release?

There are conflicting reports about whether an Israeli soldier being held by the Islamist group Hamas is about to be freed.

Egypt has been trying to mediate to win the release of Gilad Shalit.

But after a meeting with President Hosni Mubarak, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said there was no breakthrough.

“The two sides have stopped at the details concerning the numbers and nature of people to be released. However, I can tell you that for now there is no deal,” he said.


Today our Gare du Midi has changed into hall of ChopinHagen in which some powers leaded by United States and other rich countries are trying to 'strike ambitious deal' closing the mouths of critics with the silver coins and leading them to 'religious guerre' for better arms sale. On the backyard of this hall i has noticed this 'draft' when it has leaked. The draft that today made so big consternation. It was bringed from Baden-Baden or maybe Munich in the black Mercedes Benz LIMusine #060, by one of Lieberman 'dealers of death'. Yes, they has come here to once again strike me, beign assured of their success. But in the hall people was not so optimistic about their chances. At least at this day, it is thrid day of 'negotiations' that have very fundamental problem in it. They are based on my extermination...

Leaked draft sparks developing countries' protest

Developing countries, green groups and aid activists have attacked a draft proposal for a political agreement on climate change during the UN summit in Copenhagen. The text, drafted by chair nation Denmark and leaked to the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday, is said to favour rich nations at the expense of developing countries.

The controversial draft "threatens the success" of the United Nations' climate talks, said the head of the Group of 77 developing country bloc, Sudanese delegate Lumumba Stanislas Dia Ping.

Augustine Njamnshi of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance told demonstrators that, if the deal were pushed through, it would have dire consequences for the African Continent.

"I will not die in silence. Ten billion! Ten billion is not enough to buy the coffins you will bury us with. So we are saying, a political deal is a bad deal," Njamnshi shouted to the crowd of about 100 outside the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

Conference chairperson and former Danish climate minister Connie Hedegaard dismissed accusations of covert dealings.

"Under no circumstances is this a 'secret Danish draft' for a new climate change agreement. Such a text does not exist," she said. "In this kind of process, many different working papers are circulated amongst many different parties with their hands on the process. These papers are the basis for informal consultations that contribute with input used for testing various positions. Therefore, many papers exist. That is quite normal."

The controversy errupted just hours after UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon said he was "optimistic" that the 12-day negotiations would yield a "robust agreement".

"It has no validity," key European Union negotiator Artur Runge-Metzger said of the Danish proposal. "It's only a piece of paper. The only texts that have validity here are those which people negotiated."

More: Radio France Internationale

If you had watched a video from the banner that you see on the photo above you should see that it is very similar in the message to famous Schizm one = very religious in the nature. It was also screened here on the Gare just on the day of Marocan visit of King Albert that could end just like Sarajevo.The consternation that this deal is making is only a game of apperances. Some like Augustine Njamnshi are opposing to it not because of this fundamental flaw i have mentioned but only because of the ammount. And his wording is just showing the aim of this deal. When he says that 'I will not die in silence' he thinks about religious war or other form of voilence that they are preparing after my crucifixation and it will be my mourderours that will be shouting lodudles. When he says that this 10 billion is not enough to even buy coffins he thinks that they should put more money so they will be able not only to buy this coffins but also the weapons. No, for sure there will be no silence. In context of this Mercedes that has come on the backyard the European Commission statement that this Danish deal is not yet is quite optimistic but this deal is flawed one and the obejctivs must to be changed...

In such context you cannot wonder why i am so loudly speaking about our stolen heritage and return of at least part of it. But when they hear something about prosperity and return to old glory, they are realy getting into hatred. It happens just in the time when to solve economic problems Chairman Fofana has announced second stimulus package. Once again to temporarly fix the problems with economy he is stealing from the poor and giving to the already very rich. Laughting from the Region just like former President Kwasniewski has did moment ago; announcing that 'he have this notes in place wher he should have it'. Where? In the ass. They are sure that will success. Fighting not for polish case but against polish case. And, yes Europeans see this Malaria very sharply...

Corruption national worry for 78 percent of Europeans

Europeans believe their institutions are rife with corruption — national, regional, local and EU, roughly in that order. Eurobarometer reports that about eight out of ten Europeans share this perception — stable since two years ago though slightly up. The average spread across the EU is 78 percent.


Well, i am going again with Yoni, just on the Montain of Reich, hoping that at least i will see tomorrow. Such 30 we have but this is not a racism, it is not a nazism. Tegoborze omen. No, i can forget about prosperity, for us it is hatred...

PS. After writing this post Iranian side has announced that it need to return some proposal back to Majj because of problems inside it and this Malta swich has occured because of some Norway missile failure. Well, mistakes sometimes happens everywhere, thanks God nothing bad has occured, anyway it was good occassion to catch this Malta moles at the hands before they will grown to the position in which they will be able to make regime change, what is their intentions. Malta Order has years ago forgotten about their own coat of arms and it meaning. Waiting for Friday prayer and outcome of Russian-U.S. talks that are so much in the spirit of first Kissinger visit. And at the end of day, Pope in his unusual telegram has recomended some book while our Cavaler of Malta is waiting for Dimitri to order some unusual writier...

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