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La source - MaKor

"We in Poland does not know the concept of peace at any price. There is only one thing in the lives of men, nations and countires that is without price. That thing is honor."

Today after Silvio Belusconi was a spoted during our Osama bin Laden: spot the Tiger operation we was givent by our dear FRA another riddle to solve. However, i am not sure if it will help me to survive, as on the front page of the Russian Federation you can read that after this weekend NAM have a plan to susped this conference. For sure, it would be interesting study to try to solve today Gollum puzzle, as it will give a clue to figure out not only who was involved in this Saint Barbara occult practices and to which deegre but will help to identify Malta operatives. The NAM under Egyptan leadership is quite under thier influence and some will be trying to convice the world that we should end this dialogue, forever - eliminating the so called: source.

La Source

The Source is an historical novel by James A. Michener, first published in 1965. It is a survey of the history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel from pre-monotheistic days to the birth of the modern State of Israel. The Source uses for its central device a fictional tell in northern Israel called "Makor" (Hebrew: "source").

A parallel frame story set in modern-day Israel supports the historical timeline. Archaeologists digging at the tell at Makor uncover artifacts from each layer, which then serve as the basis for a chapter exploring the lives of the people involved with that artifact. The novel begins with a Stone Age family whose daughter begins to realize that there is a supernatural force, then leads us to the beginnings of monotheism, the Davidic kingdom, Hellenistic times, Roman times, etc. The site is continually inhabited until the end of the Crusades when it is destroyed by the victorious Mameluks (as happened to many actual cities after 1291 - and is not rebuilt by the Ottomans.

The Book follows the story of the Family of Ur from the age of cavemen to modern times, with its descendants now living in the Galilee - though, naturally, they themselves are not aware of the ancient antecedents revealed to the reader by the all-knowing writer.

More: Wikipedia

However, my extermination will not solve anything and will just direct this hain on another taget, for sure also wrong one. It is just another symptom of this nazi culture of hate and you should rather ask who is the real source of it, who is the emmiter of this hatred. The most visible one is for sure our Gollum but you should alsko think if we will be able to eridicate this practicies, such culture, completly or should rather think about preventing it to grow futher and decline from current status quo. One spot assasination will not solve anything completly but well, maybe in his case can be kind of remedy to this British overinfluence in the Church and throught the Church on the Old Continent? Gollum as usual is pointing his finger on me, pointing me as this 'source' and calling for extermination, so then i am asking if it is maybe he who is a main source of the problems? This hate practicies and over-britianization or even teutonization of the world relations. Is not he that through his practicies is also making a problems to Malta Order members and defaming them in the eyes of others?

While borders are different now, It is still very same as with my fore-fathers. Fore-fathers that somehow was also icons for this Non alligned countries and that was been defended by them. But through this Teutonic corruption has been at some points 'sacrificied, as the social compromis and the potential danger to them'. As then, by defending me, now they are gaining a lot of respect, while by crucification they will lost a still possible, more civilised partner for the future, more civilised that the Romanov house is. My case is also a key question not only about past but also about future of their people and the leaders, as like then Malta group will stronghold their positions futher and will be spreading this "culture of fear and opression" futher, just as they did with the Soviet Union on canvas of this same Piast Saga.

Whatever the East will play, it is a key to the Malta Order, that as i can see, after such announcment, has growed in power there. It would be better to the people of this countries, as well as the West, if this shadow pins would not grow futher in the power and the best if they will decline, as thier strenghtening will lead to the return to the sovietization, in the worst possible maner. And even if they will promise a social change and realisation of my postulat it still be Teutonic crucification of this ancient Piast eagle , orphant from the monemunt in Poraj under #66 and they still be growing in hiddeout and ploting from inside...

Non-Aligned Movement

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organisation of states considering themselves not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. The movement is largely the brainchild of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, former president of Egypt Gamal Abdul Nasser and Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. It was founded in April 1955; as of 2006, it has 118 members.[1] The purpose of the organisation as stated in the Havana Declaration of 1979 is to ensure "the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries" in their "struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics."[2] They represent nearly two-thirds of the United Nations's members and comprise 55% of the world population, particularly countries considered to be developing or part of the third world.[3]

Members have, at various times, included: Yugoslavia, India, Ghana, Pakistan, Algeria, Libya, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, post-1994 South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, and, for a time, the People's Republic of China. Brazil has never been a formal member of the movement, but shares many of the aims of NAM and frequently sends observers to the Non-Aligned Movement's summits. While the organisation was intended to be as close an alliance as NATO or the Warsaw Pact, it has little cohesion and many of its members were actually quite closely aligned with one or another of the great powers. Additionally, some members were involved in serious conflicts with other members (e.g. India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq). The movement fractured from its own internal contradictions when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. While the Soviet allies supported the invasion, other members (particularly Islamic nations) of the movement did not.

More: Wikipedia

Today puzzle is quite fundamental question, well should be at least for Silvio Berlusconi. I had called him in my last post a supporter, as he has under 'evil influence' of the Holy Father in the past helped me even complicating his relations with Sarkozy France but he has also harmed me a bit, most notably durin his Belaures visit. Today he is the hospital and have opportunity to think lite bit about this thing observing ractions in Italy. Well, from my side i can only say that i see better targets for such punitive actions and i know that Malta is always hiting my friends or peole that ar e close to convert. Yes, while it is partialy true as you can read in Osama bin Laden notification that left-wing, notably British and American headed by Stanley McChrystal, is partialy to blame for his incident the main core is just the Malta Order and for once again are also trying to direct this furry at me, from the inside of Italy Chrisitan-Democrats.

This time the Gollum has gave his puzzle by mouths of Senate President Renato Schifani that paradoxally is asking in his name about 'source of hate' and is calling for sacramental '3xtimes yes'. Thanks God, i am still alive and i can answer you: 'No, the source of this hate is not any single person, it is a knowledge about death of Jean Paul II and Nazi practicies that had and still have a place inside of the Catholic Curch. Why then you want to involve yourself in such a way in this story, playing a role of God and calling me to join our uncle in the Eden? If the democracy in Italy is in danger, it is so only because of such practicies and if you want to stop this violence first start from yourself. We are just defending, defending the truth and they are your allies from the Malta Order that has attacked Silvio. The inner Enemy..'

Italy soul-searching after attack on Berlusconi

Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi mingled with the crowd after a political rally on Sunday when suddenly an attacker struck.

The following day the nation is aghast and questions are being asked about a so- called “climate of hate”.

Amid the soul-searching many people are asking if the assault on Berlusconi was prompted by months of escalating political tension. Some are even saying the prime minister has brought it on himself.

Immediately after the attack Berlusconi attempted to reassure the crowd that he was not seriously hurt, but as he recovers in a
Milan hospital from the loss of two teeth and a broken nose he will have plenty of time time to ponder the front pages.

The initial media reaction was one of shock and anger that such a brutal assault could have taken place, but the clue comes in the Corriera Della Sera headline: “Too much hate.”

As well-wishers queued up at Berluscon’s bedside, government officials were united in their condemnation.

Senate President Renato Schifani said: “Beyond the physical pain, he is suffering because of the political hatred that has turned into a violent attack. I think political parties must get together to make a point that this escalation of violence must stop because it puts the democracy in Italy at risk.”


At the night it was total battle and forces of the Unholy Allicance blessed by Cardinal Stanislaw has been once again defeted what today bringed true furry inside of the White House. I was signing famous in Poland 'Requiem of partitioning', accenting as our bard was doing, mystical word WieluĊ„. Nazu as usual was storming to get my sperm in jail, so the America will not be without the Eagel but this one will be just like the one created for III Reich. Also eagel of piast blood but born from 'illegal bed'. I have explained them a difference that is just like this one between Sun and the Moon but they does not understand. And both Michell and Calra can just sign together: 'I have seen an Eagle shadow...'

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