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La raison - Rapt!

"Come Holy Spirit and renew face of this soil"

Today when i had come on the gare du midi i was mainly interested in news from the Italy as this is ultimate goal of my pilgrimage. So complicated and difficult like in times of both cousin Adam Mickiewicz, as the Jean Philip Roothan. I am still waiting here, closed like in Bastion waiting for a change of political conditions so i will be able to pass France that is now like crossing Red Sea by the Moses. And finaly be able to reach Vatican with a hope to be received by Benedict as Adam was during partitioning time. But with this difference to the Pius IX, that he will this time understand what i want to say.

Cardinal Stanislaw once was trying to undermine my strong position in the Catholic Church blaming that i am advocating a case of satan and convicing people to use drugs. I am just advocating their rights to be treated as the humans not animals and if i am convicing anybody to use anything it is only: heroine to methadon eventual switch. In response he has been told by the Holy Father that he should think about me, as about official Vatican spokeperson of the drug using people. The message i want to bring there is no different from the message of Jean Paul II, message of world peace and the human rights (in true meaning of this words). And yes, Holy See has suspended proces of beatification of our uncle, waiting for me to come there. And there are also other issues that can bring a reformation compared, if not greater, to the Vatican II.

I know that they will do it anyway some day, whatever i will arrive or not, but you should be aware that Jean Paul II was also waiting for me to make reconcilation that should been made long time ago, when the Berlin Wall has falen. In meantime i was gathering different 'human rights' cases under one banner and preparing to this difficult pilgrimage. It was also very difficult but fruitfull process that has been interupted by his death on 2 April. Interupted but not destroyed, as you can see on the examples of Mexico or more recent Czech Republic that has modernised their american-swedish drug policy models. For me, it is kind of obligation to finish this pilgirmage but at this moment it is not possible. Jean Paul II has once visited grave of Saint Wojciech now it is just like Saint Wojciech going to visit his grave, through a sea of people that claims to be catholics but are not different from barbarians that he was converting to christianity.

Berlusconi attack ‘pre-meditated’ says government

Silvio Berlusconi, who is recovering in hospital after being attacked on Sunday, has thanked his supporters and wellwishers, saying that “love would always conquer hate”. The Italian prime minister was commenting for the first time since the attack, in a message published on his party’s website.

The government has claimed that the assault was pre-meditated and that the attacker had been developing a grudge amid an increasingly hostile climate towards the PM.

Roberto Maroni, Italian Interior Minister said:

“The task of the security forces in such a situation is particularly delicate and complex. But the tone and political discourse that we’ve seen recently, especially the intense campaign against the prime minister, which in many cases has passed the legitimate limit in democratic conflicts, has ended up causing a dangerous spiral.”


The photo there is just like Gare du Midi and it is how i look at this world. However, the short message of Silvio was quite opposite to the govermental one. Love in polish can be translated to kochanie or miłość that sound just like a name of one of our poets Czesław Miłosz from the song that i am sometimes signing on the Voice of the Truth broadcast. Song called: Silence, sha: There is no Mickiewicz and no Miłosz. And the Radosz, well, he is the source of never ending la hain, while he is still alive he is also dead since been born or even long before it happend on the old date of revolutionary year: 1979.

The solution about which Mr. Maroni thinks and about other Maltan poodels of Queen Elisabeth barks is just to sent me to the prison, like they did during soviet reign with brother George. Sent me to Citatdel to famous Pavilon X, that will very shortly end with same: execution. Why? I hope i will write you tomorrow, why. For now just watch a video of Jean Paul II in 1979 and think about his words that are a motto of this post. Think about our Eagle and him. Watch video and see power of the Holy Spirit...

* * *

When i was leaving Gare du Midi i have meet some Muslim guy that told me that he want to take me to the place where is hot. He told me that two persons are there. Well, outside it is quite cold but i do not trust people, especialy this days. So i had thanked him and replied that my fore-fathers has been sent by Tsar and Stalin to Siberia where it was sometimes -40 deegre and i have such 'resistance' in my veins. It is nothing compared to this. When i had arived to my camp they has once again sent an Ambulance, this one was quite unusual as it was Vladimir Putin that has ordered it. For a moment he has realy changed in Golum that wanted to wring one of the heads of their Coat of Arms. It could open a new wave of sovietization, something that Malta has did in the past with my father. They has come out not taking me, but how it was possible?

The answer is similar to the one that is about Jean Paul II and his poisonig. Today in Russia they has found a body of another important figure and they need to think about his successor. But they should have also in the mind the death of former head of Russian Orthodox Church. In the Nazi occult, 6 December is day of cult of poisoners. It was suposed last year that Patriarch Alexiy II will fall on this day or maybe it was mis-calculated. Maybe his body has been just weaker and he died just on the eve of this celebrations of Saint Nicolaus cult. And as in case of the Serbia now, later they has choosed successor. This is an answer to this question, in his undeliberation Putin is surronding himself by Malta Order people and somebody there want to erase this memory of Alexiey II death, just as the FRA of Malta Order is fighting with the memory of Jean Paul II. I would not write this words if this people would not constantly try to attack me. When Malta hits i am responding, defending myself while they are just exposing themself and are at sane time acknowledging to the crimes and mysterious deaths. Nobody serious there is so stupid to not notice this.

It is litte bit true that it is not good from the point of view of NATO security doctrine but at same time it is also a fundamental problem inside of Malta Order that has changed into Teutonic one. Even if you somehow can forget Malta FRA polish victims, what i cannot and will not do, just think rationaly. If FRA will be using his agents to convice East to crush me, they will record them and will have them on the eye. At least they should, as it was in the past. Otherwise. Well, think who will be next? Is not Medvedev on the spot of this Nazi like pseudo-rivalty? Rivalty that Nazi loves to use so much. Is not Russia Federation going to change into Soviet Union? I think also about their people, as i see something horrific on the horizon.

This NAM Eagel it was a symbol of all the best that is on the East side and it was an symbol of our ancient anti-Nazi alliance. But i see something that i had experienced with case of my father. It is like loop-hole that with time can crush any empire, whatever it will be Russian Federation, European Union or even United States that are also under threat of British recolonization. These days Malta Order is insider enemy of both and we need to find rational way out of this situation. No, we should not try to hidde truth, we need to confront it. Malta can be usefull but not with such head and such Nazi like strategy. We should not accept such road of darkness, that is just repeat of what has happend before II World War...

When i was leavign internet after writing a post about Abrahamic monumentum i had readed on the net words of close friend of Cardinal Stanislaw that is suposed to take part in the upcoming Presidential Election in Poland. He has told that i should go myself to ask for a prison. It is realy hard to comment such stance of somebody that thanks to his alliance with Cardinal Dziwisz is just like a next candidat not on President but on Guvernor. Where is a core of problem? It is this memory of the night of the second of April and the role of Cardinal Stanislaw in this schizmatic act. The memory, that some need to hide...

And well, they could yesterday or today or maybe even tomorrow send me to the Citadel, just like they did during Tsar reign with polish patriots. It is so cold, so some will say that it is to help me. Today i had readed on the Gordon service that '300 years cheques' are going to be a historic relict. I am still thinking how unserious they are when it comes to my person and the family and the debts that various countires has made throught this 300 years of oppression. What they say, well in particural so caled President of United States, is that the best now will be to sent him to prison 'to help him' or kill him be some other hands. See, what a bestiality it is and look at this Kadima warning to better understand this Teutonic school of saint producers...

War crimes warrants could ‘harm’ UK-Israeli relations

Israel is warning that diplomatic relations with the UK could be harmed if there are any more attempts to pursue war crimes charges against Israeli leaders.

The row follows the issue of an arrest warrant for Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni by a British court over Israel’s incursion into Gaza last winter.

The former foreign minister, who did not refer to the warrant directly, said:
“The operation in Gaza was an essential operation. The operation in Gaza 'Cast the lead) achieved its objective, the objective was to restore Israel’s deterrence.”

The point is that if they will do this, some people that was so far mostly attacking me on the field will start their Jihad. As i had wroten before this one that will be shouting in my name will be this same that has executed me. They will start a series of terrorist acts and there at some point some from Malta will come and will tell that for security and to silence this wave of terror, that i does not want to have, they need to execute me. Of course it will not work and it will not stop anything. The memory and the Holy Spirit will prevail at some point and will hit them back. Whoever they will be, even most powerfull leaders of West or East. It will hit back as it did with my father, this loop-hole and constant quest to erase us from the history. It is something about what some are dreaming and it is also a target of Barack Hussein Obama to release such wave. He is going even to sacrifice this Eagel that is walking on this Earth and at this same time looking at them from so many coat of arms, also American one, since his nation has been created. Created, with the help of God, not a Satan, that rules it so long...

They must understand that, whatever they did or wanted to do in past with me, it is better for them to convert that to fall into this Nazi trap...

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