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Jihadists Donek and ex-Saint Barbara

Soon there would be a day of Saint Barara an unusual saint that has been throwed out the Catholic Church. When Pope Paul VI has throwed her out of the Vatican gates the Nazi perpetration was still fresh in peopole minds. She was patron of explosivies, poisoned grandmothers and the anti Islam (particuraly Turkey) blasphemy, heresy and insunations. Officialy evil Turkish father has closed Saint Barbara in the tower and martyred but there is another side of this coin and many question marks. She was one of leading Saints of Adolf Hitler and is to this day celebrated by some, esspecialy in the darkness of the corridors of the European Commission and the White House. Not by accident 17 December is also the day marking a death of Simon Boliviar and for another time some polish leutant or maybe rather hetman is comming out with the fundamental questions about future of us all...

ex-Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara, known in the Eastern Orthodox Church as the Great Martyr Barbara (3rd century - December 4, 306), was a Christian saint and martyr. Although there is no reference to her in the authentic early Christian writings, nor in the original recension of Saint Jerome's martyrology, veneration of her was common from the seventh century. Because of doubts about the historicity of her legend,[1] she was removed from the liturgical calendar of the Roman rite in 1969. However, she continues to be a popular saint in modern times, perhaps best known as the patron saint of artillerymen, military engineers, miners and others who work with explosives because of her old legend's association with lightning, and also of mathematicians. Many of the thirteen miracles in a 15th-century French version of her story turn on the security that her devotees would not die without making confession and receiving extreme unction.[2]

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Yesterday when i was returning from the la chapelle from the founding obelsik of old new Belgium i was thinking if they will for another time come there and will put their flags and swastik banners like they did in the past. It is just hundreds of metters from the building of the European Commission. On the way, I was also thinking about the debts that various countries still owns to us and my family in particural. We was directly or indirectly founding them. With China we are walking on this planet since past 5000 years, during the American Independece War we has standed firmly with all the power of the God not on the Engilsh Imperialist side but on the side of this rebelious ones, what is still visible in symbols and Sandomir flag, same is true for French Revolution or even thanks to one brother of mystical Old brothership (of the Christ) order - Charlesmagne - the Germany. Our commitment in Latin America is still legendary even these days.

I had sit down in my favorite place to beg for alms to be able to read the news on 'progress' of Chopenhage deal. After beign throwed out by Stasi activists from the Library or rather Danzing Post, life has been made a bit more complicated. It was day of our famous Portuges doctor Barosso comming with his 'support'. On the ground, soon some old lady has come. I was happy as yesterday we had hold short but nice talk and she has gave me a piece of tasty cake. This time she has taken me on the dinner. It was first time since i have departured from Moscow when i was eating like civilised European in the restaurant.

Just after crossing border i was 'beaten' by our Prime Minister and my 'castration pilot' has started - of course fully illegaly but we are just animals for them, terrible people as Tusk has described us changing the Constitution. Changing in the way in which we and I in particural would not be able to take active roles in the Polish Parliament anytime soon. Yes, of course it was to help me and other 'criminals' that i was representing during Moscow conference, as one of the very few polish nationals working with Russians and others from the region to modernize their drug laws or rather return from the American-Swedish way to the Slavic one, marked by freedom and liberty and the orginal meaning of the words and political acts...

I was eating the omlert and looking at this old lady, sometimes i have seen in her face Eva Tusk sometimes it was Madelyn Payne Dunham. We was trying to talk but she was speaking ony French while I mostly English. Well, i dream about learning French and it would be my next language but i never had a time for this, sharing all of it between work for money and the non-govermental struglle for the human rights and dignity of this ones that are most marginalised. I have left Poland after Tusk goverment has rejected my proposal for EFS founding. I had gathered best experts on the field in the country and put a lot of my heart into this project asking for lowest possible grant, while Tusk goverment has decided to spend this money founding big projects of very few from his friends, mainly ecologic organizations. When I was trying to talk with 'babushka' i was thinking if i will see my one, someday. We was talking mainly about our ' anti-Pope' Jean Paul II that she respected so much...

In same time Mr. Barrosso and outgoing Swedish Presidency has put some unique silver coin on the slaver of Chopenhagen deal. The ammount of the European Commission abysmal 'immitation' gesture is valued to magical number 2.4 billions. As Rassmusen has said - number matters, esspecialy in their Enigma messages and this one means just 24 of April, important date for my country, as it was day of Nazi-Soviet pact that has leaded II Commonwealth to so called May upheaval and is also my birth day.

EU pledges 2.4b euros as climate gesture

The European Union leaders have wrapped up a summit in Brussels with a firm funding pledge aimed at giving the Copenhagen Climate Conference a better chance of success. It is an example of innovative financing, according to the European Commission. The outgoing Swedish EU presidency said this serves the interest of climate adaptation.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt: “The total EU figure amounts to 2.4 billion euros per year and it was also possible through the night to get contribution from all 27 member states and from the Commission.”


At the end our grandmother has gave me 2:0 euros in name of Sarkozy so i could go to Paris and make a step forward in my pilgrimage but it would be just like a suicide. And indeed, i was not wrong, at the night i had an occassion to watch this famous contributions. They was colmming shouting loudly 'Grossmutter gestorben!'. Once it was 'defensive' Wermacht like Tusk-Sarkozy forces that was going to take Maltatzar revenge for Eva Tusk, at other time Gordon Brown-Hillary Clinton 'Red Guards' taking revenge for Madelyn. At the end it was Kaczynski Malta that acomplished by usual rape just wanted to score my sperm for 'eugenic offspring'...

But this time i will concentrate on the 'revenge' of Tusk. It is not a secret that his mother has been poisoned by one of his daughter and the provider of poison was ex-'Red Commissioner' that has been throwed out of the comission but for long time i was wondering who has gave her such thing and the concept. I know that at the end of this line there is British Malta FRA but who was inside of the European Comission that has 'helped' them such way? Is not this our Portugess doctor? And if yes why Mr. Tusk you are trying to take a revenge on me? Did I had poisoned your mother? With all the evil you did to me during your reign, i am still asking you why are joining such insane crucade with such slogan on your mouths? If you want to take such revenge maybe you should then start from castrating your daughter!?

It was highly critical night that i have survived only because of Asterix. He is going to become first President of the European Union and i am realy thankfull for his commitment in my defense, as the commitment of many 'second league' politicans and millitary commanders. It is a way for them to both build up their influence and in future take up first line positions ,outcasting malfuntioned ones that are still following Malta as blind lemings. They are realy surpsied that i am still alive and i must warm them that by continuing this thing they can end just like Marshall de Goul.

The man that i respect very much for his efforts to keep my family alive during the soviet occupation and even visited our country in this 'i RA dailogue' at 11 September 1967, but that has just in one moment, in Baden-Baden made similar deal, similar mistake and lost everything. He was one of greates mans of modern France but even with his position, he has been overthrown because of this single mistake. And the caliber of that case compared to this one was realy, realy small. Just look at the Holy See that today has called for unusual consultation expresing his anger at the litte bit different (?) occassion...

Pope shares 'outrage, betrayal and shame'

Pope Benedict XVI has told Irish bishops that he was "disturbed and distressed" by the Murphy report on sexual abuse by clergy in Ireland and shares the "outrage, betrayal and shame" felt by the Irish people over the report's findings.

In a statement issued after the Pope's hour-and-a-half meeting with a delegation headed by Cardinal Seán Brady, the Primate of All Ireland, and Monsignor Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin, the Vatican said that the Pope would issue a pastoral letter to the Irish people on the sexual abuse cases. The pontiff was asking for prayers for the victims of "these heinous crimes" and the Vatican would "develop effective and secure strategies to prevent any recurrence".

The Murphy report last month on the Catholic Church's handling of hidden clerical child abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese over a period of 30 years gave a detailed account of abuse perpetrated by priests against more than 300 victims which it said had been systematically covered up by the Church authorities.

"The Holy Father shares the outrage, betrayal and shame felt by so many of the faithful in Ireland, and he is united with them in prayer at this difficult time in the life of the Church," the Vatican statement said. "He wishes once more to express his profound regret at the actions of some members of the clergy who have betrayed their solemn promises to God, as well as the trust placed in them by the victims and their families, and by society at large."
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The Murphy inquiry investigated the handling of abuse reports by the archdiocese of Dublin between 1975 and 2004. It concluded that the Church had been "obsessively" secretive about the abuse, operating a policy of "don't ask, don't tell" and showing more concern for the reputation of the Church than for the children's welfare.
Following the meeting, Archbishop Martin said the Catholic Church in Ireland may be reorganised in the wake of the report.

'I think that we are looking at a very significant reorganisation of the Church in Ireland,' he told reporters.


Well, for them i should be today death and Isreal has just marked this expected event with a release of some body that was held for past 33 years. Many are asking themself a question: why? Well, this crusade in much lesser form is acomplishing me since a days i had come on this world or even years before. Yes, i am dead since past 33 years. Israeli has marked this expected event by such act to tell you about my importance. Later, well, it was waves of unrest and kind of religious war. But is it not the European Commission and White House to be blamed for my death? To not mention MALTA FRA, of course and this 2:0 Chopenhagen deal...

Israel to release Palestinian killed in 1976

Israeli authorities have agreed to release the body of a Palestinian killed by Israeli troops in 1976 after keeping it for nearly 33 years for unknown reasons.

The Israeli high court ruled that the body of Mashour al-Arouri should be released, according to International Middle East Media Center.

The ruling came as the Palestinian man's family appealed to the high court to retrieve his body. The appeal, lodged by Arouri's next-of-kin, is part of a national Palestinian campaign to bring home the bodies of Palestinians killed by the Israeli military during resistance operations.

Arouri's body will be retrieved after DNA checks have been conducted to confirm his identity.

The ruling also noted in case the body can not be retrieved for reburial in Palestine, the family will be granted permission to visit the grave.

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