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In Midnight's Silence

It is unbelivable but i had survived this Lebanon deployment palns. Plans to change eagel and the flags, as well Europol plaquet on eugenic one, Wehrmach eagel. American-French plans to create eugenic horde from my holy sperm has been an object of subtel jokes. In Iran they say that US nukes biggest threat to global security. It is a word game again, grandchildrens are called in polish wnuki. And Obama have realy serious problems ahead as elections to the congress are comming closer and closer and people casting their votes will be looking on both our Eagle and Sandomir flag.

Asking what he has did with the survivor of this countless Holocaust, countless
pinking out our Enviroment since Adolf Hitler. What Democrats has did to Nixon for his Watergate scandal is nothing what Republicans can do to him. But he is not alone that will need to face such questions, sooner or later. And Grandfather from Wehrmacht is joking that he wish poles New Year without hangover. In same line situation develop in Russian Federation, Dimitri Medviedev preparing reforms, removing unwanted from the beaucracy and strenghtening Malta paws from Russian Orthodox Church. Also, some there in Europe, espcially in General Gouverment, France, Italy and Great Britian are counting so much on this red swastika vision, and they are still close to achieve it. In same time we are observing unusual backslash at backs of Isreali Kadima party, that is close to colapse. And if somebody can by proud of himsel they are Saudi and Sunni that can just laught from Iranian Shits that, thanks to Kremlin, are repeating same Teutonic logic, calling form my crucificsation. Same ideology that we hear constantly from other Malta pawns at the West...

But today, beside wise words from some priests in the Catholic Church i was also worried by racial buildup in the place where Jesus Christ has come on this earth. The words of so caled Latin Patriarch of the Holy Land, Fuad al-Tuwal are just terrific. In context of my case, calling to end this struggle, it just like calling to slain me. It is so contrasting to the Christmas message of Holy Father, that i am just lacking words to express my opinion, but i am not surprised having in mind crimes commited by bishop Stanislaw Szczepanski (thanks God he will be not new head of Polish church as they planed and this year Christmas was welcomed by new patriarch, Henryk Muszynski). I am calling people like Fuad, to keep loyalty to God and the Pope, not to the Malta as Russian ORthodox Church is doing, that is only instrument of schizm in hands of Buckghingham palace and idiot Gordon Brown. In this particural message from Euronews, crusaders that are comming here to execute me has been called by Gordon Brown 'pilgrmis'. What a pilgrim carry a guns with himself? Was shepherds comming to Wondrous Child to slain him? Did you lost your mind completly? Some women has lost it for sure. Pope has been just knocked minutes ago, by some fanatical husk . I know that he is a problem to some, as i am.

In the polish or more broader slavic struggle for independence and national identity. Struggle that is so old and still actual at least since 1875–1878, since so called Balkan crisis, one of important, for obvious reasons, role has played a so called Christmas hymns. Before i will join 'Pasterka', as we call in polish Christmas mass in la Chapelle i will put here text and videos of some of this wonderfulls and powerfull songs...

In Night's Deep Silence

Words: Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy, Polish Hymn
Other Translations include In Midnight's Silence and Wondrous Child

In night's deep silence,
Clear a voice rings through
Rise up, ye shepherds,
God is born to you:
Quickly now and go ye over
Seek where Bethl'em
star does hover
Haste to greet your Lord,
Haste to greet your Lord.
Haste to greet your Lord.

They went, they found him,
Babe in Manger lies:
Signs which foretold him
Seen with wond'ring eyes:
To their God in homage tender
Words of heart felt greeting render
Songs of greatest joy,
Songs of greatest joy,

Ah, welcome Saviour
Whom we've long desired;
For many long years,
Man for thee aspired;
Kings and prophets waited for thee;
Thou this night to us unworthy
Kingly dost appear,
Kingly dost appear.

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