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Del Cross von Fritsch

Today, when i was beging for money to write this life saving post whole city had one name on mouths. It was Lieutenant General Charles-Henri Delcour. I was siting together with General Robert Close and watching the streets, refreshing memories of our Holly Father, Jean Paul II but also talking with Close about his another friend from our Enviroment, that has lost life recently, former leader of Social Democrats and EU Commissioner Karel van Miert.

On the sky Belgian military fighters was painting, for another time, a cross. Nethier on the chest of von Fritsch, nor on the sky it was a White one. It is very Iron Black Cross and what i had saw is realy terrifing me. Was they belgian fighters, is this General from Belgium or rather from Luxemburg? Tonight, some other will cant to score it. They say that our General von Fritsch, that has just come out with usual Teutonic pride, this time have blessing of Belgian Minister of Defense and Belgian Prime Minister. Blessing in, just on the eve of Christmas, his sperm misssion, so called Lebanon deployment. In Iran, they say that our Guinea junta vows to hold elections soon...

The European Comission was joking from me sending strong signal to both Lithuanian and Polish nation that it want to close 'soviet era' power plant and decission is immiment. Days numbered for Lithuanian nuclear plant you can read, but what our Portuges doctor wanted to say is that they are going to slain Adam Mickiewicz. The Lebanon deployment announcment in this context can be very interesting for some there, that should think not only about this plan, this tree but also about mystery of assasination of his father. It should be clear to him that while Syria still seems to hold strong links with DuPont corporation it was not they that was behind such inhuman atc while scent is realy leading here to the Belgium and reminds about both mysterious deaths of General Robert Close and Karel van Miert, that wanted to return on the political stage, based on my case...

Today, Poland and I was shocked by another, also mysterious but completly different way, suicide. Yesterday they has said on Euronews that Poland counts cost of big freeze. Today they has been told that Grzegorz Michniewicz, director of Genral Gouverment Prime Minister cancelary has commited suicide. You can wonder why. Well, he was also one of my readers but he has belived more into Commissioner Barroso that into the God and his own nation. He has dreamed of becoming bigest one in Europe, head of the Europol but after discovering what he has did to me in the past and what my person means to people. When he has discovered meaning of our Eagle and what he did to it, he started to be very, very depressed.

I do not know if they will success with their Lebanon deployment but i had left Merry Christmas message to Mr. Barroso and his faithfulls. He can get it from the members of European Parliament when he will return from his skiing Christmas and New Year celebrations. In particural he can get it from the German members of Parliament that still remebers where similar Nazi practicies has lead our continet and the world. We, Europeans does not want to have Hitler dog on such post. I also had a dog, but they has poisoned him, as many others...


Dear Memeber of the European Parliament,

When after my recent intervention about Nazi occult practicies and in particural poisoning of people Mr. Barroso has sacrificed head of Europol i had though that this case will at least easy. But observing situation i want to ask you to look closer at the criterium of electing new head of this important organisation (that now is preffered to be on of Mr. Sarkozy friends).

I have a strong reason to belive that Mr. Barroso has made a criterium that is equal to slaining me, you can see this reasons when you will contanct Belgiand or Brussels police. Therfore i ask you for your intervention and ask for his resigantion from his post. I think i can write in the name of Europeans. We does not want to have Europol that is based on corruption, fear and terror that we in Estern European has felt since decades. We want there somebody that will protect us from such terror in whatever country we will be. We want to be proud from our servicemans and their uniforms.

I wonder what Mr. Barroso want to hide. I think that you can figure it out on my blog:

I can expect such correction, at least from Christian Democrats party, that has gained mostly on my campaign in time of European Elections and Lisbon Treaty campaign. Otherwise, it will be your party that will lost mostly.

Sirencely yours,

Artur Radosz
The Voice of Truth

PS. Stanley McChrystal do not think that if you or anybody else will slain me, they will not notice. They are now doubly motivated...

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