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Gestapo galla

When i was leaving Gare du Midi i had meet this same Mlatan Muslim guy that before. In his face i had saw face of Mahmud Ahmadinejad that has put, i hope for a moment, sunglases to not be harmed by the glliter of the Sun. He has asked me where if i have place to stay. Well, i had thanks to many brave people, particuraly from the Salvation Army, survived whole winter in the neigborging kingdom of poisoner in same conditions, so i hope i will be able to repeat this in old-new Blegium that becuse of my roots i feel like a second home. I had replied that i have some camp with small tent of meetings there. He has replied that today i have a camp but tomorrow the police can come and can take it off.

Well, it is true but same is true for him, as it was in times of the Soviet Union. Today you have a country but tomorrow pepole or crusaders can take it off from you. It is true for anybody and our Prime Minister can feel it today whith 2/3 of Poles giving him negative notes. In fact i had another 'camp', before hundreds of years, years that are marked by this inhuman opression born from lies that so called reformation has bringed to the Catholic Church. An opression and lies that i want to break-up for a common good of the people. This 'camp' was called 'Ojców', that in english translates to 'Fore-fathers' and was kind of the polish Camelot. The source of many legends that thanks to Lamb and the power of God, in various forms are, even this days, circulating all over the world.

On the morning of ex-St. Barbara day, a day of both death of Simon Bolivar and begining of 'sickness' of Ewa Tusk somebody here has sent me a police car to arrest me. It has come exacly at 4:5 am but instead of taking me it has turned back. I and Eva was wondering who he will bring me. When i has recently pushed Barrosso i was expecting some move and indeed today we can read about resignation of one from Portugess doctors team, some key person in the area of so called European Justice. The head of Europol.

Boss of Eurojust quits amid corruption probe

The president of Eurojust, the legal arm of Europol, has resigned only hours after it was announced he had been suspended for a month pending inquiries into corruption allegations.

Jose Luis Lopes da Mota had been boss of the body whose task it is to fight serious crime across Europe since 2007.

His sudden departure is connected with the inquiry into the so-called Freeport affair, the shopping and commercial centre built near Lisbon in Portugal, back in 2002.


While it is signifant move, it does not fix a fundamental problem that we have with the Malta Order aboard and in Poland. And well, Tusk is continuing his cruciate against me, a victim of this malversation and his two year old opression, a survivor that has also lost many friends from the enviroment or litte family, as they call us in Italy. Posing together with his daughter to one of polish newspaper 'Gala', that is joking that 'he alows her to do everything', our jihadist in same time is singalising that together with Sarkozy he will kill them all and that 'After road nightmare, you can pall throught capital'. I do not poisoned your mother, what you want to show together with your daughter, on ex Saint Barabara day.

I wanted to tell you litte bit more about this year celebrations but i does not know if i will survive. My long time supporter Mr. de Cream is in Washington right now and i see happy face of Hilary Clinton that is encuraging them to crucife this symbol. I know that at night Tusk-Sarkozy Wermacht is going to make demonstration of power, that is blessed by Washington and later blame game will start. Who will be harmed? Everybody on which this old symbol transcend. People will ask them what you did to stop, not me and my pilgrimage, but this crucifixation.

I hope i will continue and will tell you litte bit more about this day as it has showed that (i think) some from Rome, some with close links to la Chappelle that is now in Teutonic hands, a friend of Cardinal Dziwisz is trying to take over a position of Cardinal here to develop this St. Barbar nazi cult futher. It would be for Belgium something like instaling Sarkozy in Cathedral. And just on margin, i must say that I wanted some day to see Eva honored through beatification but what her son is doing is just disgusting, not only me but peple at first...

Cardinal Danneels proposes 'papal council' to help set Church policy

In a newly published book, Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Brussels advances a proposal for a “papal council”—a group of senior prelates who would advise the Pope on key issues. This council would not hold any juridical power, the cardinal proposes, but would have “great moral authority.”

Cardinal Danneels—who has long a favorite of liberal Catholics—makes the proposal in a book based on a series of interviews, in which he recalls his 30 years as the leading Catholic figure in Belgium. Cardinal Danneels released the book as he prepares to leave his post. Now 76 years old, he has submitted his resignation, and told reporters that he expects to be replaced early next year.

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He has resigned but I will never. Anyway, it is important for the future of this country who will replace him and where he will lead Catholic Church.

- - -

Thanks God i had survived this night. Wermacht has been defeted but on the Russian website i had found interesting information. In the Maltan Plan Du style on this same day, that some call Saint Barabar day, while i call Simon Bolivar as it is day that marks death of many from our ancient camp that you can recognise by our famous gesture, they has made some attack against some military leader in Chechenia. If i would be found dead you could read this news like: Simon Boliviar killed by Chechen President. But somwhow i was not and once again i can give Kremlin litte advice about desire of hidding the truth and following Soviet Union footsteps. It is about five things: conceit, arrogance, vainglory, vodka and ... snow. And same is true for White House. Yes, it is at priori about honor, not a blind loyalty, as Adolf Hitler was definig it. It is better to you to listen to my adivce and study the Holy Bible, it is very wise one.

Today, i had saw Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a pose like our 'Jahkarta Eagle' surrounded by his adivsors that want to buy a boat, but it is a boat of Saint Paul. I understand Malta very well and i know that they are claiming that it is a democracy and he is playing the role of this Eagle, looking at some French warship that he want to buy. Well, it is much more deeper looking from the religious point of view. This litte symbols, coat of arms are marking a long story, very religious one. You can burn the papers but you will by not able to remove certain things like monuments, heights, names of towns etc. from the cards of history and the atlas. And this is something what Teutons constantly want to do.

It was claimed before that it is Russian Eagle (and you can see it on many russian monuments from early romanov) and that there was no polish one. Just like in case of this Bavarian one. When the truth has been discovered (yes we was a close cousins of Romanov dynasty, including Mikolaj I) it has been changed and with all the evil and opression that we has experienced from Romanov, they has never exterminated us. And if it comes to this famous Eagel monument you see certain symbols on it, that are just like runes. You see Tree on mountain of Reich and you see bull or rather taurus zodiac symbol. It is my astrological sign. You see also rye that in polish sounds like: judes. This monument is realy very symbolic one like a promise of protection, like symbol of polish russian, anti nazi alliance, that was able to defeat Nazi.

However, what i see on this photo is not this Eagel monument but some other stage from the ancient history of Russia. It reminds me so much two, otherwise great and respected (with great pain) Russian leaders and lovers of Malta Order: Peter I The Great and Tzar Paul I. They both loved Malta for they so called honor and chilvary, but look then what kind of honor, what kind of wisdom, this people are representing. The first has been poisoned by them the second one, well, this is what i see on this photo. He has been smoother by his great Maltan Cavalers and it is something that can happen during course of this story to you or Dimitri, are you sure they are leading you onto good way?

Asssasination of Paul I

Paul's premonitions of assassination were well-founded. His attempts to force the nobility to adopt a code of chivalry alienated many of his trusted advisors. The Emperor also discovered outrageous machinations and corruption in the Russian treasury. Although he repealed Catherine's law which allowed the corporal punishment of the free classes and directed reforms which resulted in greater rights for the peasantry, and better treatment for serfs on agricultural estates, most of his policies were viewed as a great annoyance to the noble class and induced his enemies to work out a plan of action.

A conspiracy was organized—some months before it was executed—by Counts Petr Alekseevich Pahlen, Nikita Petrovich Panin, and the half-Spanish, half-Neapolitan adventurer Admiral Ribas. The death of Ribas delayed the execution. On the night of the 23 March [O.S. 11 March] 1801, Paul was murdered in his bedroom in the newly built St Michael's Castle by a band of dismissed officers headed by General Bennigsen, a Hanoverian in the Russian service, and General Yashvil, a Georgian. They charged into his bedroom, flushed with drink after supping together, and found Paul hiding behind some drapes in the corner.[2] The conspirators pulled him out, forced him to the table, and tried to compel him to sign his abdication. Paul offered some resistance, and one of the assassins struck him with a sword, after which he was strangled and trampled to death. He was succeeded by his son, the 23-year-old Alexander I—who was actually in the palace—and to whom General Nicholas Zubov, one of the assassins, announced his accession, accompanied by the admonition, "Time to grow up! Go and rule!".

I have seen your bad moves but well i received knifes from almost everyone. And I must say that the main point of Christianity is just a forgivness. Forgivnes that must be accomplished by the ability to learn from both own mistaked and history. I see Malta desire to repeat a case of my father that has induced something that has changed a meaning of uniform. From the respect to it to the fear and terror. When i was growing i was watching the process that has overthrowed Soviet Empire and i see this same now. While my father has started it as i can start it now for both Russian Federation and European Union (as everybody that will put his hands to my crucifixation will bear lets call it 'Satanic mark').

You are counting on erasing this story that is sacred for many and you will fall just like soviets did. After me some cleric can wakeup the memory as the Brother George did in PRL. Puffing into Jerych trumpet, or rather Radziwill Trumpet and asking the world, what you did to son of Janek? You can kill him to, as some did in PRL but you will never be able to silence true faiths and you will fall if you will follow this treacherous path. Whoever you are, it will return as it has been wroten in Tegoborze omen. It is better for you to avoid such thing. It is better if i will myself puff into this Trupmpets and the world will change for a better of us all...

The thirties in judaic tradition are somehow magical one. Jesus Christus was batized at the age of 30 and he has been awaked this way. But, thanks to this Teutons, this beatifull tradition has changed into very murderous one. Today, Benedict XVI has summoned new ambasador to Uganda. It reminds me another fallen jew that has not crossed this magical 30, thankst to Teutons or Nazi, whatever you will call them. In difference to me he was Israeli, while i still hold Polish nationality, but this racial issue is really base for culture of hate, that so much has dominated world. When i see the negotiations that are held in Chopenhagen i see a desire of some world powers, driven by Moon and Hussein Obama, to crucify me and somehow i see similar process that has lead to crucification of brother of current Israeli Prime Minister, during his mission in Uganda. Some process that touch us, generation by generation since past 300 years. The process to cut this ancient tree, forever.

In the background of this top world events, they are not only choosing new Cardinal in Belgium but in the European Union they are choosing new head of Europol. Today on the Gare du Midi i had see a secret policeman that will come at the night to kill me. He thinks that it is ok to slain pilgrim, as he bears the uniform and feels under the all. I do not think that anybody normal want to have such kind of police here. And i hope and pray that he will never reach his destination. Many are with me, he is real shame of the uniform and the police here. In same time on the CNN they has put a news about another move for a beatification of Jean Paul II. I think somehow this officer and this candidate from Rome are connected and they will claim it was Pope behind this, while annonuncig this next step, at same time he has spoken loudly and cleary agains Euthanasy, Abortion and Eugenics, that marks this culture of fear and death. In this context, when he spoke about 'personal desire', he had in mind a promise of transfering this voice, after my assasination, to some of the Eastern leaders, changing it from voice of truth to voice of satan. It is something that Barack Hussein Obama has promised to them, sacrificing me. But this voice is cursed one and as through past 300 years the 'newt owner', 'next week' as they say, would be slained too. It is something that Josei Toda wanted to change and it is something that i also want to break. That is something that i see as part of this great reconciliation. I hope, i will see tomorrow...

Religions Are a Force for Peace and Reconciliation

Today in the Vatican, the Holy Father received the Letters of Credence of eight new ambassadors to the Holy See: Hans Klingenberg of Denmark; Francis K. Butagira of Uganda; Suleiman Mohamad Mustafa of Sudan; Elkanah Odembo of Kenya; Mukhtar B. Tileuberdi of Kazakhstan; Abdul Hannan of Bangladesh; Alpo Rusi of Finland, and Einars Semanis of Latvia.

Addressing the diplomats as a group, the Pope referred to the need for "a just relationship between human beings and the creation in which they live and work" In this context, he underlined the need for "environmental responsibility" because "the continual degradation of the environment constitutes a direct threat to man's survival and his development, and threatens peace among individuals and peoples".

Benedict XVI encouraged the political authorities of the countries the ambassadors represent, and those of all nations, "not only to increase their efforts in favour of environmental protection but also - since the problem cannot be faced only at the national level - to produce proposals and provide encouragement in order to reach vital international agreements that may prove useful and just for all sides".

After then highlighting the importance of "converting or modifying the current development model of our societies", the Pope pointed out that "the Church proposes that this profound change ... be guided by the notion of the integral development of the human person".

"If it is true", said the Holy Father, "that over history religions have often been a factor of conflict, it is also nonetheless true that religions lived according to their profound essence have been, and still are, a force for reconciliation and peace. At this moment in history religions must, through open and sincere dialogue, seek the path of purification in order to conform ever more closely to their true vocation".

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