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1936: Congres catholique de Malines

En 1937, Pie XI publie l'encyclique "Avec une brulante douleur...". Dans cette encyclique, ile accuse le gouvernement allemand de semer "l'ivraie de la suspiction, de la discorde, de la haine, de la calomnie, de l'hostilitie fondamentale secrete et ouverte au Christ et a son Eglise..."

Et Pie XI d'ajouter: "On voit poindre a l'horizon de l'Allemagne les nuages menecants des guerres religeuses destructrices qui n'ony d'autre but que l'extermination."

Source: Nurymberg,The Grand Process

Soon a President of European Union, that was suposed to be just a Sarkozy joke, Mr. Van Rompuy will held his speech during the Catholic Congres that will be held in Brussels on 7 December. In this same time in Lyon another Catholic Congress will be held. This one in Brussels is so much in the spirit of this one that was held in Malines in 1936.

Yesternight, here in gettho we has hold a serious election debate that is marking important question are the current leaders of the Christian Democrats notably from the Italy, France and Poland truly catholics or rather as the Brown press office has suggested on this photo a blind nazi soldiers serving British Fra of The Malta Order? Just a paws of protestant David Camermoon that using his British Fra is constantly trying to bring a schizm inside of the Church and nota bene exterminate me and cut this 'evil' tree once for all.

It is a highest time for the Christian Democrats leaders to leave ranks of Nazi crusaders and return the calm inside of Catholic Church. And for a Camermoon i think it is best time to convert, maybe not to catholicism but just back to christianity from this barbarian traditions, as The Gospel itself is founding stone of common Christian root and faith, whatever sect they belong. This Teutonic pollution that, thanks to British FRA, is trying to dominate Europe, just like in days of Adolf Hitler, is so visible, as this secret of the Church is visible nowdays. I see this hostilities fundamentale and the recism every day and night since at least past year, if not through whole life. Why i am still alive? Only because of the people in the second and farer ranks in the Chrisitan Democrats, thanks to this 'litte people' but even there you can find fools like Mr. Paskwa that thinks that nothing will happen and nobody will notice such strike into thier own backs.

How it is to be eastern jew that is worse even from the Negro as it comes from Piast line. How it is in the XXI Century in the European Union. How it is to bear such 'evil gene', grimber gen as i call it, such stigm and this negro curse, you can read on this blog. But you must beware as you can caugh this slavic bacillius and become H1N1 infected. Infected by virus of non existing disage that has been just 'created' for the Final Solution purpose. Something that i do not belive is possible as some grandfathers has already promised to keep this 'nuclear know-how'...

Benedict XVI reminds theologians to be humble in their search for truth

During a Mass with members of the International Theological Commission, the Pope reflected on the virtues of both St. Damien of Molokai and St. Therese of Lisieux and also spoke of how humility leads theologians in their quest for truth.

In his homily, the Holy Father described the true theologian as someone who does not rely merely on the measure of his intelligence to fathom the mystery of God. He gave examples of “great specialists and... masters of the faith who have penetrated into the details ... of the history of salvation.” However, he said, “they were unable to see the mystery in itself, the central nucleus: that Christ truly was the Son of God.

Nevertheless, the history of the Church does include a great many men and women who were capable of reaching the truth and of humility. He mentioned the recently canonized St. Damien of Molokai, as well as St. Therese of Lisieux who were both “touched in the depths of their hearts.” These “little people who were also wise” are models from which to draw inspiration, the Holy Father said.

The Pope also recalled Saul, who became Paul after his conversion. Benedict XVI explained that Saul was “one of the wise who could not see,” until “he became blind and thus truly came to see.”

“The great man becomes a small man and so sees the ... wisdom of God.” This wisdom, he continued “is greater than all human wisdom.”

All of this happened, however, not because of any action on Saul's part, but rather, because "following His Resurrection the Lord touched the heart of Saul on the road to Damascus,” the Pope concluded.

More: Catholic News Agency

Well, i must admit that i will not be on this congress as it is too expensive and after sending to prison by Donald Tusk and more that a year of this Mao Tze Tung Labour Camp my status quo is far not only from the state before the partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People and the Sanacja period but even from what we has enjoied in the PRL during soviet occupation. I will be just beagaring on the front of it. I have never experienced such opression that my forefathers could only compare to the Hitler III Reich.

When i was very young living in the home that he has build in the mysterious village called Poraj that was in the past only station on the Warsaw Vienna railline many people walking my rail street was wondering why my home have a number 66 while looking at the previous houses it should have a different one. Well, it was because of my gradfather. It was a sign just like a stigm that Rev. Sin Moon people did on my wirst. During soviet time we was living there on the margines of events while my family has been targeted by extermination. With a hope that the liberation will come and we will return to the old glory. The General Nordstad that was awaited has never come and while i was trying to get on the track and take active part in political live i have been crushed by both Lech Kaczynski, Donald Tusk with great support from President Obama - that also has been made a President by this story. To later close me in something that so much reminds Mao Tze Tung Labour camp...

Labour Camp

"In Mao Tze-tung's China, going to prison did not mean the same thing as it did to people in the democracies. A man was always presumed guilty until he could prove himself innocent. The accused were judged not by their own deedsbut by the acreage of land once possessed by their ancestors. A cloud of suspicsion was always over the heads of those with wrong class orgin."

In meantime they has taked a sperm from my father to create a bastard. Vienna bastard simillar to this one that Adolf Hitler was. The 'mother' is living now on the Austrian Witness Protection programme to give him a life somehow around January accomplemished buy wars, famines, disasters and H1N1 'disease'. For me there is only the extermination and while i and this story has created many kingpins and promoted many political parties, today i am almost dying without any hope for better time with the winter ahead. They even not proposed such thing that they offered to mother of this bastard. For them i am too polish, disgusting jew with a powerfull background and legend. Somebody that must be exterminated. And while this somebody is called by this Schizm maker Antichrist or Satan the true antichrist will come on this planet soon. In Austria. They also has said that John Paul II was preaching antichrist Gospel. IT IS ONLY HALF OF TRUTH HE DID BUT IS THIS ANTICHRIST? They, SPPX was calling him anti-pope and was build hatred around him to poison him. And now with this eugenic development, you can see whole truth about them, their teachings and intentions...

The Pope has once told that he remebers why the Lord has made him a Pope. The politicans, especialy this one that comes from the Christian Democratic party should also ask same question and listen more to his words. Yes, the Gospel is not a legend it is a truth and keeping it alive is a purpose of the Catholic Curch if not whole christianity and monotheic relgions...

Pope: The Gospel is not a legend. A call to Copenhagen.

Benedict XVI recalls that Jesus was a historical figure, inserted within a specific context. The Immaculate helps the Church in its struggle "between the desert and the garden, between sin which dries up land and grace that irrigates”. In Copenhagen for the protection of creation, following the laws of God in nature, and to launch sober lifestyles respectful of the poorest.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "The Gospel is not a legend, but the history of a true story" and "Jesus of Nazareth is a historical character": this was Benedict XVI’s message at the Angelus today. In a St Peter's Square overflowing with over 30 thousand pilgrims, the pope also recalled the UN climate conference that opens tomorrow in Copenhagen.

Commenting on the Gospel of St. Luke (3:1-6) on the second Sunday of Advent, the Pope said: "The Evangelist pointed the spotlight on John the Baptist, who was the precursor of the Messiah, and traces with great precision the space-time coordinates of his preaching. " The pontiff noted that in the passage "all references to political and religious authorities of Palestine in 27/28 AD" (the emperor Tiberius, the governors Pontius Pilate, Herod, Philip, Lysanias, and the chief priests Anna and Caiaphas) are abundantly cited. He adds: "The gospel writer wants to notify all those who read or hear the Gospel that it is not a legend, but the history of a true story, that Jesus of Nazareth is a historical character inserted in that precise context".

The abundant references also have a second reason: "After this extensive historical introduction, the subject becomes 'the word of God', presented as a force that descends from above and poses itself on John the Baptist." "The Word of God - continues the pope - is the person who moves history, inspires the prophets, prepares the way for the Messiah, calls the Church. Jesus himself is the Divine Word that was made flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary: in Christ, God has revealed himself fully, he told us and given us everything, revealing to us the treasures of his truth and mercy. Ambrose continues in his commentary: "So the Word descended so that the earth, which before was a desert, produced fruit for us" (ibid.). "

Recalling that 8 December is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, the pope added: "Mary is the Immaculate ... [but] the Church is in constant need of purification, because sin undermines all its members. In the Church there is an ongoing struggle between the desert and the garden, between sin which dries up the land and the grace that irrigates it so it may produce abundant fruits of holiness. Let us therefore pray that the Mother of the Lord will help us in this time of Advent, to 'straighten out' our paths, allowing ourselves to be led by the word of God. "

After the Marian prayer, Benedict XVI recalled the UN Conference on Climate Change, which opens tomorrow in Copenhagen, with which the international community wants to study ways to combat global warming. "I hope - said the pope - that the work will help identify actions that are respectful of creation and that will promote a a joint development based on human dignity and for the common good. The integrity of creation requires the adoption of sober and responsible lifestyles, especially towards the poor and future generations. In this perspective, to ensure the full success of the Conference, I invite all people of good will to respect the laws laid down by God in nature and to rediscover the moral dimension of human life. "

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