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Ahura Mazda

Les nazis n'étaient pas racistes,
d'ailleurs il y avait 60 000 musulmans
dans l'armée allemand

They say in London that Islamic world gets ready to mark Ashura this Sunday. Yesterday after Ayathoylas prayers to the holy nazi jar, we in Brussels had one of most intense sturm. After succession of Kirill, Russian Federation has announced new military doctrine. Doctrine that is mainly usefull for Teutonic crusaders and is perfect for both military invasion on Iran and Velvet Revolution, as the outrage of people and disrespect to insane authorities, will be great. They has been just blinded by the Sun. Gollumn is so desiring my sperm that yesterday Hamas has got heat and joined this insane Teutonic crusade with unusual scorn. The God is leaving them, spurned. It is work of Malta Order that be all power, is countinuing great opus of Adolf Hitler, trying to cut off Piast tribe, tribe of the God, to the last...

Israel kills six Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza

In one of the most deadly outbreaks of Middle East violence in months, Israeli soldiers have killed six Palestinians in two separate incidents.

Three men killed in the Gaza Strip were thought to have been trying to infiltrate into Israel, according to its military. A Hamas security source said the trio were civilians collecting scrap metal.


The Ahura commemorations this year are quite unusual. By martyring he grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hussein they has made great prejudice to the Almighty and to remeber it, they are floging themself through centauries. To remeber this raw deal that they did misleded by Satan and to not repeat it. I ame then asking them, on the eve of their commemorations: On the Almighty God, what do you want to do in your Teutonic insanity? Misleaded by the Satan? What you want to achieve by your mad and inhuman act? What you want to show to the world and the people of good will?

Why you at Kremlin are giving such orders and why you Muslim clerics are blindly folowing it? This way you are streghtening people that will in future use this inhuman act, this corruptional colaboration, against you. People that futher will bring opression and terror to your nations, so West will have a reason to liberate you. You are making bigest mistake ever, same that was done with my father and that has proved to be worst way. Today, we hear this Vichy preparations and after morning meeting between some Major of so called Salvation Army and another one, major 'Radosz' Poraj-Wybraniec from the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade, we see again very clrearly Red Swastik Society, while here Baroso hunters are signing for another time Horst Welesel Lied anthem. Loudly as before in Germany that was turning into III Reich.

Horst-Wessel-Lied anthem

Flag high, ranks closed,
The S.A. marches with silent solid steps.
Comrades shot by the red front and reaction
march in spirit with us in our ranks.

The street free for the brown battalions,
The street free for the Storm Troopers.
Millions, full of hope, look up at the swastika;
The day breaks for freedom and for bread.


Nobody should stay neutral in face of such inhumanity. This Nazi perfidion that so much is emanating today from Lyon message that try to paint Shittes pilgrims as the assasint that are defeated by the evil Sunits, need to be broken, if we does not want to drow in the see of hatred and darkness. There should be not place for unity with such inhuman and barbaric people. We need to prove that the message transmited just hours before from Lyon is just a lie. Message that defames both Sunis and Shittes. It is Hitler Muslim SS deviation, that is speaking to us, do not fall brothers and sisters into their ranks.

Ashura fervour builds for world’s Shiite Muslims

The seventh-century martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson brings Shiite Muslims into public places to show their devotion across the Islamic world for the rites of Ashura. The outpouring over the slaying of Imam Hossein in 680 AD builds to a crescendo this Sunday.

Kerbala, in Iraq, where the deed was done, is home to the shrine to the ‘Lord of Martyrs’, south of Baghdad. Iraq has tightened security to protect the pilgrims from Sunni Islamist militants. Kerbala’s governor said 20,000 troops and police had formed eight cordons around the city, with a thousand snipers andbomb-sniffing dogs.


After Hitler has invaded my country, we has experienced unimaginable opression. Stalin, Chruschov, Brezniew and many other soviet era dictators was only continuing it. In so caled 'free' Poland i was working not revealing my history and background, for the people with an dream of reaching Parliament but i was just crushed to the ground by the Nazi. I do not have army under my commandment and i considier my country as under Maltan occupation. I can count only on you and legendary Belgian resistance. Before the II World War our officials was also offered similar 'Danzing' deal but has never accepted it. Whatever they would do, if they would accept it or reject, the end was same. They could only make things worse but stayed loyal to the God and nation, upholding honor. These days so called polish authorities and army is working against me...

Danzing deal

On October 24, 1938, Ribbentrop told Polish Ambasssador Jozef Lipski (1894-1958, Minister, then Ambassador in Berlin, 1932-39), that Germany could offer Poland a "general settlement" of all outstanding questions. He proposed that: (1) Poland would agree to the abrogation of Danzig's status as a Free City and its return to the Reich, as well as to a German extra-territorial highway and railway through the Polish Corridor to Danzig and East Prussia; (2) Poland would join the "Anti-Comintern Pact."* In return, Germany would guarantee the Polish-German frontier and extend the Declaration of Nonaggression of 1934 for 25 years.

*[Oct.25, 1936, German-Italian Pact; Nov. 26. 1936, German-Japanese Pact; Nov. 6, 1937, Italian-Japanese Pact against the Comintern. These pacts came to be known as the Anti-Comintern Pact].

Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck (1894-1944, For. Min. 1932-39) instructed Lipski to give a negative answer on Danzig , but say that negotiations were possible to improve German railway traffice and on building a German highway through the Polish Corridor. However, this seems to be have been a gambit to gain time, for there is no trace of any agreement by the Polish "Castle Council" (President, For. Min., Army Chief,and selected others meeting in the President's rooms in the Royal Castle, Warsaw) to this project. Finally, Beck said nothing to the invitation to join the Anti-Comintern Pact, which was equivalent to a refusal.

They has damaged our enviroment so much. Four years ago, they has taken our uncle JPII, exacly two years ago couisness Benazir Buttho. I am going out for a night in my camp thinking about our 'curse' and signing our prayer at the sunrise. Things does not look good...

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