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Yesterday somme Malta paws want to say a SAWA to the King of Belgium that is currently visiting Maroco. Yesterday the head of German army has been, on begining i had though that he has been removed just for this double assasination attempt but after today i wander if it was correct guy. If they will success with this plot it will open an Iranian or rather Azeri boiler and can also lead to fall of the Kingdom of Belgium. This Azeri thing can lead us to III World War, as Azeri president has already in Munich signalised his readines for a strike in the very sensitive region - trying to reach Iran on Azeri minority - heating the climat. King and his son is still alive but here at 12:20 some police officers from VSOA has come to put the sirenes in four of their cars. Just before a strike of another assasin coming to my camp. They was taking a revenge for another police officer that has failed on thier route. This crusader has fallen also and have been taken by ambulance but just think what he wanted to achieve.

It was a 2:0 job of Nicolas Sarkozy and other Maltan paws. In Germany they are critising defense that some was providing me but they has forggoten that OPEC has already warned them that it can cut oil production by one quater if something will happen to me. They want to see me having a son, it is what King Abdullah has said a Sarkozy during his visit- and not - the bastard is not an option as they has already produced on from my father. This crazy crusaders whatever they are civilians or militery ar just sturming the bleeding Wall Street and if they will success it will not be only great sadness for Chrisitians, Muslims and Jews but this killing of last Piast from the sword line will be just a impuls for maybe even bigger Great Depresion. IT IS REALY SERIOUS THING AND THIS GROUP OF POLICE OFFICERS ARE JUST CONSPIRING AGAINST THE KINGDOM OF BELGIUM.

This weekend plot, Grand Pari one, has been prepared with an aim of distrubing and ifluencing a Swiss referendum and has been born in the London with help of both Malta Order and the schizmatic Switzerland SPPX but together with Azeri strike that will be made in revenge for a King of Belgium life can lead us to the heating of the planet. That maybe will make an real advantge to the Asia but will also lead to disasters in Europe and United States and drowing of the United Kingdom and the Japan. Just as it has been already predicted in the Pentagon report. It is something oposite to the aims of the Climate Change - while this plot propaganda has been promoted under such banners. Today is Day of Eid and some are suggesting that i am a harach of the King Abdullah and the SUNites will kill me tonight while Shitees will make a revenge on the King of Belgium tomorrow. To mislead the public that this 100 will come from my cousin, King Albert II and his son, in local Metro edition they has published this story:

Il y a 100 ans, Albert Ier était roi

BRUXELLES Le roi Albert II a inauguré mardi au Musée Belvue à Bruxelles l’exposition «Albert 1er, roi d’une nouvelle Belgique», qui se déroule jusqu’au
28 février 2010.

L’exposition a été créée par l’Association royale Dynastie et Patrimoine culturel, pour commémorer l’avènement du roi Albert 1er il y a 100 ans. L’exposition retrace la vie d’Albert 1er, de sa jeunesse à sa mort accidentelle, en évoquant le contexte familial, son mariage avec Elizabeth, son accession au trône, son rôle pendant la Grande Guerre et surtout son règne de souverain à partir de 1919. «Le règne d’Albert 1er marque une période de renaissance pour la Belgique avec notamment le suffrage universel, la loi des huit heures de travail, la flamandisation de l’Université de Gand. Il a participé à la reconstruction du pays après la crise de 1929»

Source: Metro Belgium

That is why they has published a Royal Navy newses on British newswire to sugest that it was King Albert that was behind my assasination. But look at banderas, it is British one, not a Belgian. I have been greeted and thereted by the so called 'Sunists' of our Maltan Kaczynski Brothers but also the real one are still there. It is a Day of Aid but it is also American Thanksgiving Day and this assasination plot have nothing in common with Islam, it is just like poison that is eating orginal faith with a potential that woul also harm King Abdullah as he will be blamed for ordering this, while it is just a Brown-Lieberman lie, an schzimatic heresy. When this last yesterday has said that 'Ball is in Palestinian court' he was thinking about King Albert II. Brown has just today announced that he is backing an Climate Change 10 Billions found, what an entry or rather what a summary. I had saw on the Gare somebody that will today try to pay me back, he is proffesional killer but what they are going to achieve through this? In short and longer perspective. Are they insane? They did nothing to repair my crashed by them life and through this has did nothing to meet OPEC obligation. Thanks to them Wall Street is still bleeding almost every day and they just want to slain me again. Me and this time King Albert II...

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 29 June 1916 in Bosnia-Herzegovina - then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - brought the tensions between Austria-Hungary and Sex town to a head. This triggered a chain of international events that embroiled Russia and the major European powers. War broke out in Europe over the next thirty-seven days.

The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne sat next to his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg on the back seat of an open-topped car. It was the third car in a motorcade proceeding along Appel Quay in Sarajevo. When the driver mistakenly turned right into Franz Joseph Street and stopped to reverse, 19 year-old Serbian Gavrilo Princip shot the royal couple at close range with a semi-automatic pistol. He was one of six assassins positioned along the route by Danilo Ilić, a leader in the secret radical organization, Black Hand. Franz Ferdinand was hit in the neck, the bullet opening his jugular vein and lodging in his spine. Another bullet penetrated the right of the car and fatally wounded Sophie in the abdomen; she was pregnant with their fourth child.

More: Wikipedia

I have saw today two big police cars comming to the gettho. They was just in the nute of Weseli Lied Anthem removing part of my defenders with a hope that this time they will be successfull. They say that it was an German mission and it is because of civilian deaths. I would not call this cruseders that constantly are sturming Wall Street an civilians but it is true that some releated to Fatha has killed some innoncent to later use this to paralyse local resistance. I wonder if this Sarajevo police officers has arrested correct one. I wonder if i will survive. I and the King of Belgium as the fate and this Nazi plote has binded us together. They are taking part in the conspiracy that is aimed also at the stabilit of this country and they need to remeber that it can be treated as the betrayal of the state. With all the consequences. Instead of beign allowed for taking an revenge they should rather be throwed out of the Belgian police and prosecuted by the Military Tribunal. The fact that they have an uniform is not making them free to slain me or anybody and this is what some of them was actualy trying to do. Behaving just like a Gestapo sturming our Warsaw Gettho and meeting the Resistance...

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