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Polish dream - Duché de Varsovie

Yesterday there was monumental battle between some maltan general and the resistance. They had palaned to atack my camp on the first o'clock at night but has been ambushed and defeated on the 12. If they would success, it would be just like puting a knife in the van Rumpuy back just before the vote of the President of European Union - kind on betralay of the state.

But it is not only threat i am facing here. On the weekend Sarkozy palace has sent here a 'facture for a Lisbon'. The police has come but we has just exchanged greetings. It is something that i am observing everyday. I am wondering if he will send a facture for the French revolution to the General Radoszkowsky (one of first officers that has visited Japan after opening it to the foreigner), as similar 'trio romance' was also an impulse for overthrowing monarchy and establishment of the Republic of France. Ilse, well, it looks that she is dead and their executors just want to take a revenge. I wonder then why on me?

Before going sleep yesterday i have come to a monument of King Albert I - our old friend - to inform him about the developments and read an fragment from the seventh book - Nurymberg. It was 1938 - four years after he has joined a fate of other members of our ancient freemasonry logue. He did not saw it but it is just same now as it was in 1938 - with the small but important difference - it is seven decads of our continued opression - currently at the peak and the Great Britain plaing a role of IV Reich - trying to expand it to whole European Union. No, our Maltan Adolf Hitler is not giving up in his efforts to exterminate me and the Malta Cross is now no different from the old Black Iron Cross. We - dear readers - are the next wave of jews - Ilanians...

Nurymberg - Les GRANDS PROCES

Sur le plan interieur, les autres objectifs nazis sont definis, le 11 December 1938, par le general von Fritsch. Il ecrit ce jour-la que "trois batailles avaient ete necessaries pour retablir la puissance de l'Allemagne. La battalie contre les classes ouvrieres, la battalie contre l'Eglise catholique, la bataille contre les Juifs.."

We are not stupid and most of French people as the Polish one see the source of the shit in which Republic has been traped. They ask themself who rules France these days. There are many wise and brave people in Sarkozy cabinet but they all are drowing in his beadroom. Is not a which of Lieberman-Cameroon ruling the Republic? Is not she a cause why former Justice Minister has been replaced by this Maltan marionete? Quo vadis Republic? Is Sarkozy thinking by brain or maybe rather a penis? I know that this are strong words but you will hear this same from the ordinary French people.

In this same time Poles are looking on the map and are thinking if their country, their national identity has not been lost somwhere? Donald Tusk has offered me a castration but some time ago they was disscussing an motion that would give kind of autonomy to the Warsaw. Some motion that so much reminds them a Duche de Varsovie. Do not ask them who they would like to see as a 'prince' there. But our President and Prime Minister seems to be more interested in my extermination. Will we see a return of the Prince, return of the past? I doubt, on the 11 November - our national day - when our 'bastard of Versal', II Commonwealth of Poland has been recreated by the Jozef Pilsudzki - French Lyon in typical cold-war style has even by single word not mentioned us and our case, instead compared me to the Adolf Hitler.

20 years after fall of Berlin wall we - Poles or even Slavic borthers and sisters - are still missing from the Western propaganda and the books of history. It was resonable during the Soviet occupation as highlighting us was in favor of Evil Soviet Empire - but it is 20 years on and they still does not know who the Poles are and where is Poland on the maps and i am defended not by the Polish army but our international Holy Alliance - for what i am realy thankfull...

Duchy of Warsaw

The Duchy of Warsaw (Polish: Księstwo Warszawskie; French: Duché de Varsovie; German: Herzogtum Warschau; Russian: Варшавское герцогство, Varshavskoye gertsogstvo) was a Polish state established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 from the Polish lands ceded by the Kingdom of Prussia under the terms of the Treaties of Tilsit. The duchy was held in personal union by one of Napoleon's allies, King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony. Following Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia, the duchy was occupied by Prussian and Russian troops until 1815, when it was formally partitioned between the two countries at the Congress of Vienna.

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