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La boite de Pandore

It is maybe my last post as the Sarkozy seems to not learn and just yesterday he has blowed himself helping under influence of hormons - not only his rivals but at priori Chairman Fofana, blindly, like a pork in his preparations to the Paris weeding. Some under hormons realy has lost their minds and are just behaving like a hogs. Today on the street of Brussels people can see posters of 2012 but he still thinks that they will be able to erase this blog - while just in the past weeks number of visitors in the United Kingdom has increased from 50 000 to 70 000 and some has already warned that this pandemic can reach 1 on 3 persons in the European Union alone (not counting Russian Federation, China, Iran or South America). But they are following their Endlusing order - changing some countries like Ukraine in some mix of III Reich and III World - spreading panic and crazines.

Please dear reader - just make a copy of this blog and put it on the torrent. Invite your friends there. Lets graps our hands together.

It is new wave of Solidarity

Erasing this records- would be just like trying to destroy monasteries in Europe - places that was designed to keep the memory. It is something that in the symbolic way some was trying to do with crucifix in the Italian schools. An move that was intended to some to try to persuade a public that it is christian rite to crucify somebody. No, it is not a christian it was not a Pope that was doing this but a Emperor - that has paid highest price for his wrongdoings. This crucifix is there to remeber about this bestiality at not repeat it again. As not to repeat the Shoah...

Gaddafi on the crucifix


But we noticed from your visit to Italy that you had attached to your lapel the photo of Omar al Mokhtar – the libyan national hero who was executed by Italian colonial authorities. That gesture was perceived as provocative. What did you mean by such a move?

Col Gaddafi:
That’s for people to interpret as they wish.

In Rome journalists asked the same question and I replied by saying ‘and why do you wear the cross?’

I even replied for them, I said that you and Christians in general wear the cross believing that Christ died in a terrible way by being crucified – even though he was the prophet of love, peace and mercy and did not deserve as dreadful a death as crucifixion. That’s why as Christians you commemorate and immortalise that event by wearing the cross.

I said to the journalist who asked me the question: we too, we think that Omar al Mokhtar was killed terribly, he was executed by being hanged, he wasn’t even shot even though he fought for freedom, for the dignity of his country, for its independence in the face of a barbaric foreign invasion.

That’s why he merits our bearing his photo in the same way that you do the cross.


At night i was wakedup by shot. Yet another nazi crusader has falen but in difference to previous sturms. It was this famous Iranian missile shotup by Hamas fighter to some french mercenary. But in difference to previous encounters i had first received 'fuck you' message from Ilse Koch then local police has started a hunt for our fighter. I had mad appeal to them that it is realy shame and they should rather be on our side defending gettho from such Nazi sturms. At the morning i have lerned from Brown press office that this fighter has escaped. But it was a sign of some deal between Christian Democrat Herman Van Rompuy that so far was doing a unimaginable work providing security and the European Commissioner and Mr. Sarkozy - it was me for a chair of the European President. But it is still months before elections and i must warn him that in past many was offered such deals with intention to root them out. Just like with Tony Blair that thanks to relation with Ilse was forced to resign from this race.

The day i have spent walking and talking with Eva Tusk. We was jogging near the Gare du Midi. I needed something to drink so i had come inside. Going to the basketball i had passed through Euronews section. On the french page i had found short message 'Le CV anonyme au ban d'essai, bilan dans six mois'. I do not why but i was thinking about this 'ban'ana word. Funny, but during the basketball i had found a bannana juice. I am from the nature cautions so i just tried it litte bit - to taste. National Security Office should warn me but it did not. Half hour later i started to feel pain in my stomach. No of course it was not poison. I had returned and taked this juice back so some innoncent would not fall. Outside i have meet Lieberman guy, i had offered this jucie to him. Well, everytime i meet him some strange things happen. He did not wanted to drink it so i throwed it out. Of course i would throw it out anyway but was just checking his reaction...

Well, during our Forefather i had meet with all of our litte family people that has passed. When i was talking with Bronislaw Geremek, Donald Tusk was at this time at the grave of his mother. I was asking our League de Honor member how it can be that Tusk is organising a weeding of our Maltan courtesan of Margot and is ready to sacrifice me in their Swedish rite - as the Nazi 'proof of love'. Geremek was silent, he was very very sad to observe such thing. Sad as both French and the Polish one are. This last still dreaming about return of the past. Return of Sanacja but our best brains are already at the cementeries and the Parliament support is at the lowest ever, beating not only Gierek times but also General Jaruzelski one...

Today is 4th November and in Teheran in Iran that has come to birth together with me they are celebrating 'US embassy takeover' - that was caled 'Den of Spies'. Many thinks about our line as the Imam Khomeini line and today i guess Shah will be again trying to sturm my tent. I do not know if Sarkozy will learn - what has happend to his son is also something that Pentagon do to common people. It is also for them to learn from this blog about this evil plots. But from the statesman we as the people need to expect much bigger willpower. I hope that he will learn as otherwise we will have yet another Sorbona. Something that not so long ago we has observed in Vienna.

But today is also one year of this Labour camp. I am writing this words thanks to some French socialist that has offered me few euro but it is not something that i was expecting from them - helping to make Chairman Fofana a President of United States. I see that on Euronews his face is yellow one and well he has realy made a world closer to the Mao Totalitariasm - something that again has started to change in China with my comming on this world while now United States seems to be just following a story you can read in the 'Life and Death in Shanghai'. Just change a sex of main hero of this story and China to United States. Well, thanks to his 'Jesus of the Left' strategy has just lost elections in another state. He desperatly needs a help from Republicans. I do not know if i will see tommorrow i am realy worried as Ilse is bugging me not only during past nights but even now when i am sitting at the computer and writing this words. She seems to be sure that i will be death today and I am realy affraid she is right...

This night even was even worse as it was realy historical day not only because of Chancelor Merkel speech in the Congress that was very sentimental but mainly because of the Vaclav Klaus signature. They was for long time trying to sabotage Lisbon ratification process as they did in the past with the Constitution and was using this process to blackmal European Union to crucify me. On this day in time when Vaclav was signing the Lisbon treaty i had come to the Midi station.

Ilse was brodcasting 'Tatoo, tatoo' on one of the basket i had found a pill. The message was quite clear. I had come to the exit to smoke a cigaret then i have found two policemens waiting and looking at me. They was making for making an arresst but it was interupted by Cameron phone call. They has pulled back. When i had returned i had discovered that Klaus has signed Lisbon ending this loong and hard campaign. We did it and the train about Klaus was talking looks to be stoped at this moment and it must never continue this Shoah journey. The knife some wanted to put into our sacred five books would then naturaly be like a knife put in the six one the treaty that has strenghtened both people decision making through referendums and the European Union structure including bank supervision that is a must if we are going to face such chellenges as Israeli silver coins in the future.

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