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Grippe débute

Today in Berlin they are celebrating the annviersary of fall of the Berlin Wall. Some inspired by the Malta Fra are trying to paint our Bastion as such a wall that is obstacle to Ilse and Jean Koch on the road to happy marriage between best of breeds from the West and East making big favor for both Obama and Kaczynski...

On the ground in Brussels Malta cancer is progressing. Yesternight gettho was again sturmed by the Maltan forces and today some mother in United Kingdom has wondered if her son has realy died in the Afghanistan and on what kind of mission he has been sent. Fighting in name of what and where?

Today i was walking the streets in the city center when i have encountered two policemens talking to two Muslim people. On police officer was also Muslim in orgin another one was Nordic type. They was recruiting them for a sturm at the night. I was watching them closly and listened. When i have returned to the Gare du Midi i have found on the Sarkozy newswire short info about recruiting somebody for a pole mission. I had also found an information about two other muslim people that are currently at the Islamic summit and some other blamed for war crimes not welcomed by Brussels. Iran and Turkey foster relations at Islam summit we reads but it is only propaganda, both leaders are on my side. They are realy serious as the OPEC is while some leaders here are just heading for a real catastrophe.

Later on the Euronews i have watched a live transmission of the Chancelor Merkel speech from the Berlin. She has made a 'pilgrimage to the Bornholmer bridge' to meet together with another pair that has jumped over Berlin Wall on that night. But i do not think that their message and the message of our Vichy pair, that will try to slain me tonight, are comparable. I realy look now at Merkel as our Saint Mary of Monti Clari that not once was defending me together with our pope Benedict XVI. If they will be not able to convice Sarkozy, that is also present there, from making political suicide, who else will be able to do this and return them from their Maltan route?

I am writing this words also in name of many French people that are going to be exterminated in Republic just for reading this words. It is so called Berlin Domino that is so much in the spirit of Endlusing. Yes, for today they has planed a H1N1 premiere in France = their Vichy Cultural Revolution. The damage this pair could do to the Christian Democrats will be inreversible. I understand that Prime Minister of Belgium realy want to become the President of the European Union but is he realy conviced that joining this Tusk=Sarkozy pair and helping them in this insane project will make him President and will bring a glory to his nation? Such acts of colaborations with the Nazi that i have observed in Brussels today will rather make an political abortion of him...

Once again i am appealing to our leaders to keep our Christianic roots and values and do not fall into this evil Nazi plot that is emmiting from the Malta Order. It was Christian=Democrats that has gained a lot not only in the European Elections but also in local one like in Belgium or Germany during course of my Che Guevara like Lisbon campaign and i have a right to expect something other that such dead end. Especialy on such day that for some marked end of the Cold War era. But is it realy over? And where they are trying to lead us? Into times of prosperity and stability or just into political chaos?

If they will fall to the Furer demands, he will not stop at me. It is just like with Nazi and Free City of Danzing. We could fall to Hitler demanads but would this stop II World War and their evil practices that are going once again to be resurected? I will continue to shout as Danzing was doing 70 years ago = i will be shouting even after my assasination, waiting in the sunshine for 'the winners' in Rio. They know from the OPEC predictions that it will be realy costly move and i would realy like to see my grandchildrens some day in the future. No, of course not with Ilse Koch but they are just blindly following this one dollar script in what to what...

Great Depression

World economic crisis 1929–late 1930s, sparked by the Wall Street crash of 29 October 1929. It was the longest and most devastating depression in the Western world in modern history.

The Great Depression was precipitated by the Wall Street crash when millions of dollars were wiped off US share values in a matter of hours. This forced the closure of many US banks involved in stock speculation and led to the recall of US overseas investments. This loss of US credit had serious repercussions on the European economy, especially that of Germany, and led to a steep fall in the levels of international trade as countries attempted to protect their domestic economies. Although most European countries experienced a slow recovery during the mid 1930s, the main impetus for renewed economic growth was provided by rearmament programmes later in the decade.

On a personal level, thousands of stockholders lost vast sums of money. Bank, business, and factory closures left millions of Americans facing unemployment and poverty. Many people were forced to seek charity for food and shelter. During this time public opinion swayed against Prohibition, and there was widespread disdain for the law. Organized crime increased, led by notorious gangsters such as Al Capone.

President Herbert Hoover was greatly criticized for his opposition to federal relief to the unemployed and for the development of poor shantytowns around cities, nicknamed ‘Hoovervilles’, were further evidence of his inability to cope with the effects of the depression. Democrat Franklin D Roosevelt soundly defeated Hoover in the 1932 presidential election and his New Deal social and reform programme restored faith in the US economy.

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PS. I am writing this words this time thanks to some 'Merkel' lady that has offered me one euro and the cigaret. Thank You, i hope i will survive this crazy night...

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