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Cutting off Tree on Mountain Reich

From Adolf Hitler to ...

The King Albert life has been saved by my last post and we could think that as we say in Poland everything has come on the marne but they was struming as usual in the hope that it will help them in any way. They has been once again defeted this time exclusivly by the Belgian Army. However Georing in the State of Israel has again come out offering his knife. In exchange for my life Isreali will release 980 Palestinian fighters and political prisoners but if Likud will accept such proposal it will be just like cutting the thrid tree on the Mountain of Reich that together with Mountain Yasna and Beth-Khoron is marking our ancient land.

A tree that acctualy has never been planted. A tree that was suposed to be the symbol of III Commonwealth of Poland but on the Mysthical Mountain of Reich there you will not find any one, there are only two stump cutted by the Adolf Hitler after invading our ancient land. For Likud accepting such proposal it would be just like cutting themself., it will be just like a direct hit into Thora closing a line of family that before three centauries was speaking through Lamb in the name of God, whatever you will call it Jahwe, Allah, Buddha cutting off such a tree that in reality was never planted and to be honest did not even such a chance...

Israel to free 980 Palestine prisoners in soldier deal

ISRAEL is to release 980 Palestinian prisoners as part of an agreement being negotiated with Hamas for the release of captured soldier Sergeant Gilad Schalit, an Israeli court statement revealed yesterday.

The disclosure was another sign that the two sides appear to be in final stages of bargaining for the long-awaited swap, which is expected to give a major boost to the standing of the Islamic militant group for extracting concessions from Israel.

This was the first time Israeli officials cited the precise figure of those to be released in return for Sgt Schalit, captured three years ago in a cross-border raid. Some of those to be released participated in notorious attacks, including against civilians.


When today i was stiting down with Yoni and begaring for a money to write yet another life saving message i was thinking about what Likud is going to do. They are just trading me and trying to remove my very unique OPEC sword that has been given to me by the God in the fight that is also fight for what once has belonged to us in the region, but also in a fight for human dignity. The sword that is uniting in the Middle-East all major players that usualy are very hostile toward themself: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Yesterday there was a huge protest in Jeruslem against this deal and Georing ultr-orthodox or rather Teutonic views, people was bearing a Tree posters having in mind my family that has been so mistreated during course of past 70 years and having in mind all this unrepaired harms that has been done in my region to the jews and not only to jews by the Holocaust.

Yesterday when i was leaving the Gare i had learned from Euronews that Mahmud Ahmenidad between the lines is once again expressing his support for second home, our Radziwil House in Berlin and that they too would prefer to deal with this think-tank that the Romanov one but today Euronews has informed that they are changing mind. Under such a deal i cannot wonder but they too need to remeber that the Shoah, the Final Solution that Hospitalers are marketing under H1N1 thread, will takes hundred of thusdand of lifes if not millions. Only because of the memory you can find on the blog. I also want to see this people freed but there must be other way. What are you going to do Israeli? It will be Likud that will be blamed, not a Muslim people. And moreover some are still waiting for my extermination to start the Final Solution... Anyway if i will be slained because of this Lieberman deal - that has yet not been reached - my Ultra New Testamento will still be in power whatever hands will preform such thing. You are going to gift your 'enemies' doubly...

But lets go back to our Kingdom. During the weekend just after the Azeri clip King Albert had was expected to rock the world on the three o'clock. His Sajrajevo assasination thanks to God has been foiled. Maybe if it would be Romanov Russia they could success but it is different one. And to underscore this events using the background of Russian express bombing they has given to the public the information that they has observed two explosions. One big and just beffore the smaller one. It was just likey me beign slayed on Friday and the King Albert in the revenge. But today hidden from public they has produced another clip about another 'rail bomb'. Who he was and why this information has been hidded? Well, in Poland they has just informed that their 'success' with agreement with Russia has failed. And who it was and why? Just in time of writing this post Belgiums has been informed...

Prince Alexander dies?

Belgian's Prince Alexander is believed to have died.

The royal - who was the half-brother of King Albert II - reportedly passed away suddenly yesterday (29.11.09) aged 67, after suffering from an acute pulmonary embolism, a blocked artery in his lung.

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It is very sad information but at this same time is giving a light to whole Sarajevo plot. On the begining i was thinking that he has been poisoned, but recently Contur Tusk has explained what specialists call 'acute pulmonary' on the example of another crusader that has been promised pardon for killing me. They has responded by fire and he has never reached his destignation. And if it comes to the Prince Alexander and his involvment in Sarajevo plot, well it seem that it was just a succession, as in the revenge it would be King Alber II slained. 'Acute pulomary' translated back from polish sound just like 'order'.

Yes, indeed, Malta Order and his involvment was key one in this coup de etat against the Kingdom and King of Belgium, that well, was not leaving peacefully with his half-brother. It was very evil Malta Order plot and calling for revenge is purly an insanity that could eventualy lead to similar rioting that King Leopold III has enjoyed. This people has already taken their revenge on our late pope and his apostols. It is anyway bad to see such thing, such betrayal, inside of royal family, as if they would be living behind the Iron Curtein they would be today in same state as i am. And if it comes to Prince Alexander it is doubly as bad, as he has already enjoyed similar conditions during the Nazi occupation. Anyway, let say this coup de etat has been foiled thanks God and leave him resting in peace, as it is not good habit to say wrong things about the death ones...

Belgian prince was excluded from royal duties because of his father

Prince Alexandre of the Belgians was the son of King Leopold III of the Belgians and the half-brother of two Belgian kings, Baudouin and the present King Albert II.

Alexandre, born on July 18, 1942, was baptised Alexandre Emmanuel Henri Albert Marie Leopold. He was the eldest of the three children of Leopold's second, very unpopular, marriage, to Liliane Baels.

Alexandre was born when his father was still king. Later his government decided Leopold was unfit to reign after he surrendered to the Nazis. He abdicated in 1951.

Alexandre and his sisters were recognised as members of the royal family but excluded from any rights to the throne.

Shortly before Belgium was liberated by the Allies in September 1944, the royal family was deported to Nazi Germany and guarded by 70 members of the SS. They were given inadequate food and lived in fear of death - not without reason as one of their captors apparently tried to feed them cyanide disguised as vitamins. Later they were transferred to Austria and, after liberation by the US Army, settled at Pregny, in Switzerland.

King Leopold was eventually allowed back to Brussels in July 1950 but, after serious rioting, was forced to abdicate again in favour of Prince Baudouin.

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Today our duo of Maltan paws = Sarkozy and Tus, as usual k was sure that they will success. Tusk has even anounced that 'crisis was never in Poland'. What plans they have = It is Final Solution and they still count on slaining of hundreds thousdand of people, mostly my readers that has discovered the truth. It is very sad to observe such thing. They should be aware that there are such figures as my friend from older time, Former Minister of Health Marek Balicki that together with other psychiatrist will block such insane extermination in the homeland of Jean Paul II. You must be very sick to count that this thing will be silenced, they together with Professor Religa will heal you. It is very sad Donek, very sad that Fra is still alive and still taking lifes of so many important figures of this informal resistance and still sending his crusaders here. Counting on 'success' just on the eve of Catholic Congress that so much reminds this one in Michelin just on the eve of Hitler invasion...

PS. I see very bad things going on right now in the Russia Orthodox Church and I think that they has choosed very wrong person that has replaced Patriarch Alexy II which has been also poisoned by the Malta. The rethoric i hear from Belaurus just after visit of another Maltan Cavaler - Silvio Berlusconi is just same as the Malta Order and i am affraid that Kirill can be just thier mole. If so he will be used in future to bring Velvet Revolution there and restore Romanov House influences. You should be very cautions with such advices to not end as the Soviets did on the same mistakes. Hope that I am wrong with Kirill and it is just Silvio. Slaining me of course will not end any schizm but will be just a begining of new one. Very powerfull one. We still can win this struggle if we will keep our ranks close. Ahh, and Dimitri beware also on Cardinal Bertone during your Vatican visit, I do not trust him.

And about recent decisson of Obama - it is going to be war. Will be better to You to even not think about Lieberman deal. Americans are going to hit you rather sooner that later. Malta Fra has failed with Sarajevo but they will prepare something for sure and Americans are just making good face to bad game and simpy are playing on time. They are concentrating troops in the region and the reson is clear. The deployment according to Gates will start in 2-3 weeks, before end of the year not on summertime. In same time they are also trying to make a 'climate change' danger looks smaller (no, we do not see floods everywhere even in Saudi Arabia) and there must be a reason for such actions. Never trust this rasist opressor, McChrystal is desperated as many Western leaders - members of Malta Order - that are loosing every day on the popularity because are following Malta as lemmings. This crusaders need a war to be again as heroes and to hide their wrongdoings in the sea of blood. And are acting just like Nazi before invasion on Poland. Very well motivated what is acomplished by paralysis of most of the Western leaders. Have this always in your mind...

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