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Turn off BBN

Today Gare du Midi is closed because of strike. However, I would like to see something other closed. Because of intensifing represions and yet another sleeples night, today i had wroten to members of parliament and other national bodies short message.

Close National Security Bureau (BBN)

Dear all,
Because of intensifing represions against my person, represions that can be only compared to terror of Nazism or NKWD i am asking urgently for unpluging National Security Bureau from the structure of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Actions of this beauro not only is all over the world, negativly influencing an image of the Commonwealth of Poland but is just driect propaganda tube used for spreading of hatred, nazism and antisemitism. Broadcast that this organization is performing is just this same ideology that was broadcasted before the II World War by the Glewitze Radiostation.

My request is urgent because as they are using broadcasting equipment my person is under constant torturs, even in the time of writing this email, what can end by the prostate or skin cancer. Acts of BBN are not only against good name of our fatherland but in direct way are threating polish interests and national security. Towards my persons workers of this institution are using constant threats of voilence, harasment, humilitation, are depraving me of human dignity, raping, toutrtuing and making no possiblity to sleep since nights. I am realy asking for unpluging BBN from the NATO network and eventualy putting people responsible for this activities at the Tribunal of the State.

Best regards,

Artur Radosz

It is a very sad letter as in the logo of the National Security Bureau you can see the polish crown but if there is no other option to stop this Nazi madness Parliament and the Minister of Defense have already drafted a legislature that will pull out Presidential Palace from the brodcast. Soon we will be celebrating 11 November a day on which Polish nation has resurected and throwed out Tsaris opression creating truly independent state that has again drowed on 1 September 1939. The Presidential Palace seems to be sticked to their tradition of giving an 'orders' but this one looks to be just Endlusing one. The Prime Minister is in difference inviting guests to the ceremony of change of guards. I think that for everybody it should be clear that this voice, Voice of the Truth must prevail while Radio Gliewitze should be silenced and never resurected again.

Both President and the Prime Minister should be aware about extremly negative outlook of their current activities and the deal that they was trying to enforce is just same as the one enacted on 24 April 1926 between Germany and Soviet Union. Similar deal against Jozef Pilsudzki and our country. When he had becomed aware of it he has returned from Sulejowek to Warsaw and owerthrowed both of them creating Sanacja. The feeling in army are not positive and in longer perspective such dealing will lead to similar situation and Tusk should be aware that sometimes it is one night that can overthrow colossus like it has happend with AWS in 2001.

What he is doing today in a France that so much pretends to be Vichy France - he has announced joint-venture plans for a 'power house' is watche not only be Poles about which he seems to forgotten, as about our litte family, but also from Russia and the Middle East. Things will continue and this Nazi cancer will be cured anyway, with me or without me. What will be worse should be obvious to every statesman, as it would be like killing of forgivness and laughtening from the nation just in their face. While silencing Glewitze should be as obviousl, silencing my broadcast, silencing this voice - should be and must be treated as the betrayal of the state. In such conditions in which i am now it will be equal to slaining me. I have a home, old jewish home in Berlin capital and polish goverment instead of puting there a banners with swastika because of some whora should manage to return it in the proper hands to create Wyszegrad think thank through past years instead of joining this Malta British plot to slain me and once again throw slavic nations to their knees before the Nazi. Sending me to this new one - my father home - Lubliniec is just like spiting on Lachs beards.

For me she is just Mary Magdalena but instead of asking me for forgivnes she is puting me in situation 'Sieg oder bolse wismus' and i see both French police on the hunt of Van driver as well yet another ship captured by Somali pirates. This is something that has been changed in this old game by the Nazi. She could get my forgivnes but anyway should just go away - she is not a candidate on wife - she has realy fallen down. Still i do not belive that our Maltan Cavaler Lech Kaczynski have a good intentions. He as Wiktor Juszczenko is just blindly folowing British FRA orders. While our Mary Magdalena - Ilse was calling me a bulion - she had on mind the billion of euro from the recent Iran contra deal in London. But she has also called me cygogne - a french word for a stork - that is associated in our culture with bird that brings a children - she wanted to martyr me. Actualy there is whole group of piast storks that has just come to the Paris together with Donald Tusk visit just like on this Vichy poster. It is funny but 'cygogne' sounds just like polish 'cyganie' - the Gypsies - Roma people.

They had a plan of using Paris Aircraft incident in the british way by producing yet another Lockderby incident and puting bodies of Nazi and their mercenaries that lost their lifes sturming a Ghetto in their crucade for 'pants'. Now London FRA is for another time threating me just on the eve of both Berlin Wall fall and Polish Independence Day. I would realy like to see another FRA and i think that somebody from Belgium can be correct person as they already proved their commitment to our religious roots. This one should be just taken to the Rome as he did with FRA Mathew = lying that it was Mathew that poisoned our Pope. Instead some christian democrats are just bowing themself to the Nazi and FRA orders that should just land in the trash. The Church in particural should protect me to never again allow for Christ fate. Through centauries we was Chancelros, Kings and Hetmans. And even in the partitioning time it was respected by both Prussia and France. Paris was always our safe haven even in most difficult times. Nowdays their propaganda is just painting me as this evil jew, dangerous one walking freely on the streets of Brussels = just like from Vichy poster. Well, it is part of Galic resitance and i am realy thankfull for defence they are still providing. It is something that is part of local culture and should be treated with higest respect. Yes, it is fundamental thing like a Belgian autonomy. I know that Belgium Prime Minister has been offered some chair but the game will be on and i do not think that Vichy way is best forward. And at the end it can be German Chancelor that will ask him: 'But what you did with last Piast?'

And yes they not only are threating me but at first they are threating my pupils, my dear readers claiming that this virus can take at least 40 000 deaths in European Union. And next waves of extermination will follow. It is not about pants it is about new Shoah and the constant represions through past 70 if not 300 years. And if they are comparing me to any gunman they should compare me to Wales that in Stasi time hold similar quest for freedom but the threats are much, much bigger.

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - The H1N1 pandemic flu virus could kill up to 40,000 people across Europe and be followed by seasonal flu waves that could kill the same number, European health experts said on Friday.

The Sweden-based European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said epidemics of H1N1, known as swine flu, were now affecting almost all countries in the European Union but it could not predict how intense the peaks would be.

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PS. Ilse was again bugging me, making this every time i am sting down behind the computer. We slaves should not use internet. How internet and this blog are dangerous to the Nazi we all are aware. I will never bow to this agressors...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

of course Nazi would be interpreting that i am asking for eutansism for myself = like russian maltans did just moment ago =


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

very sad to see such words from Russian Federation they has falen to the Malta like Soviet Union did in past and if so they will pay thier price as they did


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I see that after Nethanyahu has stoped a shipment of weapons to the Libanon (Hezbullah has denied it had any links to it) some in Iran are also pointing to the Malta and also see Merkel bad intentions.

It is a Nazism and by falling to it Iran or any other country will do more harms to themself. Especialy that it is a time before invasion...

The Islamic Republic has condemned German Chancellor Angela Merkel's latest remarks on Iran, saying her speech was against the national interests of Germany.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast said on Thursday that Merkel's remarks were influenced by 'Zionist circles'.

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

they at Kremlin should realy be cautions, look at polish headlines, Sikroski is suggesting in his Kissinger style that Russian Federation have a problem to me. But i realy does not belive it is not the Soviet Union to fall into this Nazi trap as Poland did obviously...

but something big was prepared as this Iran=contra shipment has show