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Tomorrow in Berlin they will be celebrating 20 years of fall of the Berlin Wall. They say that there will be nice firework, NEGRO firework that will markt this historical celebrations the other thing will be monumental domino = that is a symbol of their 'pandemic plans'. I am writing this words because some on the street has gave me some litte coins. He has know me while i did not. He was asking where i am living. I have told him that now in some camp on the street and while i cannot return to the Poland or even cross the border i have a house in Berlin on which some are going to once again put a swastika banners.They did nothing and i see that for me there are only two options: beign slain or sent to to the Citadel. Best moment for this would be our National Independence Day.

The preparations for this are comming arm to arm with Hilary Clinton plans to help drop OPEC support for my cause. She is not interesting with holding talks with Sikorski that is maybe to much in the spirit of General Wladyslaw Sikorski but instead is going to meet with Arab League to convice them that i am jew and pedofill. Well, they was acomplimishing me for so long as they has promised something befeore centauries and if will continue this Piast saga, we can change not only my fate but the course of history. This story of Radziwill house is very fundamental one and it realy is about multipolar world instead of progressing unipolarisation and the Malta dictatorship.

Just on Friday they has once again tried to involve me with the last. When i was leaving a gare on Sarkozy newswire i had read about a Premiere. Furgon a Lyon premiere in Paris they has wroten. And indeed i had meet a furgon near my place i supose that some childrens was instead and indeed they was waiting for a correct moment through whole night. But through whole night also people in the cars was there = to later ask them: but in which minnute?. Near the morning i had taken some dye and marked this care by writing on it 'Furgon a Lyon'. Few houers later they has left the place without success.

Why it is so important for them? Well, there is still unresolved vote on the internet censorship in the European Parliament, some similar one in Vichy France and even more important one in the Polish Senat. By making me phedofile they will be both able to censorship this blog and repres my readers as well 'castrate' me in the name of the law. It is not joke and similar act was done in past by the Adolf Hitler. Donald Tusk can tell you a fairtales about his achievments and plans but look at this single act = this Enigma castration = and think about me a Vichy storke and Tusk=Sarkozy weeding just like from the pages of Wyspianski = then you will have a clear picture about modern 'Poland' and the trio = our Maltan Nazi, Obama Stasi and the Vichy colaborants with Geremeks on the Freethinkers cementery slained by Malta as they was too dangerous 'rivals'. They are not only not interested in the positive end of my story but are acting against our national interest and trying to sacrificy somebody that could be like a phillar for the Polish diplomacy, Polish and the European one...

Alan Turing - ENIGMA

The man who broke the "unbreakable" code was at home in his world of figures and computations, but seldom elsewhere.

Peculiar practices clung to Alan Turing like layers of moor fog. To his Bletchley Park colleagues, he was "the Prof," often seen distractedly hurrying to or from the mansion and Hut 8, the section struggling to break the secret German U-boat code. To his neighbors in Shenley village, he was the odd one on the bicycle wearing a gas mask, the best thing for relief of chronic allergies, he believed.

After two years in America during which he earned a Ph.D. from Princeton, he retuned to Cambridge in July 1938, as war clouds gathered. On September 4, 1939, the day after the declaration of war by Prime Minister Chamberlain, Alan reported for duty at Bletchley Park. It was the darkest time for Britain and for British intelligence. Not a single Enigma-coded message had been solved in almost 10 months. The U-boat menace had grown from one submarine in 1935 to 57 at the outbreak of war. In the first nine months of the conflict U-boats would sink 701 Allied ships with 2.3 million tons of vital cargo, most of it from America. Britain could not long survive if the sea-lanes were not made safer.

The German military transmitted thousands of Enigma-coded messages every day. At least 100,000 of the chunky, portable typewriter-like machines had been manufactured by 1942. Every ship, U-boat, air base, and every unit in the German armed forces possessed at least one of the devilish devices, but with Turing’s arrival at Bletchley, the Ultra code-breakers had an immediate advantage: During the initial critical assault on the Enigma variations, Alan Turing was the only mathematician at Bletchley.

Assisted by Gordon Welchman, Alan used existing mathematical principles to devise a mechanized approach to seeking out the "probable words" common to all secret messages. The Bletchley Park "bombes" (noisy, crude, but effective electro-mechanical code-breaking machines) - went from decoding a trickle of 50 Enigma messages a week in 1940 to 3,000 per day in 1943.

After the war, Alan Turing slipped back into the academic obscurity from which he had emerged. In September 1945, he accepted a position at the National Physical Laboratory in London to design an electronic computer partially based on his own Universal Turing Machine. He resumed the King’s College fellowship in 1947, began research into computer development in 1948 at Manchester University, and in 1950 developed the "Turing Test," the game that would forever link him with the origins of artificial intelligence. At the dawn of the computer age, the mysterious misfit had become accepted.

Then, on 11th February, 1952, in Manchester, he was arrested for "gross indecency with a nineteen year old male person." The same draconian 1885 ordinance used to imprison Oscar Wilde in 1895, had brought Alan Turing’s long-closeted private life into public view.

In lieu of two years in prison, he agreed to a course of "organo-theraphy" – chemical castration with female hormones. He wrote to a friend: "It is supposed to reduce sexual urges whilst it goes on, but one is supposed to return to normal when it is over. I hope they’re right." The disintegration of his life was almost complete, with his government security clearance removed and his reputation in tatters.

On 7th June 1954, the housekeeper found him dead at home in Wilmslow, near Manchester. A partially eaten cyanide-laced apple lay next to the bed. Loyal to the end, his mother insisted that it was an accident. The national press took little notice. No monuments were erected; no plaques to his memory were commissioned. Misunderstood in life and neglected in death, Turing left a legacy that included the Ultra secret, unfinished works on plant life, artificial intelligence, physics, and computer theory. He was only 42 when he died.

On the morning near the Gare du Midi i had found a 'ticket'. Malta Air = TRANSFER they has printed on the orange ribbon that some has left there. Indeed Malta delegation has come to the city just on the day on which in Russia they are celebrating the military parade that had opened a recontre against Hitler that was on the way to takeover this city. This time FRA has sent his Uberleutant to make a deal with one of the local Army General. Well, definitivly he has choosed wrong day for this.

When i was young i was thinking about the orgin of Hans Kloss = one of heroic icons of polish PRL propaganda. The melodic line from the music theme is created in such a way that in some point the natural continuation of it is another theme from the MI5 star = James Bond. It should works this way but thanks to the Maltan FRA it is not. He is just like a grume in the very heart of the Chatolic Church = because of his British orgin = he is adhesive between British Labour and Cameroon so called conservatives. He is protected by both and is working inside of Church for their interest promoting Nazism anf beign a cause of National Socialism and the sharp riff between British and Israeli Labour parties. He works defame Church and bring a schizm. Something about which some fools dreams in a time when Christian Democrats should close their rank and defend unity. This time he has activate somebody that should know more about a case of another Belgium General = General Robert Close = one of 'guards' of our Uncle, Jean Paul II that has passed away in very suspected circumstances on poisoners holiday 6 December 2003.

The Maltan emissary was quite successful and near evening i has watched that from the Gare du Midi two policemans and some other guy also in police uniform has come out. They was talking between them then the thrid one has left. Ilse has sent me a Moorse code a signal that i will be crucifixed on this day. Gordon Brown was joking on the Euronews: Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate two men meet. Gunter Ziehe and Peter Daube share common memories. They were two policemen guarding the border working on either side of the Berlin Wall until it crumbled. Well, he has never reached destitation beign shot on the way but this incident is suposed by FRA to lead to my 'spectacular' imprisoment or at least complete paralism of security forces.

I hope that it will be not a case, he was yet another Nazi crusader going to collect their 'Rio suvenir'. He is suposed to be this spin on the front of this post. In Russia they are joking that Russian police orders internal check over corruption accusations. Well, on the ground some police cars was using sirens just like Gestapo in the gettho. It is so bad to hear such terror. I hope that here on the ground they will check this SS Group also. It was very shamefull situation but from other hand it was interesting leak of the Malta influence. Today United States congress has move a step closer to the Obama hell care reforms, here it is still a Belgium and the screw still block their transports...

Today i had visited Cathedral = Malta has organised some special mass and concert there and on the invitation they has put Christ face. Just on the enter there is my small corner filled by Jean Paul II and local royal family photographies. Each time i am comming there i am thinking about this Berlin Wall. Twenty years has passed and after poisoning of Jean Paul II things has come to the worst level ever. I am just like my forefathers on the Syberia observing return of Tsarism and Stasi in America. When they say about 'equality' i have this photos in my mind and i does not know if i should laught or cry. I was trying to fight for my own but last year, last year of Labour camp was just crushing for me and it was done with the premeditation. Oh yes, FRA realy hates this blog. It is so blazing them. When leving a cathedral i have left short note in their visitors book.

For a soul of Malta FRA
in the memory of Jean Paul II
and all of his Apostols

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