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11 Silver coins

The hormons feeding done through VALIS have incredible effects on unexperienced mans and womans. Unaware about the devil hands they can even blow themself up in the name of their God. The things come even wore if it is a politican or member of his family that comes under such influence. Well, it is a method of Hashshashins but they did not blowed their fools at the mosques, kindergardens , universities or at Louvre as some wanted to do. It was such case after this EU summit, when Ilse was going to prepare for a weeding in Paris. Sacrificing me by Sarkozy hands - just like a child on front of a couple from Adolf poster promoting castration - We does not stand alone. Well, it would be just like a punch in whole five sacred books = killing last Negro that has survived in the sword line. Is it a French way?

Some was going to make a deadly mistake and i do not think he will stop, as again Tusk platform by mouths of Gowin friend of Cardinal Stanislaw has warned me to not write the truth. Well, i received knifes from all the western sides and this is a story of forgivness but the other side must learn from it, otherwise will harm themself. But now, after 20 years of Berlin Wall fall, I am still looking on this wall again - this same wall from the people that i keeps me in some state like prison, same wall since beign born and i see some pair that looks behind it on me - guarding my past and future. Keeping me inprisoned in this Labour camp. They say that we are competitors to her hand but is this true? Or is it just a excuse? If you will read this blog then you will see. Is this fair? Is not this just a slavery? About what we are talking then if i am and will be rejecting her hand? About 5 years on this insane programe. About 1 year literaly like in the 'labour camp'?

They say that i have survived this Sabath beacuse of her. Well the support has actualy come from her Swiss masters or mayber rather from the King of Belgium. I appreciate it = but she was only pawn and as usual was bugging me through past nights.

Some light on this situation and an explanation comes when you look on the recent deal done by some Israeli insurance agency that has spent 11 billions euro on some UN building in London. Preparing a perfect nest for our pair. I am joking that it was just like 11 Silver coins payd for Jesus life = but this time i have survived. While things has stayed same. It is very sad to observe this as it was Beniamin Nethanyahu that was building his ellection campaign around the slogan = Return of the Prince. Yes, he and the people of Israel was thinking about me = they has trusted him and made him a Prime Minister. While i have survived by great luck this recent assasination. I wonder if this return of the prince. Return of the Piast or maybe return of the past would not be in coffin. If i will not rather join a Joni on the other side, also on my 30...

And to Mr. Sarkozy that is just in the middle of the disscussion about the French identity. Watch Wyspianski 'Weeding' and think about motto for organization that i was suposed to fund on that night - t i will call 'You had a golden hornet. Now only rope has left'. Think and make your homework. Cleer your cabinet and bedroom from the Malta influence or you will blow yourself...

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