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Beneš Decrees

Well, it is 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and instead of looking for a compensation for both Holocaust era harms and stolen properties as well Stasi anti-semitic crimes - once again some eastern politicals show their vasal attitude toward the United Kingdom and the United States - where already rich ellites lives on properties transfered there after the Second World War. We - victims or family members - was living under Iron Curtein. With a hope that some day things will change and their baptism of blood compensated. I am writing about this as President Vaclav Klaus again plays standard Beneš Decrees card and some of newspapers ask the question - Is the Klaus, defender of the Czech nation?

While i am continuing to focus just on the recent harms MI6 has did to my life, I will ask another one. Will they continue to treat us as the Slaves not a Slavic people? Will Klaus bring a glory or a shame to his nation? Belgium has already showed that it is possible to solve this old claims in a positive way. My cause is quite symbolic one as this bike on the photo is. I have moved from Amsterdam to continue my pilgirmage on a bike - what was quite inspiring for Merkel campaign. If somebody was asking himself who is riding a bike on the roof and who Merkel observes from her office in one of her video spots -t he answer is - me. But somebody here has stolen even this bike - while Chancelor Merkel has won an ellections on it.

Klaus, defender of the Czech nation?

The Czech president has found the one political way in which he could domestically justify his continued refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty.

When a Czech politician finds himself in a spot of bother, he pulls out the Beneš Decrees and the property claims of Sudeten Germans expelled from post-war Czechoslovakia through the decrees. It is a card played regularly over the past 20 years by the Social Democrats, the Communists and the Civic Democrats (ODS). And now President Václav Klaus is playing it.

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The Beneš Decrees argumentation is only serving an opressor interest and is just an fraud defense that is counted on stopping a wave of Holocaust era claims from Slavic nations. In this idiotic argumentation we are very often missing the point who was a victim of the Second World War and who was aggressor. While i am living in inhuman conditions closed by Barrack Husein Obama in something that so much reminds me Buchenwald or Treblinka concentration camps - in this same time 5 German companies - with a Nazi capital - has come to Polish Goverment to reclaim what they has 'lost' after the Second World War.

While i can understand part of claims made by civilian population that was not serving Hitler Holocaust Machinery - if it is possible at all - we cannot ignore claims of victims of Nazi. This has been not solved at all - while my country during II World War we have paid the price-of more than 6 million human lives, of the loss of over 40 percent of the national wealth. If there would be no II World War - we will have today not G20 but G21 group. Still, what they serve to the people that are comming with such claims - is something that so much reminds Shoah and Hitler Final Soulution. This one is silent one - but during II World War - most of Belgians for example - did not had any idea about what is going in their country. They was not aware about systematic transports. The full scale of Nazi opression has been show to the World during Nurymberg trail. Still they continue their deadly game - with a Teutonic pride trying to paint Nazists and Chekists as the victims - not a crusaders that are going to open the next wave of Shoah by killing me - a symbol of Polish nation. In a game that Hitler was doing in Danzing on the months before invasion...

Die Endlösung

The Final Solution (German: Die Endlösung) was Nazi Germany's plan and execution of the systematic genocide of European Jews during World War II, resulting in the final, most deadly phase of the Holocaust. Heinrich Himmler was the chief architect of the plan, and the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler termed it: "the final solution of the Jewish question" ("die Endlösung der Judenfrage").[1]

Mass killings of about one million Jews occurred before the plans of the Final Solution were fully implemented in 1942, but it was only with the decision to eradicate the entire Jewish population that the extermination camps were built and industrialized mass slaughter of Jews began in earnest. This decision to systematically kill the Jews of Europe was made either by the time of or at the Wannsee conference, which took place in Berlin, in the Wannsee Villa on January 20, 1942. The conference was chaired by Reinhard Heydrich. He was acting under the authority given to him by Reichsmarshall Göring in a letter dated July 31, 1941. Göring instructed Heydrich to devise "...the solution of the Jewish problem..." During the conference, there was a discussion held by the group of German Nazi officials how best to handle the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question". A surviving copy of the minutes of this meeting[2] was found by the Allies in 1947, too late to serve as evidence during the first Nuremberg Trials.

By the summer of 1942, Operation Reinhard began the systematic extermination of the Jews, although hundreds of thousands already had been killed by death squads and in mass pogroms. In Heinrich Himmler's speech at the Posen Conference of October 6, 1943, Himmler, for the first time, clearly elucidated to all assembled leaders of the Reich to what the "Final Solution" referred.

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The order that you see above was going to be repeated – know to the world as the Obama Hellcare reform - that in part is builded around death panels serving euthanasi. In Europe and all over the world – this final solution program is more know as the H1N1 vaccination. While for me it will be another deadly weekend with three chines that just like their persian counterparts has been already warned by their state authorities and yellow Gota submarine of Shah of Persia followers that I have meet yester night just after reading Gordon Brown warning on the Gare du Midi (orginal image has been removed).

Brown has originally planed a start of the ‘vaccination’ on the beginning of next weekend. In soviet Poland we has also observed such waves of extermination – as this H1N1 bullshit is just cover for something like final solution and in some countries similar orders has been already given. Yes, my dear readers you was the main target. In Poland such programme should be more know to the older population as the Fight with Gruzlica. One of such waves has been opened by my father in Soviet occupied Poland – now I observe another one, another Nazi/Stasi reply to the old Jewish question that together with my case has returned and will be returning until it will be handled in the proper manner…

Fortunately in part also thanks to our skirmish – some has taken their homework and just on the eve in Belgium Parliament has announced and amendment to this insane plan. Parliament has officially made H1N1 vaccination not obligatory. Unofficially it has made me a 'doctor' – doctor Al Razi - that is going to heal some like this three ‘chine’s’ from their Nazi sickness encouraging our Holy Defence and giving me hope that I will survive. This move will in effect stop this Shoah wave for now - and Gordon plans has come into real problems. If they will move forward (קדימה‎) in Rudolf Hess style with this small breach in our Berlin Wall – soon it will change into real massacre. This ammendment was just like shot in their head or maybe like blow into heart of the beast...

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