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Towards Nuclear Disarment

Well, after yesterday Malta move you could think that our dear Social-Democrats leaders has taken our words to the heart. It was just another ISS launch and some has though that the clown that is going to be sent outerspace is for once again me. No, it was not I. For the first time they has rather choosed this male Gestapo officer from our Koch trio. White House First Lady circles wanted to 'help me' be organising assasination of our Karl Otto Koch. It was a move that many will remind a case of Koch duo and their practice of collecting tatoous - this time one with White Eagle... They are realy acting like suicde squad - failed Nazi experiment on the Polish soil in the heart of not so polish army. But i realy does not accept stoning of anybody. I does not see a voilence as the exit from this Nazi game.

Trial of Ilse Koch, continued...

Just before the American liberators arrived at Buchenwald on April 11, 1945, Karl Otto Koch, the husband of Ilse Koch, had been executed by the Nazis themselves on April 5, 1945, two days before they began evacuating the Buchenwald camp. Koch had been incarcerated in the Buchenwald camp prison ever since he was arrested in August 1943 and tried in December 1943 by SS officer Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen in a special Nazi court. Koch was found guilty of extortion, for taking bribes from Jewish prisoners, and of two counts of murder for ordering the deaths of two Buchenwald prisoners.

More: Buchenwald Trail

I can understand that at least whole generation in the United States has been growed in this Nazi culture of fear, death and destruction but it is deeply against how i have been growed - it is deeply against our culture and faith. While i do not hidde that if i will someday - maybe in two years - return on my acres and will takeover at least part of my heritage - including Military Prosecutor Office - nothing will be left from this SS Chernobyl regiment - still i does not see such moves like 'a help'. Instead i would like to see 'nuclear disarment' and discontinuation of this Nazi game in trio.

If it comes to personal maters - well we has never meet and discused anything and i realy deeply distrus Ilse as in past she has gave many proofs that is able to kill me just on the order. From the other hand she was also defending me sometimes in unusal moments. To complicate maners even more i considier Polish soil as under enemy occupation and it is obviousl that i am not going back there in next 2 years, especialy after new legislation of castration and their plan to make a pedofile from me - that was clear sign of intentions orginated from Kaczynski camp. The camp that was behind previous trio final. I see today that in the United States they have new head of NASA and he is going to visit Moscow soon but - still there is no real change in their strategy . On the streets still - like through past years - I hear this same - 'Al qould oder raus' or 'Sieg oder bolsche wismus' and this same Nazi cabaret. I realy think that a true reason behind Ilse bechavior is just on political order. Just another defensive strategy. I realy remeber how Ehud Omlert was trying to explain to the public why he was attacking me - just on the eve of German elections - Warum? Becaouse he is pedophile. He has stated that his case is light one - while he is first ex-Prime Minister that is visiting the court in so called jewish state.

It is second such 'nazi romance' after 'Melanie and Tony'. I realy does not want to see similar end. And instead of this Nazi assing i would rather like to see serious apology and compensation for this time that during Hussein Obama reign has changed literary into concentration camp. Bush opression was nothing compared to this. For first i want to see compensation for and all the damages that was done to me - compenstaion that is already in Gordon Brown pocket. This 54 milions euro for me - traded like a slave - through Irish bank already on the eve of 17 September - from what Gordon Brown was so proud - is maybe nothing compared to what they own to us - but for the past 5 years of destroyed 'best years' by very his MI6 and their contractors form BAE - would be something nice to rebuild it - as should be done long time ago. First i would need to stop living like a slave, like a concentration camp prisoner, like animal - to think about engaging in any romance. Just on the margin, i think that time for Holocaust claims - what are completly different thing - is still before us and the road for it for whole Central Europe is long but the Belgium - also inspired by my - Salt Satyagraha has already showed that is possible to win even this...


David Susskind survived the Holocaust by fleeing to Switzerland, eventually joining the French Resistance. When he returned to Belgium after the war, he had nothing. His mother, a widow, died in the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. Strangers were living in his family home in Antwerp. The local grocer greeted him with shock, saying, "You're still alive?" "We lost everything. There was nothing," said Susskind, now 82. On Tuesday, Belgium's banks and government sought to make material amends, announcing €110 million (US$170 million) in restitution for the Jewish community and families of Holocaust survivors whose property and goods were looted by Nazi occupiers. Overall, €35.2 million (US$54 million) will be paid to individual claimants, with the rest going to a Jewish trust that will help the poor and keep the memory of the horrors of World War II alive. "In a certain way, justice has been done. Unfortunately, there are people who never came back" from the Nazi death camps, said Eli Ringer, the co-chair of the committee on the restitution of Jewish assets. Some 50,000 Jews lived in Belgium in the 1930s and about half died in the Holocaust.

Last year, Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt apologized for the involvement of Belgian authorities in the deportation of Jews to Nazi concentration camps. After the Nazi invasion in May 1940, the Belgian government fled to Britain, but instructed civil servants who stayed to work with the Nazis to keep services running and prevent the economic breakdown that occurred during the German occupation in World War I. Belgium is facing 5,210 outstanding claims for restitution stemming from the Holocaust. From those, 162 amount to more than €20,000 (US$30,000). Of the total payout, €45.5 million (US$69.8 million) will come from the Belgian authorities and €55 million (US$85 million) from banks. Most of the remainder will come from insurance companies. For Belgium, the compensation decision was another opportunity to come to terms with a dark chapter of its history. Last year, a government-backed report blamed Belgian authorities and the ruling elite for collaborating with the Nazi persecution of Jews. The head of the Senate condemned the "cowardliness of our administration" during the 1940-1944 occupation. Jewish citizens were forced at first to be registered. Then they were obligated to wear yellow stars, and schools and hospitals were segregated. Raids soon rounded up Jews in Belgian cities for deportation to Nazi concentration camps. Some cities helped with the deportations...

It is interesting to note that part of my problems orginate from the so called jewish state of Israel and there are still some that not only commit themself to this death Nazi sport as ex Prime Minister Ehud Omlert did. Just another sign of this hazardous G-Tech thinking is a headline that was published just minute ago in polish media: Naoliwi łódzki hokej. Thinking about their final solution and real second wave of Shoah postulated not only by Gordon Brown but also by Kaczynski-Lieberman parties. It seems that for them best solution would be to nationalise us once again - and transfering compensation to some 'jewish' fundation, enriching it even more. Something that thanks to my last will is impossible. Of course: they will say that there is nothing impossible and we will just make it 'state secret' - laughing as Georing would do looking with his close friend Maltan Furer on another rare painting in colection).

Once again i am appealing of end of this Nazi tactics and use of non-violence as i am shouting at local Greek Socialist party headquaters. You are Jew Traders! But of course they are not lisening and even more - each time trying to organise transport for castration to New Poland. New home, father home... Well nothing strange - as Gordon Brown and his friends are once again trying to get their 'result' in operation 'Save Gordon Brown'...

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