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Skirmish - Les Trois Mousquetaires

All for one, one for all
Tous pour un, un pour tous

Again i was going to finish my two unfinished post but life has written another urgent one moving us to the Royal France just from the pages of "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas. The cause is of course Stasi – our Milady de Winter – spy of Cardinal Richelieu and newcomer to the world politics – young D'Artagnan -that this time was played by son of French President.

I have meet him on the Gare watching together Euronews. On the screen Tsarica Clinton has appeared announcing to the world a new Hess like deal aggred in the Ireland but having also very local effects. I was very upset because at the day before they has sent me a Tiger and I was expecting next one on the evening. D'Artagnan was litte bit angry because as he has told he wanted to hear what she has to say. I have replied that she is just for another time telling bullshit and it is not worth to listen to this inhuman being. He has replied asking how I can judge her? I had tell him that yes I can – as she just night before wanted to kill me and her message is just this same. Stabilizing security – by turning local security forces off and performing my assassination.

When I was leaving I have discovered behind his back a platoon of police that was taking care about his security. I have left the stage and yes, of course, she and Shah of Persia has sent yet another Tiger…

On the next day Sarkozy has announced his son taking over key job in Paris. People are blaming Sarkozy for nepotism. I do not think that the problem is a nepotism - it is not unusual to have true political dynasties and if people behave responsible it is not a problem at all. But Jean bigest problem is comming from his age - he like D'Artagnan is quite unexperienced and this time has taked by mistake a love for just a hormons - that our dear Uberagency has obviously used against him - through VALIS. Trying to make Milaydy a true bone of disagreement - while I am for once again underling: I, who play in this drama - Aramis - does not care about her - our ladder, our Milady. This situation is a non-sense, absurd. Well, Jean is just like D'Artagnan: very haughtiness and uncouth - something that also comes from his young age and they was just a step before making a bigest mistake of their live burning futher political carieers.

Jean Sarkozy demands a chance in nepotism row

The son of France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken for the first time since triggering a public outcry with his nomination for a key job in Paris.

With the French media full of accusations of nepotism, Jean Sarkozy, sporting a new hair cut, has been deflecting criticisms of his youth and family connections.

Jean Sarkozy explained in a televised interview, “ It’s true I’m 23 years old and I understand that people are quite rightly asking themselves a number of questions. As far as I’m concerned I want to take this appointment and to all those who are criticising me I am asking to be judged by my actions and I will show what I’m going to do if people put their trust in me.”

But the issue has provoked heated debate in political circles with politicians on both sides openly criticising the move.

The night was just like a rencontre between D'Artagnan and Atos, Portos and me - Aramis - night full of explosions and gunshots. While we was fightingh for just a better Europe - D'Artagnan seducted by Milady was trying to recapture her. Well, Poland is full of beatufill girls but this particural one is realy not worth of it. D'Artagnan has lost this skirmish totaly, Brusells has grated his nose - what is something good on begining - just like in Dumas novel. Of course, if he will be able to learn from his experience. It would be better for him and Sarkozy France that instead to falling in this Maltan hormons play - which is just artificial, void feeling - to take a cold-turkey. And if he realy want to have this pig - he should first ask - because i - just like Aramis - i am totaly not interested in this sick personality of Ilse Koch - that was trying to paint wrong image not only of Poland and Slavic culture (not SLAVE culture) but also is insulting Islam and propagating just a Nazism...

'Hear the voice of the oppressed'

The Turkish prime minister has criticized the international community for seeking to incriminate Islam while Israel was committing war crimes in Gaza.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was addressing a meeting held by the country's Presidency of Religious Affairs, said, "We have to hear the voice of the oppressed,"

"Iraq was occupied…Baghdad and Basra were bombarded while the attacks were televised live. Phosphorous bombs were dropped on the innocent children of Gaza in the same way, while the whole world, all of humanity, watched from their comfortable seats and safe homes," Erdogan said.

At the same time, certain elements tried to blame Islam and tried to give the impression Muslims were responsible in the international arena, he added.

The comments came amid mounting tension between Israel and Turkey, after Ankara canceled a military exercise with Israel in condemnation of the Gaza war, which left over 1,400 Palestinians dead and thousands others injured.

More: PressTV

It is good for us both that I have survived and the field for a continuation of The Three Musketeers is still left. Otherwise? I see three main results - first would be a crushing blow to the Christian Democrats not only in France but all over the Europe. Second is just an abusrd as i am and will be refusing to accept this romance - that is just same as we had in PRL time. The thrid one - well, she would be executed by Lech Kaczynski that would score his revenge and will regian an image of patriot. Sarkozy? Well, Sarkozy will be left with just lock of hair having a Socialist on his back keeping a 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' in hands - shouting about how unrepublican he is. I hope that they can lear from this lesson an the symbolic Hamas and Fatah unity proposal that has been today signed in Egypt will change in a three musketers motto: 'All for one, one for all'. Well, this saga. Piast saga, continues. And Obama - well, he enjoys this devilish play watching it from his comfortable seat. Puting a bitch over human life - human that has made him a president. In same time Brown announce surge in this Nazi attacks. Well, Keep your pills Brown, i want a change! Change - after 70 years of 'equalization'.

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