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Sanacja Shield

Before i will write you about Shield our informal Sainte Alliance has developed against Malta and American-British forces - that are just like this Nazi constantly sturming jewish gettho to claim their prize. I will once again underline that i am and will stay against stooning. Yesterday Kaczynski-Biden meeting was yet another occassion to prepare assasination of our Ilse Koch. While i am once again refusing to accept such insane proposal, as well as rapes - voilent rapes i do not see execution in this case as the solution to the problem. I will not sign such order that some are proposing.

And yes of course, if you would open a yesterday Belgian metro newspaper you will see in the comic strip that our Nazi heroin has received 'a snap' into face from her boss - just to crash 'squawk' and turn police sirens off. Yes, our clowns are folowing their script. I see that now Gordon press service has removed their warning from the wire but still he is not comming with any real proposal behaving like litte kid that is blaming others for his 'slave tradery' and wrongdoings. So much in the spirit of DDR Stasi.

The other problem that i would like to underline is so called 'in-no-cent' defense. I have so far observed two brutal assasinations of the civilians - near my camp and one person beeten by the people that are using our informal banner of the Holy Defense to defame it through such acts of sabotage that are just like from the Abwher handbook. The truth is that there would be no need to use firearms to defend my person if there would be no 'Northern corridor' - that is hidding assasins from the NATO eyes. This corridor has been developed by the Stanley McChrystal and it should not be wondering that the brave resistance is using weapons to protect me - innocent and unarmed person - from the agressors that are going to my place - by many declared as sacred - just to slain me brutaly.


The Arabic term Haram has a meaning of "sanctuary" or "holy site" in Islam.

Protected zone

As used in Islamic urban planning, the word Haram (حرم) means "inviolate zone", an important aspect of urban planning in Muslim civilization. Such protected areas were sanctuaries, or places where contending parties could settle disputes peacefully.

Holy site

Haram can also mean an Islamic holy site of very high sanctity. The two sites whose Islamic sanctity is unchallengeably the highest of all are Mecca and Medina in Arabia, so that the Arabic dual form الحرمان al-ḥaramān or الحرمين or al-ḥaramayn refers to these two places. Since 1986, the Saudi monarchy has disclaimed all royal titles except "Custodian of the Two Holy Sanctuaries" or "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques".

More: Wikipedia

While some - military Nazi tigers - are usualy warned by their own authorities but usualy does not listen. However there was at least two incidents that has taken lives of innocents civilians. Our informal defense have nothing to do with such cases. They are just a brutal assasinations made to defame it and should be prosecuted as normal cases. I have nothing to do with it, nethier nobody from our brave heroes. While I do not think that you can obtain help from Americans but sending Interior Security Agency to our BBN team and questioning them can bring more light on such cases...

Yesterday Biden has bringed happy news that has provoked Grzegorz Szechtyna to attack me. The news was as usual false one - he has claimed that it will be now a Russian Federation that will silence me. Grzegorz Vlepin has then commented that it will be my colagues that will silence me. It has provoked a comment from President Medvedev 'that some companies will be privatalised'. I have meet our Tunguski Tiger on the Gare when i was watching on the Euronews standard London bullshit from Russia. They has come exacly at this moment when cousin Dimitri has appeared - threating me. At the night they has come and has meet strong denial of such insinuations. On the morning i have found death sparrow near my camp (pol. wrobel - en. 'in rubel').But belive me it is not fun for me - at some point they will win just like they has won in Warsaw Ghetto. And the only solution fromthem is the final solution. A transport...

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