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Rudolf Hess Night

For many there 11 October 2009 was important day because of canonization of belgian priest Damien by Benedict XVI. The ceremony was attendend by the Belgium's King Albert and Queen Paola, as well Polish President Lech Kaczynski, French premier Francois Fillon and Spain's Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. Our President Lech Kaczynski has appeared in the Apostolic Capitol because the Pope also canonized Zygmunt Szczesny Felinski, archbishop of Warsaw in time of Poland that rebelled against annexation by imperial Russia in 1863. Exiled to Siberia for 20 years by the czar, he was "a shining example for all the church," the pope said.

Archbishop is venerated as Shepherd in exile, an apostle of national harmony and unity in the spirit of the Gospel, a model of priestly dedication. He has died on 17 September 1895 - never reaching free Commonwealth of Poland. But for Fofana that has recently called me 'sick' because of my bad genes i guess - it was just yet another beatufiull occassion no only to sent another nazi message but also to my crucification. "We should draw on the example of Fr. Damien's resolve in answering the urgent call to heal and care for the sick". Our Tsarina Clinton at this time has left Gordon Brown to come to Irealand trying to seal the deal and paralyse our Holy Alliance and local security forces - executing Rudolf Hess strategy that he also tried to apply during similar story in pre-war Danzing - calling it devolution...

Pope canonizes leper saint Damien, hailed by Obama

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict created five saints on Sunday including Belgian priest Damien who worked and died among Hawaiian lepers, earning the admiration of President Barack Obama who sent a message hailing Damien's canonization.

The U.S. president was born in Hawaii, where Damien worked in the leper colony of Molokai, caught leprosy and died in 1889. Obama said in a statement that Damien had "a special place in the hearts of Hawaiians."

More: Reuters

Well, this devolution deal and following events is yet another sign about who is who in Poland that still is not independent country. The Radziwill Palace in Berlin as the Karzai one, does no longer exists and it is not even a Bismarck’s chancellory - netheir nobody in Poland thinks about giving it old brilliancy and meaning that it had in past. Making it true symbo of Polish and German reconcilation - something that should happen somewhere during this 20 years after fall of Iron Curtein and the Berlin Wall. Thanks God nobody these days is puting a Swastika on our house like Hitler did in August 1938 recreating 'soap factory' - but spiritualy - are we really far from this?

Kaczynski and his friends in reality is representing and acts not in national interest but just in interests of another house - House of Romanov - that not only lives lawlessly on what during partitioning time was stolen from us and our nations but is just operating in this same Nazi methods that it did in both partitioned Poland and III Reich - from Bavaria and London - defending our opressors. The dates of their teutonic rites has not changed and the similarities between names: Pavilon X in Tzar Citadel and Barrack X of Auschwitz are not accidential - as the key to choose victims is not. Kaczynski seems to be just blindly serving Romanov Crusade - arm to arm with Obama - of course - against me and through this against our national interests.

I have heard once that Kaczynski was proud that one of his ancestors was General in Romanov army - realy he shows that nothing has changed since then! Opion pool has showed that Kaczynski is now on the lowest ever (61% against, 27% for) and the only worst is our Parliament (66% against, 24% for) that so much reminds people a clowns of PRL age that are same without any difference like in single political party. People are asking them what has happened to Radosz but for polish politicans it is even to hard to spoke my name publicly - still are hidding behind wall of silence - paiting others like me - using my story to build 'image'- but doing nothing to change this situation for better.

Now Katynski-Obama are looking for a way out - trying to convice others - by blackmal and bribes to as through past year give me a final solution. Who will help Gordon and Kaczynski that has proved that are not able to change? Will it be Tusk shouthing in swedish 'Grandmother has died' - that has just decided to not take part in Presidential Race? They has started some investigation around Szczecin Shipyard gescheft (in which i was going to be sold like a horse in package) and are going to put some high notables before court - but something says me that they will also try to silence victim of this fraud. Officialy this nazi programe is a pilot that is used to be for 'correctional purposes'. Something that Nazi was saying to the West about 'Umschulungslager Bremerhaven' - a trade ship changed to concentration camp - located in Police near Szczecin. After Tsarica Clinton visit in Europe everything is possible...

11 October was not only day of canonization of 5 saints it is also American National Outcome Day. A very specific - Rudolf Hess like - holidays of Lesbian, Gay and Transexual Comunity (LGBT). On this day some wanted to show that gay community is not 'soft' one - that they are like a macho. Strong one. It was a message that some jew has received on Gare du Midi - truly in Hess mood. In this same time in America - Fofana - architect of this concentration camp - was encuragin his 'anti-terrorist team' - his tiger that i have meat on Gare - fighting for respect for them and for a free passage to my tent of meetings and our local mars field. Wonderfull message after 7 decades of Nazi opression...

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