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Well, i was going to finish my last post but i see that some girl in Poland once again has been found in deadly situation. It is Labour summit where Gordon Brown after taking his pills is just radiating with enthusiasm and happines but after such coctails he would be doing so even if London would be under bombardment of Nazi fighters. It would be much better to try cannabis if he want to ease his nerves. He is trying to escape responsibility claiming that he was acting under pressure against me - and maybe it would be true but the cheaque he has accepted like once Ehud Omlert did shows that it is a bullshit. After pills will stop working he will be once again frustrated and upset on every murmur about Radosz - trying to fire him.

I must say that while i am cannabis smoker - what is crime in Brown United Kingdom. While i am publicly addmiting it and even since last 6 years openly fighting for drug users rights i enjoy much bigger popularity not only in my country but all over the world. With 66% Poles against recent attacks from so called Polish Parliament - what has not changed since European Elections even under constant attacks not only from polish politicans but not so polish media that so much reminds similar one done under partitioning against other polish pilgrim Adam Mickiewicz. Well, i think dear Gordon that you owns us something and every person on this planet understand what.

No it is not ass it is just a cheque that you have accepted on the eve of 17 September - trading me just like a slave. I am still inviting Vaclal Klaus like Jan Amos Komenský for a beer at my family Wawel - as other castles has been destroyed by swedish deluge - or to his beatufiull and so tolerant Prague - to drink it and talk like Czech Brothers (cz. Jednota bratří českých, lat. Unitas Fratrum)- to which we has belonged since generations - about what we have in common not what is dividing us. And it is You - dear Gordon that should pay for this beer. It should be clear to everybody that it is something that will help not only us but Europe at priori and could boost importance of Wyszechrad Group.

John Amos Comenius and Czech Brothers

(Czech: Jan Amos Komenský; Slovak: Ján Amos Komenský; German: Johann Amos Comenius; Polish: Jan Amos Komeński; Hungarian: Comenius Ámos János; Latinized: Iohannes Amos Comenius) (28 March 1592 – 15 November 1670) was a Czech teacher, scientist, educator, and writer. He was a Unity of the Brethren/Moravian Protestant bishop, a religious refugee, and one of the earliest champions of universal education, a concept eventually set forth in his book Didactica Magna. Comenius became known as the teacher of nations. He is often considered the father of modern education.

Comenius became a pastor at age 24 and led the Brethren into exile when the Protestants were persecuted under the Counter Reformation. He lived and worked in many different countries in Europe, including Sweden, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Transylvania, the Holy Roman Empire, England, the Netherlands, and Royal Hungary. Comenius took refuge in Leszno in Poland, where he led the gymnasium, then moved to Sweden to work with Queen Christina and the chancellor Axel Oxenstierna. From 1642-1648 he went to Elbing (Elbląg) in Polish Royal Prussia, then to England with the aid of Samuel Hartlib, who came originally from Elbing.

Comenius, his life and teachings, have become better known since the fall of the Iron Curtain. His book, Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart, is actually a reflection on his life experiences. Other works include Janua Linguarum Reserata (a new Dutch translation by CFJ Antonides is available) and Orbis Sensualium Pictus (World in Pictures) (1657), probably the most renowned and most widely circulated of school textbooks,[1] and the Protestant Hymn songbooks (Gesangbuch).

During the 19th century Czech National Revival, Comenius became idealised as a symbol of the Czech nation. This image persists to the present day.

More: Wikipedia

Leszno Pastor House

Although the Leszno District Museum opened in 1950, it was not until 1961 that it moved into a building of its own, the so-called Pastor's House. This eighteenth century edifice now houses the permanent exhibitions of Historical, Archeological and Ethnographical Sections. Later the Museum acquired the next-door nineteenth century burgher house and installed the Gallery of Painting there. In 1993 the Museum established its Judaistic Section, housed in the pre-funeral house on the old Jewish cemetery. The Judaistic Section has also been given the early seventeenth century building of the Leszno Synagogue.

The richest collection of the Museum's Art Section is that of Polish painting of rural subject-matter. The collection boasts paintings by leading Polish artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notably by Jozef Chelmonski, Jacek Malczewski, Julian Falat, Leon Wyczolkowski and Wlodzimierz Tetmajer. There is also a substantial collection of eighteenth century burgher, nobility and royal portraits. After all, it was a Leszno-based family that produced Stanislaw Leszczynski, the king of Poland in the years 1704-1709 and 1735-1736, father-in-law of King Louis XV of France and later a Duke of Lorraine.

The Museum boasts Poland's most extensive holdings related to the religious reform movement advanced by the Czech Brothers. Fleeing persecution in their home country, they found refuge in Poland and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were particularly active in Leszno, the centre of Polish Protestantism. With the Leszczynskis as their patrons, they founded a school, a printing shop, and a congregation house. The Museum preserves the Czech Brothers' documents, prints, a collection of coffin portraits from St John's Church (the former congregation house), unique altar coverings (antependia), gold and silver items and well as exhibits connected with the greatest member of the Czech Brothers, Jan Amos Komensky. The Historical Section contains also archive records of Leszczynski and Sulkowski families, the owners of Leszno in the sixteenth through eighteenth and eighteenth century respectively. As a multi-faceted institution, the Museum also collects archeological findings, decorative arts, folk arts and crafts, numismatics and the militaria.


I do not understand why they are constantly assing me - trying to make me 'smaller' and traeting like child. I was not once expressing my opposition to their 'romance' that is a forced one - that would only help Ehud Olmert to defend himself. If it comes to our litte girl i have tested her enough and i wish everybody to have such chance. For me if somebody is ready at the order to execute her futher Portugal husband - then there is no sense to move forward. I see that not only I and Poles are upset on such Stasi like tactics but also UK Trade Union is synganlising that they are going to strike if this 'offer' would be not accepted - 'Postal union offers deal to avert strike' we reads a dada message on Gordon press service. If they think about 'striking' her - once again i am expressing my opposition for such stonning and i would like to thank them for such brave gesture - but i am realy commited to the God Ten Commandments - i am very sorry but i have such defect, while of course Holy Defense is something different but this even litte kids can understand. I think that best move would be just buy a ticket for her to the United States and move this problem on the shoulder of Mr. Obama...

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