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Clinton in Paris

Granfather Tusk in Warsaw seems to be in pants on the head literaly flattening behind the Nazism at the occassion of second Biden visit. No, he at the all does not see any problems in our polish-american relations and if there are any they will do everything to shield people from them (read: us).

The last thing they are going to do is an criminal case against Obama for his illegal activities Nazi, practicies and experimentation on the polish citizens. Nethier they look for any resonable positive way out and answers on my questions - to not mention repairing harms they did in past. Castration project is just underway, as it was during Czuma reign. Thier smiles looks very sad on the background of Sandomir flag but they are happy. And Biden visit at the monument of Heroes of Ghetto in spite of yesterday events is just like very, very bad Hitler joke.

He intendet to put at the monumentum of people that day after day, night after night was trying to defend jews in Gheto from constant waves of the Nazi forces - a White Eagle. Thanks to Republic of France and local security forces instead of this he has put there yet another Tiger sent there to assasinate me...

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Yiddish: אױפֿשטאַנד אין װאַרשעװער געטאָ; Polish: Powstanie w getcie warszawskim; German: Aufstand im Warschauer Ghetto) was the Jewish resistance that arose within the Warsaw Ghetto in German occupied Poland during World War II, and which opposed Nazi Germany's effort to transport the remaining ghetto population to Treblinka extermination camp.

The insurgency was launched against the Germans on January 18, 1943. The most significant portion of the rebellion took place from April 19 until May 16, 1943, and ended when the poorly armed and supplied resistance was crushed by the German troops under the direct command of Jürgen Stroop. It was the largest single revolt by the Jews during the Holocaust.[4]

More: Wikipedia

Moreover he constantly calls Ilse Koch - our Milady and their agent and spy - 'Poland' - what is even more insulting the nation. Constantly puting a Nazi bitch over the human that has made him a President - forgeting about harms they did to him and his nation in past months, years and decades.

But if you think that Kaczynski is going to make any difference or convert to patriotism, you are wrong. Yesterday it was Aleksander Szczyglo - chief of BBN - our Radio Glewitz - that publicly has asked a 'if?' question. Telling in name of Ilse to me - 'Sieg oder Bolse Wissmus' in a scheme that so much reminds a every-morning questioning of Brother George by Bezpieka agents...

Yesterday has show many in Belgium what kind of personality our Furer have. If you would open yesterday Metro Newspaper on the page 21 you would find there an comics - Irina - mystery. On it - our Nazi bitch - have been found by sombody with gun in the bedroom. She hides under the bed to put a knife into eye of the opressor. It is exacly what has happened in the United States and of course in this nazi propaganda i am playing this one that has been harmed in the left eye. No this comics was not accident.

From some time Gordon Brown was looking for a spy that was giving Israeli an informations about my case and planned assasinations. And yes, it looks that they has finaly found him - alough i have never knew him. They has caught 'litte one' and now are threathing him a life term sentence. For what? For usual thing - for helping me to stay alive. Well, I do not think that he will spend so much in the prison and at some time his 'brother' will get him out. For Danny it will be like hollidays, chad hollidays. But the point is that 'Furer of the left' plays just like a toy in hands of the Nazi - blindly executing a Nazi script. Like a willingless manequin - imprisoning somebody that has accted like national hero not only for Israelis but also for us - Poles...

US Pentagon scientist arrested

WASHINGTON - Scientist Stewart David Nozette appeared in court here Tuesday on charges that he attempted to sell US national security secrets to Israel.

Nozette was jailed without bond and accused in a criminal complaint of two counts of attempting to communicate, deliver and transmit classified information.

The accused, wearing jeans and an untucked blue oxford shirt with no tie, didn't speak at the proceeding or enter a plea.

He faces a life sentence if convicted on two counts of unlawfully attempting to provide defense information to aid a foreign nation.

More: Jerusalem Post

But this was not only Hoolywood like comeback. One of our famous pedophiles. No this time not Frederic Mitterand that was also blamed for this same but our film-maker Roman Polanski has again returned to the headlines his second Polanski bail appeal was rejected and he is going to be sent to the United States. Well, also here on the ground they was trying to again blame me for beign phedophile. Going the Staliningrad street i have found a clothes.

As usual i wanted to check if it is something usable for me. I have taken on of them into hand and then i have discovered that it is some litte kid ones. I have left it and walked some meters. Then i have received a message from Ilse - that they are very precise. I was wondering what she wanted to say - then i have though about 'lock of hair of Elvis' that you can find on this same page that a comic strip. I had returned immediatley to the place i had though this cloths.

I have found there one man that has bringed this things outside. Outside of building of ... Belgium Archive. No, i realy does not think that it was accident. When he for a moment returned inside - using an isolation i have destroyed all traces that i could left. On the Gare i have readed a series of news from France that has realy shocked me as the nation. In one of them they was calling 'Sieg other Bolshe wismus' a 'french justice' in another - so called advocat of Mr. Sarkozy leaving a car - says to journalist just one word - 18 to later ask the court for 18 months for Mr. Vlepin. Yes, some at the Ministry of Justice was trying to suggest that i am playnig Vlepin and well it was yet another pedophile insunation. Not by accident in Isreal they has come out with fith 'polish' pedofile'. In public opinio it was i that would be wroten in people minds and soon on the neo-nazi pages you will read about how evil jews are. Well, VALIS and especialy artifical sexual feeling is used by the Nazi in this way to make compromitation not only of rabbins but also catholic priests, politicans and others. Do not think by penis - use your brain and stay calm in such situations. It is artifical feeling induced by Uberagency ususaly for evil purposes...

Israeli rabbi charged with raping teens

A rabbi has been charged with raping a teenage girl and a sexually and physically assaulting her siblings in the Petah Tikva city of Israel.

The 42-year-old rabbi not only raped the 16-year-old teen but also molested her 14-year-old sister and physically assaulted her 15-year-old brother.

The victim's family says that the carnal crimes were all committed inside the local synagogue.

The shocking revelation is the latest in a series of sexual abuse by Israeli rabbis. Last year, a 60-year old rabbi was arrested in Petah Tikva for raping a woman who regularly visited him to get his blessing and good-luck amulets.

Israeli authorities later said that the man was not a Jewish cleric and had been posing as a rabbi.

More: PressTV

This numbers realy matters - especialy on the headlines - and it is best example that the source of 'smears' in Clearstream is in Mr. Sarkozy bedroom. As well best proof that new minister of Justice - that has replaced some friendly soul in his cabbinet - is just another maltan clone of Hilary Clinton that will at some point realy block his candidature for President... Well, i see that i have wroten to much - and our Vichy vassal - Tusk is threating me for another time - comparing to their party clown - Palikot. But you now should see characters of some politicans and their problems with pants - falling willingles to the Maltan Adolf Hitler. Behaving just like vibrators, unable to think and act - falling willingles into Nasism. It is especialy sad in case of Countur Tusk that has lost a mother - poisoned by FRA...

At the morning, of course Nero from White House has for another time used an opportunity of 'clear gate', as he has though after removing Danny. And for another time they has sent a Tiger - this time from Afghanistan - to later blame cousin Karzai. It is interesting that it was Sarkozy Palace that has 'expeled' them in the franco-britannique row. An at the middnight it was Gordon Brown that has announced that they are ready to sent Milady ambulances to heal the nation from Radosz influence - our virus about which FRA is so affraid. They was ready for final solution order. They has failed for another time. Maybe Sarkozy is learning something but his cabinet seems to be in hands of Malta and he personaly should stop to listen Carla Bruni, at least when it comes to world of politics. Well, D'Artanian is very young one - it is
weakness but also an advantage...

I was waked up by the sirens of ambulans. Gordon was assured that they are going to move this train and the ambulance has come also to my places. But still - will of Parliament was against such Nazi erradication and instead of taking me on board they has left the stage - making so called 'rota'. But it is advocte of Vlepin that calls Sarkozy accusations 'schizophremical'. In my culture this things has been called just 'animal speech' - before Nazi has changed this into 'sicknes' - using lies and so called 'secret' about the Lamb. The voice that maybe you hear is at this moment my one - it is Vocie of Truth but the Satan is also there. And well, after such move - there should be no doubt that while Sarkozy palace is not free from Nazi moles - it is Vlepin who is responsible for this shit and it seems that he is also over influential in Poland. Still long way for Sanacja and morla restoration but maybe first steps has been just made in France. Time will show and we still are learning 'who is who'. Who is real statesman and who is just blind clown, blind Maltan pawn...


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