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Buggy nights

Rape done by force must be replied by force

We will not give up our own
We will defeat agressor

General Rydz-Smigly
On the eve of invasion on Poland

I wanted to write you more about a night at gare when new German goverment has been enacted but on Friday some STASI agent has throwed me out of our Danzing post stating that i stink and that i did nothing to change it. Well, the cause of my smell is just a rapes that MI6 executives are constantly performing and while i will keep my salt march - they has did even to much. But they have come to even something worse. When i was leaving gare yesternight i have found 'Fofana' getting a bugs from his pocket. Today in the metro you can see another comics when our Abwher agent has received an order from the central. And in real life - they are just following this script...

It was second night after they suposed assasination when she is bugging me. What this means? Just look at the trailer of 'Sacanner darkly'. Through hours she was using VALIS - this time not to rape me - but bagging me. It is a terrible feeling like a bug or spiders walking on your body. I have warned her that if she will continue such terrible tactics the next - five time - there will be no mercy for her and she can be found dead. It is now over 61% of polish society that thinks that this Glewitze radio team is sick on the Nazism and there is no other cure for them that to slain them. It is how some are promoting euthanasy in Poland and unfortunatley they are very succesfull in this. And i must say that she is realy convicing to get my Olimpic signature.

It is exacly what Melanie and Tony was doing with me and i do not wonder that they has meet dead-end. They are acting just like a Nazi soldiers on the polish soil that soaked by the blood of innoncents that has come through Hitler correctional programe and such thing should be and cannot be tolerated. My warning has come together with a 'sorry' from Gaddafi in the case of assasination a british policewoman in 1984. It is not accident and now you see the reason why she was killed. What they are doing is realy same what the Nazi was doing with Danzing in 1939.

Gaddafi “sorry” for UK policewoman’s death

LONDON (Reuters) – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said “we are sorry” for the 1984 killing of a British policewoman outside the Libyan embassy in London which led Britain to suspend ties between the two countries for years.

Yvonne Fletcher died after being hit by shots fired from the embassy during a demonstration against Gaddafi.

“She is not an enemy to us, and we are sorry all the time and (offer) our sympathy, because she was on duty, she was there to protect the Libyan embassy, but this is the problem that should be solved — but who did it?” Gaddafi said in an interview with Sky News, to be broadcast on Monday.

More: Euronews

She has already proved that she is able to kill me on the order of her masters in british MI6 and moreover now she is giving yet another proof that she is even able to kill herself blindly following orders of Malta. I realy does not want her stonned but if such Nazi practicies will be continued it is possible dead-end that i see very sharply. She has been warned, if she will continue she can be killed by some of Kaczynski officers. I have gave her a mercy four times, saving her life - but she has not changed - even making repressions more stronger. It is very sad - but it shows that some are realy sick on Nazism and are not going to change...

I see that execution can be for another time something real - someting like from the first proces of Bal - described in Thora in times of King Jehu. I must say that personaly i rather think that this persons should be prosecuted by military office for their rich portofoilo from the past (for instance i think that they should know litte bit about extremly suspected death of Zbigniew Religa). But, if somebody should be executed - it is for sure our Eglishman at the Malta Order - our prime aggressor. When i have seen in yesterday Metro our comic strip i was thinking about him at first and our two ducks - that need somehow repair their Nazi vasals images. The reason of extremly low popularity of Wiktor Yuszczenka (around 6%) is both attacks done on me in the past and his face. A symbol of blind loyalty to the opressor...

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