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Achtung Morgen!!!

On Staurday morning i have been waked-up by call from our Nazi team. I must say that i have made my last Koch post to see the reaction of both: people inside this Turing machine - as it is a group of people that operates it and of course the politicans. Ilse has suposed that Beniamin Nethanyahu will 'release' her - probably be accepting my 'flight to father-home'. But he has decided to not allow for this. Some in Scotland has marked such decision by some control hitch in Flight Control System. It was day just after the Irish Lisbone Treaty referendum. On Euronews they has said that it was Barroso who has smiled... Well i alway appreciate help and support whatever it will be North Korea or Isreal...

Flights delayed after air traffic control hitch

LONDON (Reuters) - Most trans-atlantic flights leaving the UK face delays on Saturday after a breakdown in an air traffic control system serving the north Atlantic caused aircraft to be temporarily grounded, air traffic officials said.

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) said that although the technical fault, which occurred at 8:00 a.m. at the Shanwick automated air traffic system in Scotland, had been fixed, passengers would experience delays.

A NATS spokeswoman said airports across the country would be working to clear a backlog of flights that were grounded as a result of the fault.

More: Reuters

>However reaction of Ilse was just shocking. After raping me for another time throught the VALIS - during what she was insulting me - she has shouted - 'Finished' and 'To the browning' - thinking about Lubliniec psychiatric hospital. It did not happened thanks to Belgian police but for me it is just a clear message - something like a final test. Their intentions are quite clear and i do not see any-way forward for relations with her. It is 'finished' from my side. Still - molestation continues as the Nazi assing throught past 1638 days and nights of this insane programe Ilan - which purpose is just a Hitler minded sterilization - this time brought by half-black man - Rhineland Bastards as Hitler would call him...

Nazi Sterilization

Wir stehen nicht allein (We do not stand alone). Nazi propaganda poster on compulsory sterilization. The Nazis enacted a compulsory sterilization law in 1933. Other countries enacted or considered sterilization legislation.

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 when Germany was experiencing severe economic hardship. Hitler promised the Germans that he would bring them prosperity and power. Hitler had a vision of a Master Race of Aryans that would control Europe. He used powerful propaganda techniques to convince not only the German people, but countless others, that if they eliminated the people who stood in their way and the degenerates and racially inferior, they - "the great Germans" would prosper.

Mandatory Sterilization for Black Youth

Prior to World War I, there were very few dark-skinned people of African descent in Germany. But, during World War I, black African soldiers were brought in by the French during the Allied occupation. Most of the Germans, who were very race conscious, despised the dark-skinned "invasion". Some of these black soldiers married white German women that bore children referred to as "Rhineland Bastards" or the "Black Disgrace". In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that he would eliminate all the children born of African-German descent because he considered them an "insult" to the German nation. "The mulatto children came about through rape or the white mother was a whore," Hitler wrote. "In both cases, there is not the slightest moral duty regarding these offspring of a foreign race."

The Nazis set up a secret group, Commission Number 3, to organize the sterilization of these offspring to keep intact the purity of the Aryan race. In 1937, all local authorities in Germany were to submit a list of all the children of African descent. Then, these children were taken from their homes or schools without parental permission and put before the commission. Once a child was decided to be of black descent, the child was taken immediately to a hospital and sterilized. About 400 children were medically sterilized -- many times without their parents' knowledge.

In total Nazi has setrilized 400 000 people...

Source: Holocaust Forgotten

* * *

Some time ago when Gordon Brown press services has published their information about 'Suspected petrol bomb thrown at Irish finance ministry' i have meet a beatifull woman like from Nazi posters at the Gare du Midi. She was talking by phone looking at me and maybe even talking to me. Of course our Nazi specialist has used VALIS to increase sexual flutter - so i am sure it was not accident. Tusk later has reffered to this meeting as ordered by President Kaczynski but for me this 'isolated incident' was just a meeting through the gauze of concentration camp that has been created by Barack Hussein Obama (with knifes sent not only from the Malta Order but from time to time by shots from air-gun of Stanley McChrystal). I did not know their intentions - and well - after this beatifull morning i am realy treat this person just as Ilse Koch - Hexe von Buchenwald - (that was doing exacly same things with jewish prisoners in Buchenawald and Treblinka camps). I had come out quickly shouting to the world about conditions in which they has trapped me. I am realy considering her as the ENEMY AND OPRESSOR and it is not going to change! She should be sent back to America or prosecuted by the Military Tribunal together with her friends - what they are doing is just defense and what do their masters is just procurement. Once again after Konrad Adenauer: KEINE EXPERIMENTE!!!

Should be, but...
Outside i have meet two polish 'soldiers' of General Buch. Well, one of them was in military shirt to assure me. One of them has said that i am 'insult to the nation' and 'i have wroten this on my face'. He was going to make a provocation to fight but i have left. Then the other one wanted to easy situation. He has asked about my name. I had replied that there is one stage in Witkiewicz 'Weeding' where somebody like he ask some of my forefathers of his name. I have left the stage assured one more time that in so called Polish Army they are realy just mounting such insane anti-semitic campaign against me. For real - public enemy number one...

* * *

The so called eurosceptic camp has used in past my highly controversial romance with Melanie in the background of vote on the European Constitution. It has drowed and for another time they are using this same Nazi mood in the background of the vote on the Lisbon treaty - that i have criticised mainly because of personal cast that included Gordon Brown as the head of European super-agency for 'control of the banking sector' or what he has proved - rather lack of it. And what they do is just part of campaign - done with premeditation. The love theme is something that people like - but Nazi has in past developed a ways that exploit it in evil way to the perfection. This 'romance' is just part of their socio-technics that aims at paiting evil image of the European Union - that want to crucify me - while in fact - together whit other partners of our unformal Holy Alliance - is defending me from constant threats and voilence. With great luck we has overcomed the danger of failure in the Irish vote but the threat of my extermination has stayed same. Prime Minister of Ireland has with cynism commented that Irish vote was a vote for stronger, fair and better Europe. It is true - while i will add: America go home...

But my flight to 'the safe-haven' - this 'second' meaning of Lisbon that eurosceptics and americans want to add to it - prison or just my father home is just delayed one - while in same time is also a real threat of Europe fading into Nazi hands - just look at this sterilization programe. Today Conservatives has gathered in London and here in the Free City of Danzing we has observed not only McChrystal attack but also an police car sent by Kaczynski camp - to take me back to New Poland. Thanks to the people of good will i still can write to you but i am very affraid that Lech Katynski or his close Maltan friend form Prague will be blackmailing Europeans by not signing the treaty before my elimination. Personaly i think that we should just wait for end of his cadency then having vote on the European President just on the 2012 - a year of the polish-ukrainian Euro and London olimpic games. If European inistitutions will fall to the Katynski black-mall - they will not only show how weak they are - but they can at the end score a defeat in the United Kingdom where David Cameroon is just waiting for a new impulse for his euro-sceptic campaign and is making a call for the referendum (while Gorond is waiting for help in my elimination - that would be just like making a soap from me to wash his hands). The danger is real and at the end European civil servants can not only finish with me beign literaly martyred but also with a Lisbon treaty rejected by the Britons.

She - Ilse has gived a real proof that whatever i will say, whatever i will do - her answer is just political one and it is just an extermination. She is realy ready to even kill me on the order of her masters - that has proved many times in past. Just on the margin i would underline that after 5 years of this mad programme there should be no excuse for it and it should be just terminated. Whatever their explanation is - whatever it is Lisbon vote or invasion on Iran - what they are doing is just promotion and spreading of the Nazism. No Ehud Olmert - it is not light case. It is bigest scandal in III Commonwealth of Poland - even bigger one that with my father - that has lead to second Tribunal of State in Polish history. Maybe it will not happend in Gradfather Tusk Poland but i will be hunting you through next decade... And you Mr. Obama - watch this movie - no it is not you there. Drop your Christ of Left plan! So Evil, so Nazi... You still can turn from this road...

* * *

Destined to witness: Growing up black in Nazi Germany - 1
envoyé par Mariposalinda. - L'info video en direct.

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